US Ambassador to Barbados, 2006: Owen Arthur’s sugar decision “defies logic and sours prudent budget”

Barbados EU Sugar Aid

Sugar is over, finished…

With the recent revelation that the Government-owned Barbados Agricultural Management Company left 1000 acres of cane to rot in the fields – and that our country’s total 2015 sugar harvest might not reach even 10,000 tonnes, BFP re-blogs this post.

It’s time to leave sugar behind. It is a deep, dark hole that sucks money and energy from this nation. None of our children will cut cane or pick cotton, and the cost of Barbados sugar production is the highest in the world.

It’s over folks. It’s over.

Almost ten years ago, BFP asked Prime Minister Owen Arthur about his plan for sugar…

Remind me… what was the Barbados government plan to replace the sugar revenues?

Oh ya… I remember now…

1/ Beg the Europeans for money – playing upon white man’s guilt.

2/ Sell the rest of the island to foreigners.

Ya… good plan, Owen!

Barbados Free Press

“Instead of pouring more money into sugar, the Government of Barbados would be better served letting the industry die a peaceful death, as St. Kitts did in 2005.”

“This massive investment in the sugar industry defies logic and sours an otherwise prudent budget.”

“Sugar is so intrinsic to their national identity, however, that Barbadian taxpayers apparently support this fiscal profligacy.”

Mary Kramer, US Ambassador to Barbados, January 27, 2006

WikiLeaks just released a massive new treasure trove of US Embassy Bridgetown previously secret cables.

We’re looking at many of them in our article WikiLeaks: Massive release of Barbados US Embassy documents. You can help too by going to WikiLeaks Embassy Bridgetownpage and digging in!

But we’re going to post this cable on its own because it makes for very interesting reading.

Considering our current economic situation, Barbados Labour Party supporters will jump right on this cable as vindication…

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4 responses to “US Ambassador to Barbados, 2006: Owen Arthur’s sugar decision “defies logic and sours prudent budget”

  1. Anonymous

    I would like to hear what it cost to producing one ton of Sugar this year,
    I will bet it would be way over $ 70.000.00 a ton,…. sorry I forgot that we are pumping $ 60 Million in the BAMC every year.
    Are we still selling Sugar on the open market at 10 cents a pound ????
    Answers please ?

  2. Partu Animal

    While I agree that we are wasting time with the Industry, if we let the Sugar Industry Die, where would the $ 60. Million per year go ?

  3. Sugar Daddy Day Done

    We lose money on every pound of sugar we sell. Cane rots in the field because no Bajan will work cutting cane anymore. The EU subsidies will come whether we are in sugar or not, and they will be far more useful if supporting some viable economic enterprise that moves this country forward.

  4. Violet C Beckles

    leave the Ministers behind, when all the land is gone with non Bajan building and no where to plant food, then the same fools will come back talking with 2 mouths, Import all your GMO from America and die 20%sooner,a goood way to remove the slaves.Keep selling out and find some where else to live, No one wants fools in their land.
    Government have no land none of them , No Clear Title to land , One day all will pay for this Massive Land Fraud one way or another Kicken Jenny Will wash the Bitches away.