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Government corruption in St. Vincent – remembering the Ruben Morgan cocaine smuggling affair

Remember the case of the man Ruben Morgan, a relative of Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan? He was given a diplomatic passport in 2001. He was not a Vincentian diplomat, he did not work for the government, yet he was given … Continue reading


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Cocaine shipped in timber, produce from Guyana to… Barbados?

Guyana: Drugs in agricultural exports “destroying the national interest and livelihood” Narcotics concealed in agricultural and wood products shipments from Guyana are so prevalent that the country’s Agriculture Minister recently called the problem a “living nightmare.” Barbados imports hundreds of … Continue reading


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Breaking News: Barbadian Victor Bourne, mother Maria Alleyne Bourne, charged in massive cocaine smuggling via American Airlines

Other Barbadians involved “Arrests not over” – US Indictments in massive money laundering and drug smuggling through Barbados. – US$300+ million dollar profits being seized by US Government – “Bourne Organization” kingpin Victor D’Acosta Bourne used violence, threats against witnesses, … Continue reading


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9 kilos of Barbados cocaine seized at Toronto airport, woman arrested

Million dollar drug shipment concealed in 3,000 fabric-covered buttons from Barbados Canadian Border authorities arrested a woman coming into Canada on July 17, 2010 but just now released the information. We can’t find the name of the woman being held … Continue reading


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Mexico Decriminalizes Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin Personal Use – Is it about tourism?

Wise Move in the Drug Wars… or Desperation By A Failed Nation? This week the Mexican government decriminalized personal possession of marijuana, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine and heroin. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that Mexico has just expanded … Continue reading


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Two Barbados Citizens Arrested In Canada For Cocaine Trafficking

Wayne Henry, 40, and Winston Walker, 44, both from Barbados On Wednesday, members of the Niagara Regional Police morality unit and No. 1 District street-crime unit started an investigation into a known drug trafficker who was deported in February, but … Continue reading


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Will Barbados Government Let Rich Crack Cocaine And Heroin Smugglers Back Into Our Country?

(Hans & Eva Rausing photo used with permission: Copyright – The Rausings Do Look A Little Zapped, Don’t They? Meet two of the Barbados super-rich: Hans and Eva Rausing. Net worth just over US$11 Billion and owners of the … Continue reading


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Barbados Police Regularly Bust Tourists For Cocaine… But What About The Dealers?

Brit TV Star Jeremy Edwards Arrested For Cocaine In Barbados “Tourists are easy, but it takes real work to take down a dealer.” … BFP’s Royal Barbados Police Force nameless friend. So Many Reasons Why Police Ignore Serious Drug Dealers… … Continue reading


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Bibles Used To Smuggle Cocaine From Barbados To Canada

When Our Pastor Said “Get High On The Lord”, I Don’t Think He Had This In Mind… A 21 year-old man was arrested at Toronto Pearson airport for bringing 4 kilos of cocaine into Canada from Barbados. There is no … Continue reading


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Oh Oh – Barbados Polo Playing Jodie Kidd Caught Up In Cocaine Sting

To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected… It looks like a bunch of reporters set out to see if they could purchase some cocaine through Jodie Kidd and her polo set. Were they successful? You be the judge… Daily … Continue reading


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Royal Navy Sinks Ship & One Billion In Cocaine Off Barbados Coast

Her Majesty’s Royal Navy Auxilliary Wave Ruler In Action Off Coast A gang of Caribbean drug runners was forced to scuttle its own boat – and $500m* of cocaine – after it was spotted by the Royal Navy. The suspected … Continue reading


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American Yacht Cocaine Bust In Barbados – But Who Will Get The Yacht?

Hardbeatnews, BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Mon. May 15, 2006: Two American-born tourists to Barbados are set to appear in court today on charges that they tried to import, supply and traffic 61 kilograms of cocaine into the island. Police busted Terry Wayne … Continue reading


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Do Islamic State jihadists have any dodgy Vincentian passports?

Vincentian passport scandal and Jihad dangers by Peter Binose, Madrid. Did they find everyone who had been issued a dodgy Vincentian passport that allowed them to change their name without declaring their previous name? Did they get back every dodgy … Continue reading

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Drugs, the Drug Trade and Us

Special to BFP by Phillip Alexander Following on the almost billion dollar drug bust found a few years ago in the hull of a yacht bound for Spain outfitted in T&T, the six hundred million dollars worth of cocaine intercepted … Continue reading


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American Airlines employee Victor Bourne sentenced to life in prison. Barbadian crime mastermind gets his due…

Smuggled drugs to Barbados – 19 Airline Employees convicted! Earlier today, former American Airlines baggage handler Victor Bourne, a Barbadian national, was sentenced to life in prison for his leadership of an international drug trafficking organization called the “Bourne Organization” … Continue reading


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Dithering Prime Minister Stuart admits he can’t make up his mind about Raul Garcia: DLP Leadership defined!

Garcia story an ideal illustration of our do-nothing, accidental ‘Leader’ Seven months after prisoner Raul Garcia’s hunger strike, and after seven months of press conferences and announcements about what the DLP Government intends with Raul Garcia, accidental Prime Minister Freundel … Continue reading


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Debt Tsunami drowning Barbados: Standard and Poor’s downgrades to junk status

When big fat chickens come home to roost Remember the $200 million Barbados borrowed for Cricket World Cup? Remember all those international loans in the last fifteen years? $20 million here for sugar, $30 million there for a housing study, … Continue reading


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Shocking photos of Eva and Hans Rausing show what drugs do

UPDATE: Hans Rausing lived with wife’s dead body for up to a week! £15million mansion “drug den, living in squalor’ “Eva Rausing, the wife of an heir to the Tetra Pak fortune, may have lay dead for up to a … Continue reading


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