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US kills Osama Bin Laden: American Judge proves why it doesn’t matter.

Another violent Islamist gets his 77 virgins and alcohol

President Obama announced last night that a US Navy Seals team killed Bin Laden in a raid on a fortified compound outside Islamabad, Pakistan. According to US authorities, Pakistani forces were not asked to take part in the operation. (No kidding!)

The US has the body and and DNA testing confirms the dead terrorist is Bin Laden.

“A small team of Americans carried out the operation. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.”

… President Obama on national television

An Execution carried out in Pakistan by the United States: You can run, but you can’t hide.

It is interesting that President Obama stated that Bin Laden was killed “after a firefight”, not “during a firefight”, so it was apparently an execution and Obama said so. That suits me just fine, thank you.

The US took great pains to announce that the body would be “handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition”. Breaking news at 08:10 GMT, May 2, 2011 is that the mass murderer Bin Laden has been buried at sea. Good. I hope they tossed him out the back of a low-flying aircraft with nobody knowing exactly where.

Frankly I’d like to see some of those invisible “moderate Muslims” step forward and say that Bin Laden wasn’t a real Muslim and that he should have been interred with pig guts for misunderstanding the peaceful nature of Islam.

There’s no chance of that because a very sizable portion of Muslims worldwide – several hundred million at a minimum – support violence to advance Islam. In fact, Bin Laden is wildly popular just about everywhere, including in London, England and Dearborn, Michigan. (Don’t believe me on this, just do a little internet research for yourself and you’ll confirm that in about two minutes.)

Bin Laden’s death is a small milestone in an ongoing war between Muslim and Western ideology and values. Continue reading


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President Obama, the Ground Zero Mosque and a grasshopper named Dennis

Our old friend Dennis Jones (Living in Barbados blog) moved back to the USA at the end of July and is living somewhere near Maryland and the Potomac River.

We are delighted to report that Dennis has started a new blog and he’s still writing about Barbados and other subjects dear to our hearts. Agree or disagree with Dennis – he’ll always make you think.

A few days ago he wrote about President Obama weighing in on the on the Ground Zero mosque controversy. Yup, Dennis still makes us think!

“Do the views of those who will not be convinced matter more than those who may be swayed?”

… from the Grasshopper Eyes The Potomac story Going to ground over his words?

(We see that Dennis switched to for his new blog. Good choice! Much better than Blogger for about a dozen reasons.)


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Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s corruption: classified risky investments as safe, failed to sound alarm when they knew what was happening

“Between 2002 and 2007, the top three credit rating agencies doubled their revenue, to more than $6 billion a year, the committee said. Most of that growth came from the complex investments that spread trillions of dollars in toxic debt through the financial system….

(Former managing director for Standard & Poor’s) Frank Raiter said management placed increasing pressure on analysts to earn fees by attracting business from banks…

Raiter said analysts felt they faced a choice: Keep giving inflated ratings or quit their jobs.”

… from the Association Press article: Lawmakers turn to credit raters, prepare overhaul

When investors can’t trust the “most respected ratings firms in the world”, what are they to do?

Finally we have acknowledgment in the United States Senate Committee Hearings by executives of Standard and Poor’s that their integrity and independence was bought and sold like fish at Oistins.

Standard and Poor? Yes, that is both the name and quality of independence and integrity.

Does this mean that when the The Economist says that Barbados is high on the transparency index that everyone else is that much more corrupt – or rather that The Economist’s clients can’t afford another financial meltdown? Maybe it means both!

And then there are the pronouncements of the IMF – International Monetary Fund – the body that has countries as its members. Can we believe the IMF? Can we believe Moody’s? Standard & Poor’s?

Standard & Poor's, Moody's - sold their ratings and integrity like fish at Oistins

No matter their level of experience and sophistication, how is an investor to know when the ratings organisations are shining them on?

President Obama’s critical goal next week is financial regulation and he will try and get as tough a reform bill as possible. He will have to compromise somewhat but this is realism not a sell out. Something is going to give one way or the other but if the financial community doesn’t take this medicine it will be much much worse later on. Much worse.

Article and some quotes suggested by BFP reader Reality Check.

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President Obama and the Goldman Sachs campaign funds: An impossible discussion in Barbados.

President Obama is being called upon to return the almost one million dollars that his campaign received from Goldman Sachs employees – in light of securities fraud civil charges now faced by that company. The calls to return the campaign funds also concern the fact that Goldman Sachs received big money from the Federal Government bailout program and that thought riles many Republican and Democratic voters.

In light of everything, I can see folks demanding that this money should be returned, but I can also see the point that this money was donated to the Obama campaign by individual employees – not by Goldman Sachs the company – and therefore should not be returned. The entire issue is receiving extensive news coverage as the Americans debate and discuss.

An impossible debate in Barbados

The interesting thing about this issue though is that the American voters are able to have the debate because under their election laws the parties and politicians have to keep financial records and those records are open to public scrutiny.

It helps to keep everything honest – which is why our Barbados politicians won’t stand for such a requirement.

We know from the past that Bajan politicians receive “campaign donations” and “accidentally” put them into their personal bank accounts and “forget” to inform anyone about these donations. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur was caught red-handed corruptly putting a cheque for $75,000 into his personal bank account. If it weren’t for then Opposition Leader David Thompson waving a copy of that cheque around at an election rally, that $75,000 would never have seen the light of day from Owen Arthur’s personal expenses.

And that’s only one cheque to one politician on one day.

Barbados needs to have proper election financing laws if we are ever to break free from the current system of government that is best described as a kleptocracy, but the current Thompson DLP government isn’t about to implement an elections financing law and neither are the BLP if that party ever waddles back into power under Mia Mottley’s ah, er, “leadership”.

How much in election funding did CLICO & CL Financial group of companies give to the DLP and BLP?

How much in election funding did VECO give to the Arthur/Mottley BLP government?

Well, Prime Minister Thompson? Well… Opposition Leader Thompson?

Why can’t the Barbados public know the answers to those questions?


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Racist Dan Rather “Obama couldn’t sell watermellons if you gave him state troopers to flag down the traffic”

When we last heard from Dan Rather, the disgraced 60 Minutes “journalist” (cough, cough) had lost his job with CBS News after using forged documents during a story about George W. Bush’s time in the Air Force. (See Killian Documents @ Wikipedia)

We’re not sure if Dan Rather still takes heroin or LSD (as Rather has claimed in the past) but even that wouldn’t excuse his disgusting recent comments about President Obama while being interviewed on the Chris Matthews Show.

Here’s what he said…

DAN RATHER: Part of the undertow in the coming election is going to be President Obama’s leadership. And the Republicans will make a case and a lot of independents will buy this argument. “Listen he just hasn’t been, look at the health care bill. It was his number one priority. It took him forever to get it through and he had to compromise it to death.” And a version of, “Listen he’s a nice person, he’s very articulate” this is what’s been used against him, “but he couldn’t sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.”

… from KTLA news story Dan Rather gets heat over Obama “Watermelon” comment

Amazing. Just amazing. Rather’s comments show that at his core he views people through race-coloured glasses – a condition that is not itself limited to racists of any particular skin colour.

President Barack Obama. The first person of colour to be elected to the highest office in the United States… and Dan Rather says “watermellon”.

If I described Rather using the words I want to right now, Auntie Moses wouldn’t speak to me for a month.


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Barbados Ambassador to the USA Wows ’em in Iowa – BFP Readers can follow up and invite folks to Barbados: Read How!


55 Foreign Dignitaries Tour Iowa – and the state newspapers feature our John Beale in syndicated story

Barbados Ambassador to the USA, John Beale, recently finished a five day tour of the state of Iowa that was sponsored by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. Beale was part of a group of 55 foreign dignitaries who were shown around the state to promote Iowa’s agriculture, educational system and industry to international markets.

It turns out that Ambassador Beale said all the right things and got himself and Barbados featured in a syndicated news article that is starting to appear in local newspapers all across Iowa. USA Today picked up on it too.

Well done, Ambassador Beale!

Barbados Free Press readers: take a few minutes to make online comments in the Iowa articles. Invite Americans to vacation in Barbados!

Iowa must be one cold place during the winter because Iowa State University has a Winter Weather Awareness tutorial up that warns about frostbite and hypothermia (!) and teaches foreign students how to dress and walk (!) in the winter.

It sounds to me like folks from Iowa would be ideal candidates to visit warm Barbados and get away from all that snow, ice and (brrrrr!) hypothermia. As well, Mary Kramer, a former US Ambassador to Barbados (2004-2006) came from Iowa so Iowans might be familiar with our island. Ambassador Kramer and Barbados were also recently in the news when Kramer was announced as an inductee into the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame.

So… here are a few of the Iowa newspaper articles that mention Ambassador Beale and Barbados – and you can probably find a few new ones yourself with a Google search as they come online. Take a moment to make some friendly comments inviting people from Iowa down to warm, hospitable BIM. Every little bit helps, and if a few dozen comments appeared on each article it might get us a few visitors or maybe another story. Can’t hurt anyways!

Quad-City Times, Iowa: Ambassadors impressed with Iowa

Covering Iowa Politics: Iowa impresses foreign dignitaries

Globe Gazette: Foreign dignitaries praise Iowa, Iowans

Globe Gazette on Twitter carried a tweet about the article…

Foreign dignitaries praise Iowa, Iowans: DES MOINES — Barbados ambassador John Beale said his first ground..

WCF Courier, Cedar Valley Iowa: Iowa Impresses Ambassadors


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President Barack Obama Seemed Distracted At G8 Summit – (He’d better buy some flowers on the way home.)

Shoes! President Obama was looking at the shoes. Honest!

Shoes! President Obama was looking at the shoes. Honest!

Yes, yes… we know if you take a thousand digital photos like cameras were machine guns you’ll eventually capture a split second in time that misrepresents the moment – but it’s fun nonetheless. 😉

Tip of the rum bottle to Matt at Drudge Report


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President Obama Slams African Leadership – West, Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism “Cannot Be Blamed For African Catastrophe Of Last 20 Years”

“I think part of what’s hampered advancement in Africa is that for many years we’ve made excuses about corruption or poor governance – that this was somehow the consequence of neo-colonialism, or the West has been oppressive, or racism,” Mr. Obama told an African website, AllAfrica , in his only interview dedicated to Africa before his visit.

“I’m not a believer in excuses,” he said. “I’d say I’m probably as knowledgeable about African history as anybody who’s occupied my office, and I can give you chapter and verse on why the colonial maps that were drawn helped to spur on conflict. … And yet the fact is we’re in 2009.”

The West cannot be blamed for the disastrous policies that have brought catastrophe to Zimbabwe and other African countries over the past 15 or 20 years, he said. “I think it’s very important for African leadership to take responsibility and be held accountable.”

… from Globe and Mail World article Obama’s Mission of Tough Love In Africa

Obama Africa Policy

The Obama Cat Is Amongst The Pigeons!

You really must read the go to YouTube or All and let President Obama speak for himself. Read the transcript of the interview or hear him speak on YouTube.

Just do it.

The man has ideas, presence and moral authority unlike any USA President I’ve ever seen. I think that Barack Obama would have a most interesting conversation with George Ayittey and Dambisa Moyo.

As I have said before… Darn, I like Obama… if he would only soften the US position on Barbados offshore banking and our “tax haven” status.


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What The !#$%!!!! U.S. Naval Academy Graduates Ordered To Remove Swords For President Obama’s Speech

Obama Naval Academy Sword Insult

UPDATE: Controversy Over The Veracity Of This Story

UPDATE #2: Photos Of Vice-President Cheney at Annapolis Graduation 2006 – Swords Worn

UPDATE #3: Photos Of President G. W. Bush At West Point – With Swords

UPDATE #4: Soldier Of Fortune Magazine says sword ban is routine. Midshipmen do not wear swords. No information on whether swords were banned for parade. Soldier of Fortune Magazine

One of our readers (Rohan) accuses us in comments below of running the story without additional fact checking – advising that the Washington Times “is right up there with Fox News for misinformation and straight up lies.

Rohan should also throw in Reuters faked photos, the LA Times faked stories, New York Times faked stories, CNN and 60 Minutes as each have been caught publishing lies. Heck, Reuters alone had to withdraw over 1000 faked pro-Palistinian/anti-Israel photos so Rohan is correct… Ya can’t trust anybody and that includes CBC, The Nation, Barbados Advocate and Barbados Free Press. How many times have you read a lie or a half truth in the Nation or the Barbados Advocate? (Ha… like every day at least once!)

Which is why blogs can and do serve a far higher purpose for freedom and truth than most of the regular media – in part because of the immediate feedback and fact checking by readers. Even Reuters CEO Tom Glocer said that “The blogosphere provides accountability...”

So let’s discuss this story and see what we can come up with. (A pity that DLP supporters don’t want to discuss integrity, freedom of information and corruption stories in such detail!)

Rohan claims in a comment that the story of swords being banned at Annapolis for the President’s visit is all fake and that US Naval Academy graduates don’t wear swords… but one of the links he provides indicates that swords are sometimes traditionally given to Annapolis graduates by parents and relatives. The link also indicates that swords are worn at the Academy by Midshipmen for formal parades and occasions.

Rohan’s link to the site also indicates that the Academy provides swords to Midshipmen for ceremonial occasions…

“Swords are entirely OPTIONAL for almost all Mids and Commissioned Officers.  While at the Academy, a Mid may only need one when performing duties as a Striper at such events as Formal Parades, etc.  Swords are NOT part of the standard Midshipman uniform.  For those Mids who need swords and do not supply their own (almost all Mids fall into this category), the Academy supplies generic swords which remain property of the Academy and are used year after year by succeeding classes.”

The site also indicates that Commissioned Officers of the US Navy may wear dress swords for special occasions – and one would think that might include ceremonies, visiting dignitaries and graduations, etc. Hey… I don’t know, I’ve never been to CanoeU.

Rohan also links to one Annapolis graduation photo showing the graduating class without swords. Again, I don’t know enough about Annapolis to know if some personnel at graduation ceremonies in the past have carried swords on stage or during the opening events, etc..

So let’s research this story a little more and see what we can come up with. Obviously, a real CanoeU graduate with some photos of previous ceremonies would solve the question.



Ok folks… here are photos of the 2006 Graduation with Dick Cheney attending and swords being worn during various parts of the ceremony, so it looks like Rohan’s comments needed a little more research on his part. Nonetheless, the question still remains – can we confirm that no swords were worn during the 2009 graduation with the President in attendance? We’ll look online for some photos, but meanwhile here is the link for photos of the 2006 Annapolis graduation with swords.

Cheney AnnapolisUS Naval Academy

UPDATE #3: Photos Of President G. W. Bush At West Point – With Swords

I am not a fan of “Dubya”, but to add some gasoline to this discussion, I found photos of Bush at the 2006 West Point graduation ceremony that speak for themselves. It will be interesting to see President Obama attend the same ceremony…


Original Story as published…

Necessary or Over-Reaction By U.S. Secret Service?

I don’t know why I am so upset about this story, but I am. I missed it when it broke a few weeks ago, but some Google and Bing searches show that the story wasn’t that widely reported.

President Barack Obama spoke at the Graduation Ceremony for the US Naval Academy at Annapolis on May 22, 2009 – but before he spoke, all Naval midshipmen were disarmed of their ceremonial swords and umbrellas.

Never before in the history of Annapolis has the Commander in Chief required that all Naval officers in his presence be disarmed.

Although I haven’t sorted it all out, there are reasons why this story has so devastated me and I don’t know what to think.

A standard tonic and gin will not be enough. Perhaps a martini will assist. Better make it a double. Very dry, wave the vermouth bottle in front of the glass – no closer. (I don’t fly until Sunday so no worries, Mum!)

Robert somewhere in the Pacific


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Two Different Messages: Barbados Ambassador To USA Sounds Alarm Over Tax Haven Crackdown – Barbados Prime Minister Says We Shouldn’t Be Concerned

One Message For Citizens, Another For The World Off The Island

Is Barbados worried about the USA’s Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act? Not according to Prime Minister David Thompson, who recently told the Bajan press that he doesn’t “feel” that the American legislation is aimed at jurisdictions like Barbados. (See our previous article US “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act” Names & Targets Barbados)

But just this morning our Ambassador to the USA, John Beale, joined other Caribbean diplomats in criticizing the Obama-supported law and taking a position that it threatens the very foundations of our economy: tourism and the offshore financial industry. (See NASDAQ DJ article: Caribbean Nations Squawk At US Plans To Crack Down On Tax Havens)

David Thompson 2facedSo has the Prime Minister suddenly changed his position on the potential impact of the US legislation? Did Ambassador Beale act on his own to contradict the PM without government approval?

We doubt both scenarios.

More than likely the Government of Barbados is presenting one message to the Bajan people (“Don’t worry, every ‘ting is under control an fine!”), but at the same time telling the USA the truth: Barbados recognizes that our country is targeted by the Obama administration and if nothing changes, we will be a quote “economic victim” of the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act.

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

“And if all others accepted the lie which the party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became the truth.”

… from George Orwell’s famous novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (pages 78 & 37)

Internet A Major Problem For Barbados Government Wanting To Control Information To Citizens

The issue of the Bajan public being told one thing while the world is told another is not new or unusual in Barbados.

With the exception of a small number of carefully-vetted news stories, the Government of Barbados and the cowardly Bajan news media have virtually shut down the publishing of local and national news content on the internet.

The island’s two largest newspapers have also taken steps to prevent public access to news story archives both online and at their offices.

For instance, the DLP Government-favoured Barbados Advocate newspaper publishes a daily edition online in .JPG image format so the stories cannot be discovered, cached or listed by internet search engines like Yahoo, Google and Live etc. With each day’s new edition, the previous stories disappear into the dustbin. In this way, neither the paper nor the government can later be found to be “wrong” by citizens. The historical record lasts 24 hours at the Barbados Advocate.

As well, by publishing only on paper or with disappearing .JPG image files, Barbados Advocate is able to conceal unfavourable stories from the outside world. For an example, check out BFP’s Barbados Advocate (Finally) Publishes Prof. Machel’s Investigation Of Arch Cot Cave-In Deaths or another article Barbados Government Cover-Up – No Inquest Into Codrington Family Deaths – Home Collapsed Into Known Cave.

Now try to find these major Barbados Advocate articles online at the newspaper. Then go to the office and try to research all paper-published articles about the Arch Cot collapse and purchase copies. Can’t be done!

We’ll have much more to say about this censorship and control of the Barbados news media, but for now – we citizens should know that one story is being told to us, while another is being told to the world.

Excerpts from NASDAQ article…  Caribbean Nations Squawk At US Plans To Crack Down On Tax Havens Continue reading


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US “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act” Names & Targets Barbados – Has David Thompson Actually Read The Legislation?

BARBADOS’ Prime Minister David Thompson said he does not believe that Legislation tabled recently in the United States Congress to deal with offshore tax havens is targeting jurisdictions like Barbados…

“I want to say that despite the strong feelings about that piece of legislation, it did not seem to us that it was aimed at jurisdictions like Barbados,” the Prime Minister told the function organised by Invest Barbados, this country’s leading business promotion agency…

… from the Barbados Advocate article Barbados Is Safe!

Internal Revenue Service Barbados

U.S. Internal Revenue Service Names Barbados As A “Secrecy Jurisdiction”

According to David Thompson, Barbadians have nothing to worry about when it comes to the new American “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act”. You see, the Prime Minister “feels” that the legislation is not aimed at jurisdictions like Barbados.

Perhaps Prime Minister Thompson had better read the American legislation and speak with the authors — who originally included a Senator named Barack Obama — because unlike David Thompson, those authors and the Internal Revenue Service “feel” that Barbados is an offshore secrecy jurisdiction and tax haven and they have said so in writing.

Senator Carl Levin Tax HavenYou don’t have to believe me, or Prime Minister Thompson. Just go to the website of President Obama’s partner pushing the legislation, United States Senator Carl Levin, and download it for yourself. (US Senator Carl Levin: Senate, House Members Introduce Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act – and here is his website: Senator Carl Levin Website)

The act includes a list of 34 jurisdictions identified in Internal Revenue court proceedings and Barbados is number five on that list of targeted jurisdictions. Again, you don’t have to believe me, you can read it for yourself (and frankly you won’t read it in any Barbados news media) Here is an excerpt…


For purposes of this paragraph, each of the following foreign jurisdictions, which have been previously and publicly identified by the Internal Revenue Service as secrecy jurisdictions in Federal court proceedings, shall be deemed listed by the Secretary as an offshore secrecy jurisdiction unless delisted by the Secretary under subparagraph (F)(ii):

(i) Anguilla.
(ii) Antigua and Barbuda.
(iii) Aruba.
(iv) Bahamas.
(v) Barbados.
(vi) Belize.
(vii) Bermuda.
(viii) British Virgin Islands.
(ix) Cayman Islands… (and 25 other jurisdictions)”

… From the (PDF) “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act”

Why Should The United States Trust Barbados?

If you take emotion, patriotism and sheer will to survive out of your normal Bajan reaction to the US anti-tax haven legislation, you must admit that Barbados neatly fits the definition of both a “secrecy jurisdiction” and a “tax haven”. As well as the United States, both Canada and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have named Barbados as a recognised “tax haven”.

What defines a “tax haven” and “secrecy jurisdiction”?  If you read the US and Canadian government reports and other materials freely available on the internet, you’ll see that a big part of that definition concerns what a “tax haven” is MISSING in terms of controls, oversight, transparency and rule of law. These missing structures allow what President Obama defines as “tax haven abuse”.

How About Barbados’ Controls, Oversight, Transparency and Rule of Law?

Ahhhh…. not so good….

Successive Barbados governments have failed to implement even the most basic controls and oversight over offshore corporations and government officials, so why should the United States remove our country from the list of secrecy jurisdictions and tax havens targeted by the new legislation?

Let’s look at some of the mitigating qualities for “good” offshore jurisdictions that might make Senator Levin and his colleagues reconsider placing Barbados on the list…

* Transparency of operations through Freedom of Information Legislation?

(NO! – Barbados doesn’t have FOI legislation or a culture of transparency and accountability. We were promised FOI, but it never came. As for transparency, Barbados does not hold inquests into deaths even when an entire family is wiped out . The elites are protected at all costs. )

* Oversight over Corporations?

(NO! – Barbados has a record of failing to provide sufficient oversight and accountability when it comes to corporations. Corporations are allowed to get away with refusing to file financial information as required by law. When the current Prime Minister was a practicing lawyer, some of his big corporate clients like CLICO failed to file required information and he didn’t care. Not to mention the fact that many government-owned corporations have failed to account as per law. Heck, even the Chief Justice of Barbados doesn’t file proper corporate documents for 13 years and gets away with it!)

* Integrity Legislation, Conflict of Interest Laws for Government Officials?

bribery.jpg(NO! Barbados has no integrity legislation, conflicts of interest rules or a Ministerial Code! The current DLP Government promised to implement all this within the first 100 days, but that was almost a year and a half ago. Unbelievably, in Barbados it is still legal for a government official (elected or appointed) to issue a government contract to a company owned by the government official or their immediate family! See: Thanks To Prime Minister David Thompson, Barbados Government Officials Can Still Use Their Office For Personal Profit)

* Corporate Records Requirements?

(NO! Barbados has consistently failed to compel Barbados corporations to adhere to the law. It is not unusual for records to go missing – even government records – if it is convenient to some of the elites. Even government-owned corporations don’t file records as per the law! Here are some examples of failed oversight regarding corporate records keeping5: Gymnasium Limited, GEMS Hotels, CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Company, and CLICO for a start.

* Requirement To List Beneficial Shareholders of Corporations?

(NO! According to the International Monetary Fund Country Report No. 09/19, (link shows all IMF reports) Barbados law does not require the disclosure of beneficial shareholders of corporations. While the Registrar of Companies maintains a register with information on directors and registered offices of companies, there is no legislative requirement to disclose beneficial ownership information. Many Barbados foreigner-owned offshore corporations are “fronted” by Bajans, but the corporate records are kept in another jurisdiction, while the money flows to another jurisdiction like Panama or the Caymans. The true owners of the corporations remain hidden by Barbados law!

IMF Barbados Corruption

The IMF report also talks about corruption and bribery and other serious offences not being illegal…

“Barbados has criminalized money laundering (ML) broadly in compliance with international standards. However, while the definition of unlawful activity allows for a wide array of serious predicate offenses, human trafficking, corruption and bribery are not totally consistent with the requirements of the Palermo Convention.”

See the – PDF – IMF Country Report No. 09/19, January 2009)

* Rule of Law?

(NO! Successive Barbados governments have consistently shown that the “Rule of Law” means “We enforce laws when convenient to do so for our purpose and agenda.” Prime Minister Thompson declared that previous government officials stashed millions in foreign bank accounts, yet no action was taken against them. Rapists with money are allowed to buy their way out of criminal charges. THAT says everything about how Barbados views the wider societal importance of Rule of Law.)

* Effective Anti-Money Laundering Enforcement?

(NO! First, as the IMF report above points out, Barbados lacks the laws necessary to curtail bribery and conflicts of interest. Second, as the IMF report points out – the anti-money laundering authorities in Barbados haven’t really done anything! Left unsaid is that the Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority hasn’t really done anything, but the government took the international funding anyway. Naturally… 🙂

The most telling indicator of how the Government of Barbados views money-laundering, tax evasion and other international financial shenanigans though, is the fact that our country had to admit that the Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority Acted Illegally and Without Authority For Two Years.

The government only fixed things up retroactively after the story broke on a Barbados blog! – See Keltruth Corp’s article Does the Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA) Really Exist?)

Lack Of ITAL (Integrity, Transparency & Accountability Legislation) Is A Root Cause Of American Legislation Targeting Barbados

PM Thompson Lied About ITAL

PM Thompson Lied About ITAL

Successive Barbados governments, including the current DLP Thompson government, have deliberately refused to implement integrity reforms because doing so would limit their ability to profit from their public offices. Period.

By their actions and inactions, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, David Thompson and dozens of other political elites placed Barbados squarely in the target sights of the Obama administration’s “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act”.

How fitting that if Barbados finally does implement ITAL, it will be because the corrupt politicians were finally dragged kicking and screaming to do something decent for the country – by the first black President of the United States of America.

Further Reading Continue reading


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New York Times Editorial Reflects Growing US Assault On Offshore Banking – What Should Barbados Do?

The Swiss and Their Secrets

A New York Times editorial is calling upon the United States government to reject any deal with Switzerland that would let 52,000 American citizens off the hook for having unreported Swiss bank accounts. This “get tough” attitude is reflected in many American media articles and mirrors the long-standing position of President Obama — who sponsored anti-offshore banking legislation long before he became president.

Barbados government officials have always talked a good game when it comes to transparency, accountability and monitoring of Barbados offshore corporations and international banks, but increasingly the United States is calling upon foreign governments like Barbados to open their records for US inspection — which of course destroys much of the attraction of offshore financial centers.

As economies come under increasing pressure there will be more calls to rein in offshore financial centers from real or imagined misdeeds as the developed nations fight to retain their tax base.

What Can Barbados Do To Avoid The Wrath Of Developed Countries?

As we have pointed out from the day we published our first article over three years ago, Barbados does not have any integrity legislation, transparency laws or conflicts of interest regulations. Barbados corporations are routinely allowed to violate existing laws regarding records keeping and public accountability, and the government itself is one of the worst violators of corporate reporting laws for companies in which it has an interest.

All of this sends the wrong signals to the United States, Canada and other countries that have expressed concern over our offshore financial and corporate industries. It is a shame that the DLP and David Thompson lied about their promise to implement ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation.

As Switzerland is discovering, chickens do come home to roost when it is most inconvenient.

Further Reading

NYT: The Swiss and Their Secrets


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The Silver People Chronicle: The Right To Be Different

“Not him, you can’t pair off with him. He is ugly!” they said to one little girl. They didn’t realize that they had just marred the innocence of a little Spanish girl who we were growing up with. We were the only pair of black kids and whom she had known since her family moved from the hinterlands of the interior.

Roberto Reid Tells Of West Indian Children Growing Up In Panama

During this week of the Inauguration of the first non-white President of the United States of America, Barbados Free Press continues to focus on the issue of race. Our friend Roberto Reid created The Silver People Chronicle – a wonderful blog about the West Indian people of Panama and their fascinating journey through Central America beginning with their arrival in Panama. Follow them as they arrived to work on the construction of the legendary Panama Railroad and, later on, the Panama Canal. Discover how they overcame death, disease, labor struggles and the tribulations of immigration.

Roberto’s posting today is a good introduction to the hours of reading and historical accounts you will find at his blog…

The Silver People Chronicle: A Right To Be Different


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President Barack Obama – Not A Bloodless Revolution


The Long Walk Of Dorothy Counts Comes To The White House

A black man named Barack Hussein Obama is now the President Elect of the United States of America and, unlike some previous elections, there is no doubt that he was truly elected by the majority of the people. At the time of this writing there is a six million vote spread between Obama and McCain. Yes, the numbers during the campaign were close, and the people of the United States were poorly served by a disgusting news establishment that has for the foreseeable future lost all credibility (more on that in a few days) – but the end result is no squeeker.

Barack Hussein Obama is truly the choice of the majority of citizens.

In all of our celebrations that a black man will be President, we should not forget that this historic moment did not start with Barack Obama. Neither did it start with Martin Luther King’s assassination nor even with the emancipations of the 19th and 20th centuries in various countries.

But there are road markers along this journey towards freedom and equality for all – and Dorothy Counts is as good a place as any in history to make a comparison with a black President Obama.

In September of 1957, a 15-year-old Dorothy Counts became one of four black students to be accepted at Henry Harding High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. She lasted only four days in that hell before her parents pulled her out.

As she walked into school on the first day, her back was soaked with spit and her legs were bruised from rocks thrown by white students. The “good ‘ol boys” also took care of any white students who dared to support and befriend Counts.

That was North Carolina in 1957. A short fifty-one years later in 2008, Barack Obama stood before the world to make his acceptance speech. Things change. Barack Obama is the evidence of that ongoing change- not the reason it happened.

Blacks Did Not Elect Barack Obama As President – The Citizens Of The United States Did

Barbados Free Press declared our support for Obama almost from the start, and in the middle of the Obama – Hillary! runoff for the Democratic nomination, we declared that Obama would be the next President of the United States. We’re hardly magical with our predictions because with Barack Obama a blind man on a fast horse couldn’t have failed to see the victory that was coming.

We felt that victory months ago, but we also said that all this excitment over a black President would soon give way to the fact that Barack Obama’s policies with offshore banking and taxation are distinctly hostile to the interests of Barbados. Black majority nations are going to be very surprised if they think that President Obama will place their interests over the interests of his country.

Still, the image of the United States has been changed overnight and that change may help on many worldwide fronts where the USA has assumed responsibilities or powers in situations it has no right sticking its nose into.

Reports of Election Troubles

For a moment today I thought they were going to steal the election from the people. Who are “They” ? I’m not sure who “they” are. I’m not even sure that they are republicans, but when the reports started coming in of voting machines “forgetting” the presidential candidates’ names, and riot police suiting up in anticipation of a McCain victory, I wondered how this day would end.

In the end, “they” were not able to sabotage or steal election. They will now turn their efforts into discrediting and disrupting the Obama Presidency, but that doesn’t matter now. The event has happened and cannot be put back into the bottle.

 Whether Obama will be a good President or the worst the world and America has ever seen is unknown. In the context of the change that has happened, Obama’s performance almost doesn’t matter. The next President may be white, SHE may even be of Mexican hertiage. There will be other black Presidents after Obama.

The important thing to understand is that a black President of the United States is just one more sign post of hope along the journey. Relations between the races are getting better every day. Obama is evidence of that.

Now, if we can just bring some of that progress to Barbados…


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Zogby Poll: McCain Moves Into Lead Over Obama (Republicans Ramp Up Disgusting Attacks On Obama’s Family)

The Last Few Days Of This Election Will Be The Dirtiest, Hardest-Fought In U.S. Campaign History

There is a lot at stake in the US Presidential election that goes far beyond who will be the leader of that country for the next four years. It wasn’t for nothing that retiring President Dwight Eisenhower cautioned the people America and of the world…

“…we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.” (Wikipedia link here including a recording)

John McCain is the first choice candidate of the American military-industrial complex. Barack Obama is not. In my mind, that settles it.

Whether Obama is white, black, coffee or purple doesn’t count anything beside the specter of the United States continuing along it’s current path.

That military-industrial complex has run free since 9/11 and continues to do so. Under the guise of protecting people from Muslim terrorists, the United States government and other world governments have convinced their populations to surrender hard-won freedoms and individual rights. Law enforcement and military monitor all private communications with little oversight or constraint. Breaches of the existing human rights and personal freedoms laws by authorities are treated with indifference by all sectors of Western governments – and that includes the Barbados government.

I’m not even talking about the war in Iraq or happenings in the Middle East. I’m talking about what is happening to freedoms and rights in the United States and the United Kingdom.

There is much at stake in the US election for Barbados and the rest of the world.

Now, a few days before the election, we are told that McCain is coming on strong: that he has overtaken Obama in a key poll by Zogby (link here).

As our friends at Barbados Underground point out, it isn’t over until its over – so if you are an American reading my words and you support Barack Obama for President, you’d better make doubly sure you get to the voting place early.

Take the day off work. Your single vote is that important.

Obama’s Aunt Zeituni Faces Deportation From United States As US Government Digs Out All The Dirt

We see a big splash in the news today that the press has discovered an Obama relative living illegally in the USA (along with an estimated 10 million other folks). There is another series of articles posting a school entry certificate into a Catholic school where his Muslim father describes 5 year old Obama’s religion as “Islam” – which is what one would expect a Muslm father to write of his son. (I don’t believe that Obama is a Muslim as he has been going to a Christian church for two decades and further, Obama says he is Christian.)

Frankly, these two “major revelations” of desperate McCain supporters are positives for Obama. Barack Obama’s father was Muslim and as a child Obama was exposed to many ideas and perspectives. The fact that his relatives on one side of the family hail from Kenya and that his Aunt illegally lives in the USA means that President Obama will have a view of the world where American bullyism is less likely to be a factor.

Under President Obama, the United States will have a chance to regain the respect of the world – not that it will, but at least there will be a chance.

If you can, Get out and Vote!

Background Of Military-Industrial Complex Term

Here is an excerpt from the January 17, 1961 farewell speech of President Eisenhower who coined the term “military industrial complex.” Some thinkers believe that the correct term should be “military industrial political complex”. (I agree)

You owe it to yourself to visit Wikipedia and to listen to the whole recording. As you consider Eisenhower’s words, your perspective on current events both in and out of Barbados will change…

“This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

This article written mostly by Robert, with Marcus.


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How About President Obama and Vice-President Palin?

We all laughed pretty hard when we saw the above photoshop of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin on Dancing With The Stars – but then I thought “An Obama/Palin ticket would have been pretty good!”

Barbados Free Press came out early for Obama and on February 26, 2008, we predicted he’d be the next President of the United States. (See Hillary Clinton Fading Away – Get Ready For President Obama)

Sarah Palin revived a dead campaign for McCain, who is probably not a bad fellow himself but with Obama running there is no way we could support McCain. (Note: We can’t vote in the US, but we hope for Obama even though he has two great flaws in policy that we can’t stand. More on that towards the end of this article.)

Palin is nothing if not feisty. She went from leading the Parent-Teacher association to mayor to Governor of Alaska in a fairly short time and she didn’t flinch when she kicked VECO’s rear end all the way to jail. She would make a fine Vice-President to provide some balance to Obama’s left wing leanings and it would have been fun to see a black AND a woman sitting in the White House.

Whew… Obama and Palin. That would make those good ‘ol boys from Georgia and Tennessee cringe! Mark my words children… even when Obama alone hits the White House, sales of Jim Beam and Jack Daniels Whiskey gonna peak for a month as the good ‘ol boys try to figure out what the hell happened.

President Obama Will Be No Friend To Barbados

But Obama is not without his flaws, and it is only by holding our noses that we can support him.

First, he has long ago shown that he does not intend to be a friend to Barbados and our offshore banking and corporations industry. (See BFP’s President Barack Obama Would Destroy Barbados Offshore Banking Industry – He Said So!)

Dame Billie can say all she wants that our offshore sector is going to overtake tourism, but an Obama US government will be targetting Barbados and that is not good. If the naive want to believe that Obama will favour the black nations of the world over the interests of the USA because he shares a skin colour, people are in for a rude surprise.

President Obama Will Be No Friend To Black Babies

The second issue for me is Obama’s support of partial-birth abortion. Otherwise known as plunging a knife into the baby’s skull as the little one is being born almost full term. You may not like that told so directly. If you find it upsetting, then you better think about why it upsets you and also consider that Barack Obama supports partial birth abortion.

I wasn’t aware of that until one of our readers sent me over to Weighed In The Balance blog to look at the article Obama-mania In Barbados.

As for me, if I could vote, I would still reluctantly support Obama for President because I like most of his policies and to be honest, I believe that a black man in the White House will change American society for the good and forever even if he turned out to be the worst president the USA has ever had. (Obama would have to work hard to earn that title!)

The sad truth is that these two policies of an Obama Presidency would harm Barbados and harm blacks – who continue to be aborted at something like three times the national average.

I’ll still support Obama, but after reading Weighed in the Balance blog, the joy is gone.

Written mostly by Robert with a bit by Marcus

—– and Clive adds his little bit…

Palin? I would! 😉


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Obama Kisses White Women – What Would Happen To A Barbados Politician Doing The Same?

BFP’s Shona Upsets Husband, Makes Observation

I came into the kitchen last week to find the girls oogling a photo of Presidential candidate Barack Obama on the beach and making a joke that went something like “Ohhhhhhhhhhh – Baam – meee!” and maybe a few other little comments that I shall not (read “cannot”) repeat here.

Well, ok. It’s not like he’s Magnet Man or something, but Obama probably has more of that kind of appeal with the ladies than any other Presidential candidate since Jack Kennedy.

And who am I to criticise my woman for having a little fun with the girls?

I don’t exactly have horse blinkers on when I go to work every night, and as much as I assure Shona that I only have eyes for her, my wife is no fool. When I tell her how myoptic I am around other women she smiles and says “You lie. Just so you get yourself straight home every night and nowheres else.”

Yes, my love.

And then Shona came up with one of those observations that only race-sensitive folks would think of…

“Obama kisses white women. What would happen to a Barbados politican who did the same thing? We dare not even put a white or an indian on the cover of the phone book.”


Virulent Racism Still Encouraged By Mia Mottley’s Barbados Labour Party

Back in May, 2006, Barbados Free Press commented upon the fact that both the BLP and the DLP only showed one race of citizen on their websites and in their party literature. About the BLP website we said…

“The official website of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) – the party that has formed the Government of Barbados for 12 years as led by Prime Minister Owen Arthur – displays photos of Barbados citizens who are only of one specific race. Despite the fact that Barbados citizens hail from virtually every race and cultural heritage, only citizens of the majority race are shown on the BLP website.

And – it apparently is not even enough to be of african heritage – one must have a darker skin tone to be shown on the BLP website. No lighter-skinned persons of african heritage or mixed race persons are shown on the website. And certainly no mixed-race couples like some of the folks who bring you the Barbados Free Press.”

We also took the BLP to task for various anti-minority racism including a government minister using the term “Caucasian” as a racist slur during a TV debate and Prime Minister Arthur calling black political opponents indentured servants“, “negrocrats and oreos (black on the outside, white on the inside). The BLP again showed their racist politics when they warned during the election that “whites” would vote for the DLP (horrors!) and that Thompson was “white“.

Mia Mottley Condones BLP Racism

Mia Mottley Condones BLP Racism

The racism continued under new BLP leader Mia Mottley at the official party blog which for seven long months linked with another blog that threatened to murder a white foreign hotel owner, Adrian Loveridge, and to rape his wife. How could a legitimate Barbados political party in the year of our Lord 2008 continue to support people who called for the murder and rape of white foreign investors and business owners who were critical of the BLP government?

What could Mia Mottley possibly have to say for herself about the continuing racism of the BLP under her leadership?

Now we see Mia Mottley saying that a “new” BLP is on the way – but this is a superficial “re-branding and re-packaging” of the same basic product with the children of the political elites taking over the role of their fathers.

“Obama and Biden are now a movement and will be the next President and Vice President. Obama will get there because of the white vote not in spite of it.”

… BFP reader Reality Check

Obama’s Support Crosses Racial Lines – Obama Unites The Races. When Will We Be That Mature On Barbados?

When our own Rihanna told the world of being “cursed out” in school because her skin was not dark enough, thousands of Bajans immediately understood what she was talking about. Race and colour are always just below the surface in Barbados. We younger people like to think that we are making progress in living together and I know that we are – but there are still too many (including many young people) who have been raised by a bitter generation that maintains self-defeating attitudes about skin colour and ethnicity.

Barbados Political Leaders Have Nothing In Common With Barack Obama

Three generations of Bajan political leaders – including Mia Mottley – nurtured racial division and racist politics to serve a partisan agenda.

This political “leadership” has polluted our culture and much of the next generation. Racism raises its head in schools, when applying for a government job, when shopping for groceries. And especially in politics.

Racial division is encouraged by a Barbados political elite that regularly dismisses valid criticism on the basis that the opponent’s skin is not dark enough. Bajans with lighter skin colours are often given as a reason for failure – be it personal failure or failure of government projects – much like the Russian Communists would attribute production shortfalls to “wreckers”.

Oh yes, the “whites”, “indians”, “redmen” and “asians” are the cause of all trouble on this island of mongrels.

As much as our current crop of leaders support Barack Obama, they support him for the wrong reason. They don’t even understand his message.


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Obama Assassination Plot In Denver – White Supremacist Link

“They’re Just Good ‘Ol Boys – Never Meanin No Harm”

Any candidate for the Presidency of the the United States of America faces threats that range from wackos without the means to serious people who have the resources and don’t care if they get caught or die as long as their mission is completed.

Where do the plotters in Denver come in? The story is still developing.

Maybe the world will eventually know the truth about suspects Tharim Robert Gartrell, Nathan Johnson and Shawn Robert Adolf, or maybe it won’t… but in my opinion Barack Obama is likely to face more credible threats than any other Presidential candidate in the last century.

Here are a few links, but the story is developing rapidly so you should check with other sources to see what is happening…

Rocky Mountain News: US Attorney Downplays Possible Plot To Kill Obama

CBS4 – Plot to Kill Obama: Shoot From High Vantage Point


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