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First Time! Transport Minister mentions ‘Breathalyser’ will be part of new Road Traffic Act

Is this announcement legitimate or once again blowing off the press? For the fourteenth time since January 2006, a Barbados government Minister has announced that a new Road Act should be ready “soon”. Today’s announcement comes from Minister of Transport … Continue reading


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How many more have to die before Barbados gets modern breathalyzer laws?

Another Two-Bus Crash Injures 22 – Once again Barbados Police cannot determine if drivers had been drinking Fortunately no one died in Tuesday’s bus crash in Christ Church but 22 people were injured – three seriously enough to be taken … Continue reading


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Speaker of the House Michael Carrington calls for Barbados breathalyser law

Every year more people are killed in road accidents in Barbados than are murdered, yet successive BLP and DLP governments refuse to implement breathalyser equipment and modern laws to protect people from drunk drivers. The first job of government is … Continue reading


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Another Drinking Driver gets off easy because Barbados Police lack Breathalyzers

Hit & Run, Drinking Driver fined only $750 for Second Offense Thanks to successive BLP and DLP governments’ neglect of road safety and their failure to implement breathalyzer laws and equipment, Awadh Narayn Inder was fined only $750 for a … Continue reading


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Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss: Breathalyzer Law & Equipment not necessary

UPDATED: December 22, 2009 Minister of Health Inniss comments on Barbados Free Press? Video added should be required viewing for Minister Inniss & his fellow MPs As our readers can see, a person claiming to be Minister of Health Donville … Continue reading


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Trinidad & Tobago implements Breathalyzer law – Barbados government fails to protect citizens from drunken driving

Trinidad & Tobago roads just became safer thanks to new breathalyzer laws and equipment that will allow T&T police to scientifically test drivers for sobriety. Like all new laws and procedures, it will probably take some time to iron out … Continue reading


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Guyana Implements Breathalizer Law – Barbados Government Continues To Ignore Drunken Slaughter Every Weekend

Government Of Guyana Acts Responsibly Against Drunk Driving Successive Barbados Governments have failed to implement breathalizer laws that would target the growing slaughter on our roads. We lose more people to drunk driving than we do to murder, but when … Continue reading


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Five Year Sentence For Dangerous Driver – But Still No Breathalyzer Law

A Backwards Legal System Works Without Modern Evidence Or Laws High Court judge Justice Elneth Kentish just put a fellow away for five years for driving dangerously and causing the deaths of two persons – but the police still have … Continue reading


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More Road Deaths Than Murders: Yet Barbados Still Does Not Have Breathalyzer Laws Or Technology

Commissioner Dottin Pulls His Punches So As Not To Embarrass His Government Masters Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin told an awards ceremony audience last Saturday that more Bajans are killed in road accidents than are murdered each year. That sobering … Continue reading


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Minister of Transport Gline Clarke Finally “Talking” About Driver Breathaliser Tests – As First Suggested By By Barbados Free Press Over A Year Ago

Too Little, Too Late – And Only Because Of The Recent Mass Road Deaths Over a year ago, on Tuesday, July 25, 2006, the Government of Barbados announced “proposed” changes to the highway laws that would have banned the use … Continue reading


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Top-Heavy death traps: 18 casualties as another minibus overturns – “5 critical, 4 severe”

(Photos courtesy of Nation News & Barbados Today) “Our minibuses are badly designed. They are difficult to control and are far too unstable for a vehicle transporting our loved ones.” Another minibus driver loses control – “5 critical, 4 severe” … Continue reading


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Health and Transport Ministers no-show at World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims

Barbados still without breathalyzer laws Health Minister Donville Inniss and Transport Minister John Boyce continue to send a big message to the Barbados Road Safety Association and all Bajans. That message is that the Ministers and their staff members don’t … Continue reading


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Another road death: Barbados Police cannot test if school bus driver had been drinking

What is the likelihood that the driver of a bus carrying 46 students was hung-over from a late night drinking session? Your guess is as good as mine, and as good as the guess of the police officers who investigated … Continue reading


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Leptospirosis crisis shows long term negligence by Barbados Government

In face of a record outbreak Health Minister Inniss admits Ministry inaction, negligence “The Government of Barbados gave notice this morning that it will be prosecuting owners of Bridgetown businesses, home owners and individuals who persisted in flouting the Health … Continue reading


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Slaughter continues: Road Fatalities up 61% over 2010

UPDATED: January 31, 2012 There are more calls today for the government to pass breathalyzer legislation. (See Nation: Call for breath test) We’d like to remind Bajans that for seven eight years Transport Minister Boyce and his predecessors promised modern … Continue reading


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Vote results: Readers Choice Top Stories of 2010

What mattered to Bajans The death of Prime Minister David Thompson was chosen by our readers as the #1 news story for 2010 with 24.29% of the votes. Understandably the deaths of six women in the Campus Trendz robbery and … Continue reading

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Choose the Top Barbados News Stories for 2010

UPDATED: January 2, 2010 3am Bridgetown We’ll leave the survey up until 7pm, Monday, January 3, 2011 – then we’ll speak to the results. Time to vote! We’ve based our survey choices on the discussions over the last few days, … Continue reading


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Winnipeg Canada police arrest 55 drunk drivers since December 3rd. Barbados police arrest…?

Traffic Division Inspector Blades: How many drunk drivers did Barbados Police fail to stop? With about double the population of Barbados, the city of Winnipeg, Canada makes for an interesting comparison when it comes to arresting drunk drivers. Since December … Continue reading


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