Disposable Dads reminded to keep paying whether working or not

The Man with no Future is leaving Barbados

We just heard from our old friend The Man with No Future that he is leaving Barbados forever. He will try to find a future and a new life elsewhere. (Sworn to secrecy so don’t ask!)

We repeat the article TMWNF wrote early in 2014. Good advice from a man who knows…

Barbados Free Press


“The kind of wife and mother for your child that you should be seeking will not be found rubbing crotches together on the road at Cropover…

Unfortunately that eliminates 90% of young Bajan women.”

by The Man with no Future

Hear me, oh young men!

For the life of me I don’t know why any man would want to father a child these days, let alone get married.

Look at the hundreds of poor dumb “fathers in name only” the Barbados government is making redundant in the mass-firings. Government kicking them in the ass on the way out: reminding them to Keep Paying. Nevermind they have no job, no money and no prospect of finding new work on this dying island. The message is “Keep paying the woman you made pregnant, fool.”

You want slavery for all of your prime working years?

Father a child.

father sons blackYou want to put your…

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5 responses to “Disposable Dads reminded to keep paying whether working or not

  1. West Side Davie

    I said it before and it’s still true: As long as the milk is free, why should any man buy the cow?

  2. West Side Davie

    Why black men cannot compete against the government when it comes to attracting women:

  3. fools and their wives

    Marriage is a fool’s game for men. The situation has changed. You might as well be signing a note to be an indentured servant. the legal system is heavily weighted against you. you can lose your home, your job, your driver’s licence, and all future income on the basis of a fabricated abuse compliant from a woman who has grown tired of you. evidence and truth does not count. you are a man. you are in the wrong. you can see your son 2 hours once every two weeks.

    what fool would marry in these satanic days?

  4. KBM

    In the end, a man is always alone. He does what he does. He is a man as he sees fit, and if people respect him, then he is worthy of respect. If few respect him, then it is his fault.

  5. The issue of being involved with young women who see nothing wrong with rubbing crotches together on Kadooment Day is not the real issue behind failed relationships. I am not condoning such lewd behaviour because I do believe that young women should be taught social graces from the womb. Mother need to pay attention to the calibre of thoughts they entertain during pregnancies. They have the power to determine what type of personality the child will possess in this life. They must think of things that are pure, lovely, true etc.

    When a person becomes involved in a relationship with the opposite sex, which sets the tone for procreation, they need to know what to do to make that relationship as enjoyable and lasting as possible. Firstly, they need to seek out a Pastor or Priest who can perform the Act of Deliverance and Healing. This Act eradicates ancestral ties that get in the way of relationships.

    Many of our ancestors were idol worshippers. As we grew in years we came to know of Jesus Christ – God ioncarnate. The spirits of the old ancestral idols whom they worshipped have taken up residence within us even before our birth. In other words, idol worship continues for 4 and more generations, therefore, those of us who are here today would have been covenanted by our fore-parents long before we came into existence. Therefore, having no knowledge of such facts, we have taken life as we have seen it in today’s world – I see you, like you and you like me, let’s get it on. As soon as you begin to spend much time together, the quarrels and misunderstandings become noticeable. You begin to wonder why. The answer: Your respective ancestral spirit husband have begun to claim “his wife” (in the case of the girlfriend) and the ancestral spirit wife has begun to claim “her husband” (the boyfriend) who by then may have fathered a child with you. Your troubles being to magnify and the only way – generally believed by both of you, is to go your separate ways. Or you (both) may be bold enough to think that if you get married maybe your relationship with men and you will live in peace and harmony – wrong again! Things begin to grow worst, because both of you are possessed by your ancestral spiritual partners.

    I would advise any man or woman who may be interested in becoming involved in a long term relationship, they should go together into a Service of the Rite of Deliverance by a competent Pastor / Priest who lives an upright life. If you go under the hand of someone who has the spirit of lust, anger, greed, envy, pride etc., your situation will not change for the better. (Pastors and Priests are aware that one who conducts such a Rite must lead HOLY lives.) i am not sure if that may be the main reason why this Rite is not practised in many churches today. In addition, our churches seem no longer to believe in the five-fold ministry of Apostles, Evangelists, Healers / Deliverers, Teachers and Counsellors.

    The on-going work of the Fallen Angels is but another story – many of our young folk in particular are demon possessed and no one is encouraging them to enter the Rite of Healing/deliverance. Many persons within the Law and the Social Services look for answers only in their domain. They will not find the answers if that is there they are conducting their searches. The answers lie within the spiritual realm. Studies at the UWI or any other educational facility will not equip anyone for such a task of assisting our young folk to adjust their behaviour in a positive way. Search out your Apostles, Evangelists, Healers/Deliverers. The work of the Teachers and Counsellors will become much easier. Adjust the school curriculum accordingly.

    Put classical relaxing music on the P A Systems in the School from 8:30a.m. until prayers are to be offered to God. Repeat this action during lunch time, break time and immediately after school. You may not assist in conditioning all the minds of the students and pupils but you would condition a few, that can grow into a ripple effect in the lives of their families and friends. Let us aim to change the lewd culture of Barbados one person at a time.