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Rumour Mill Going Crazy: Is Hamilton “Hammie La” Lashley Crossing The Floor?

In the last hour, we have received three emails and a call from a friend – all indicating that Barbados Member of Parliament “Hammie” Hamilton Lashley is crossing the floor to the DLP Government. The St. Michael South East Opposition … Continue reading


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Hamilton Lashley provides a lesson in Barbados political ethics: “BLP or DLP doesn’t matter, just show me the money!”

Hamilton Lashley reminds us again that “everyting is de same old, same old ’bout hey!” News Item: Hamilton Lashley again switches loyalty to whatever party is in power. About “The politics of inclusion”, our readers said… Back in September of … Continue reading


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Clyde Mascoll Strangely Silent in Barbados

Political pundit Peter Wickham comments on former Opposition Leader Clyde Mascoll’s strange silence since crossing the floor to join the Government… “…it is somewhat interesting that a person (Mascoll) who had so much to say about being gagged before, has … Continue reading

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Barbados Mascoll Affair Fuels Electorate Cynicism

Former Leader of Barbados’ Opposition Party, Clyde Mascoll, sat as an independent for about five seconds before abandoning years of criticizing the actions of the government. By crossing the floor, in one motion he embraced his new political master and … Continue reading


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Barbados Tourism – One man’s common-sense plan for an industry on the edge

The Way Forward… Special to Barbados Free Press by R. Douglas Edmondson While the talk of the day generally seems to be restructure or improve productivity in the tourism sector,  I have seen no new ideas on how that is … Continue reading


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BFP Reader Guy Hewitt Says “Many Thanks, Mr. Arthur”

“Many Thanks, Mr Arthur” Like so many Barbadians considering their options for the upcoming General Election, I found myself in a quandary in trying to decide what to do with my vote on 15 January 2008. But knowing the history … Continue reading


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