What’s up with Mark Daghorn and Rising Records?

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Editor’s Note: The following is only one of many letters and complaints we’ve had in the last while concerning Mark Daghorn (photo above) and Rising Records.

We remind BFP readers that this was sent anonymously to BFP – an anonymous blog and should be taken with a big dose of salt.

We offer Mr. Daghorn or anyone the space to reply to these accusations publicly, in the same space and to the same audience.

Without further delay, here is one of the anonymous emails sent to BFP…


FROM: http://www.facebook.com/MarkDaghornInfo

Mark Daghorn is/was known as the owner/director of Rising Records.  The UK based record label had a roster of over 40 bands and specialised in Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Death Metal, Black Metal & Grindcore.


Warning to bands about shady record label
November 29th, 2011, 02:29 PM

On Nov 29th 2011 a comment was posted to a music website by user Men With Ven claiming Rising Records was a front for a scam.  Within hours the story went viral and over the next few days various people who had dealt with Daghorn posted their own stories of dodgy dealings with him, corroborating the original posters ac­cusations.


Daghorn claimed the post was the working of a disgruntled band.  He responded to these accusations with intermittent threats of legal action whilst fleeing the UK for Barbados. He never followed through with any legal action as he threatened.

Daghorn then proceeded to establish himself in Barbados and people he owed money to in the UK were ignored, fired or offered more work which never materialised. 

Daghorn claims to have purchased Lamberts Plantation in Barbados.  He proclaimed he would clear his name, disprove the accusations against him and continue full force with Ris­ing Records, whilst living in Barbados throughout the winter and the UK throughout the summer. That has NOT been the case.

1 year later and various bands, employees, magazines, contractors and promoters are still owed substantial sums of money from Daghorn.   If all that wasn’t enough Daghorn then proceeded to collect the bands Royalty payments from distributors, which he promised to pay direct to the bands and a few days later sent emails to bands saying he was closing Rising Records and that no one would be paid.  In the meantime he setup a restaurant in Speightstown called Juma’s.

The money stolen equates to around £100,000.  He is in breach of record contracts, has led mar­riages to divorce and has multiple County Court Judgements against him, which he has ignored.  He now seems to be doing just the same in his new residence of Barbados as this document will reveal.


After being revealed as a SCAM Daghorn told concerned bands and creditors he was visiting Barbados to buy a property that he would stay in throughout the winter with his wife, who is from Barbados and whom he claimed intensely disliked the cold English winters.

He spent the winter in Barbados and told people he had purchased the house there which he was turning into a luxury recording studio to sign Bajan bands.  He returned to the UK in the spring of 2012.  In May 2012 he had people visit his house (Little Clacton Lodge) about unpaid VAT.  One week later and he fled the UK for good.  He has since stopped responding to people he owes money to.

Known Associates
Nationality – BARBADIAN

Throughout her time in the UK Riley had presented herself as ‘Jules Daghorn’.  She seemed a charming if somewhat quiet lady.  Long dreads, a big smile.  Whilst Daghorn would be somewhat abusive to bands, Jules was the reassuring and calming part of the package deal.  However, no one knew that Jules was not her real name.  It is unclear if Daghorn and Riley are married but they present themselves as such.

Riley was born in Barbados (1960) and moved to the UK whilst her child was a Baby.  The child’s father is Ron­ald Fenty, who is the father of pop star Rhianna.  Fenty claims he had a fling with Riley which led to the birth of Kandy, who is Rhianna’s “secret sibling”.  Daghorn however tells many bands and people in the music industry that Riley aka “Jules” is Rhaiannas step mom.  What a great way to get bands to believe they will be famous if they sign to his label.



Barbados Activity

Daghorn spent winter 2011/12 in Barbados at Lamberts Plantation.  He then returned to the UK in March 2012 and went back to Barbados full time in June 2012.  He has not returned to the UK since, knowing that he is under investigation for VAT fraud.

He has recently been promoting his two Barbados ventures throughout Barbados.  He had over 800 friends on his Vernese Riley Facebook page.  All Bajan.  His two ventures are: Juma Recordings and Juma’s Restaurant.

Juma Recordings – Lamberts Plantation

Daghorn and Riley are renting Lamberts Plantation out as a music studio, wedding/functions location and a luxury retreat. Lamberts plantation consists of two main buildings and a mill wall on 5 acres of land, in a small village called Lamberts, St Lucy.

Company information
Number 35328
Category Company
Date registered / Incorporated 2011-11-22

Daghorn has told various creditors in the UK that he has purchased Lamberts Plantation and is waiting for mon­ey to come in until he can pay people.

Does Daghorn own or rent Lamberts Plantation?

Lamberts plantation is listed as for sale on various web sites throughout Barbados. Recent listings dates show June 2012. It’s listed value is $5,000,000 Bajan Dollars, around $2,500,000 USD.

Vernese R posted on Trip Advisor that Lamberts Plantation has been purchased and the listings on realty web­sites are in fact old:

10 November 2012, 14:23
Hello – Just to clarify that Lamberts is no longer on the market. We bought the house nearly a year ago but several estate agents still have it listed for sale which is a common thing on Barbados. We have fully refurbished the house and garden and we look forward to welcoming you all to Lamberts in the near future.
Vernese R
Saint Lucy

An email was sent to realtors in Barbados asking simply;

“Is this property still available to buy?”

Here is the response from one realtor;

“Thanks for your enquiry. Please note the property is presently under a lease to own arrangement with the present tenant. As such, the owner is not immediately in a position to offer it to another party. That said, the tenant is currently quite delinquent in their payments, and the owner may thus have a different outlook on the property in the coming months.”

Juma’s Restaurant

For months Daghorn has been telling people he is setting up a restaurant in Barbados and once the restaurant is set up he will pay people. This was meant to happen in around June 2010. What happened to the restaurant?

According to an August 14th post on Tripadvisor Juma’s had opened in Holetown.

1. Re: new in Holetown
14 August 2012, 17:56
Yet another new restaurant has just opened at the bottom of 1st Street called Jumas ————–at the moment only at lunchtime until it is granted a drinks licence then it will open at night as well ( Hopefully in the next cou­ple of weeks ) They are serving simple local type food plus burgers etc and a huge choice of Ice Cream I have just tried one of their home made Fish Cakes and WOW!!! is all I can say. I wish them good luck .

In December a new post appeared on Trip Advisor for Juma’s opening in Speightstown;

“ New Restaurant in Speightstown ”
15 December 2012, 8:06
A new ocean front restaurant (JUMA’s) is opening in Speightstown on December 22nd. Classic French and Ba­jan. Open for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday.

It is followed with a comment claiming Juma’s owners “disappeared without a trace”

1. Re: New Restaurant in Speightstown
15 December 2012, 8:17
Well now, that is VERY interesting!!! Jumas opened up a restaurant at the bottom of 1st Street in August. They were there 2 weeks then disappeared without trace. The property owner was not amused to say the least. I hope they last longer in Speightstown.

Vernese R replies;

5. Re: New Restaurant in Speightstown
15 December 2012, 22:28
Hello all – Just to clarify firstly that Jumas is in the same premises where Mangos By The Sea used to be and we look forward to welcoming you from December 22nd.
please get your facts straight – we were forced to pull out of the holetown premises after the property owner physically assaulted me after failing to get a leaking roof repaired and failing to provide any working kitchen equipment which was supposed to be included as a condition of the lease. We had paid a substantial deposit on the premises, plus our rent, and fully refurbished the inside and outside of the building only to be treated appall­ingly. We could not open because the ovens did not work and there was water leaking through the roof all over the bar area next to electrics. We had no choice but to pull out and we did not disappear without a trace – we informed the owner that we were going and we are currently in the process of taking legal action against her to recover all of the money that we paid her. The history of the place speaks for itself – no one stays there.
Vernese R

The above information CLEARLY concludes that in a little over 6 months of living in Barbados Daghorn has rented 3 properties and is seem­ingly delinquent with rent on one and/or threatening legal action against a Landlord on another, which he has “vanished” from.

He has now setup a new Juma’s in Speightstown, which opened Dec 22nd.

Company information
Number 48413
Category Business Name
Date registered / Incorporated 2012-07-05

Around the 4th of Feb 2012, once bands realised their money had been stolen they searched the Internet for Daghorn and found Facebook pages for his new restaurant.  People started posting angry messages warning residents who was behind Juma’s.  Every single comment to date (equating to hundreds if not thousands of comments) have been deleted by the admin of the Facebook pages promoting Juma’s and Lamberts.  Posts made on Trip Advisor have also been reported and removed.

Daghorn and Riley are blocking us, the people of the UK, from telling the people of Barbados, the truth.


What Daghorn and Riley are doing in BARBADOS is EXACTLY the same as they did in the UK;  They rent a luxury property and tell people they own it.  People trust them and work for them.  Bands see the million pound mansions and fall for the dream.  He tells them if they sign to his label he will get them tours, they will be promoted on MTV, be featured in magazines,  have a physical CD produced and a distribution deal in place, provided they pay to have the album recorded by him at his studios.  He charges on average around £7,500 for the service.

In many cases bands didn’t get anything at all.  Often he advertises the albums for sale as “pre-orders”, collects the moneies and never posts any CD’s, leaving the bands to explain to their fands what has happened.  When bands contact Daghorn they are met with a wall of silence and an intimidating man who gets very abusive.

When it comes to being paid royalties etc. he tells them he has had a personal problem/disaster/family bereavement (through 2012 he claims to have had 3 family deaths – Jersey Obituaries show no Daghorn family death for 14 years!)

He tells people he is waiting for the distributor to pay him.  He tells people he is waiting on money to come in.  For the last year he has been telling people in the UK he is waiting for money to be paid to him from the people of Barbados, for events and parties he throws at Lamberts and Bajan bands he claims to have signed.  He answers his emails, phone, text messages, repeatedly pleading for a little more time.  Eventuallty he get’s abusive towards people, threatens legal advice and then he stops responding altogether.

Our final plea to the people of Barbados.  Please help us.  Daghorn and Riley prey upon the creativity of young up and coming bands.  Daghorn takes their money with one hand and erases their chance of success with the other.  Many bands have had promising careers ruined in the UK, purely through their association with Daghorn.

Daghorn and Riley are being investigated by various authorities in the UK.  We need your help.  Please.  Spread this message around.  If you have children that are musicians or who are in bands and are thinking of signing and/or recording with Mark Daghorn and Juma Recordings in Lamberts, St. Lucy, BEWARE.
He will not hesitate to take their money, break their hearts and shatter their dreams in his pursuit for financial gain.

Thank you for your time.






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6 responses to “What’s up with Mark Daghorn and Rising Records?

  1. D Oracle.

    I know slimy Mark here in Barbados…everything written about him is true….he is a scammer always looking for the next victim….seems Juma’s is still open for business tho…the owner of Lambert’s threw him out and is living there himself.

  2. Yatinkiteasy

    Seems like another case of Barbados being a safe haven for bankrupt folks from over and away to come and set up shop and pretend they are successful businessmen . https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=961454377229265&id=100000941347446

  3. Go on knock the door

    Seems like another smaller version of Dave Ames…maybe he is looking to develop Merricks into a “artists village” with a choice of recording studios

    Barbados needs visitors and foreign investment…it does not need these scum type of people

  4. Yatinkiteasy

    You could say the same thing about M. E. Clare Cowan on the BU blogs

  5. Yatinkiteasy

    Is he still owner/manger of Jumas restaurant in Spighstown? There are a lot of young UK bands that were fleeced by this guy, according to many blogs. He never did buy Lamberts Plantation, but was renting it out, and pretending to own it . Even featured in 2013 Inns and Outs of Barbados.

  6. Inspector Snatch

    I personally know one of the bands this lowlife scammed for over £5000. He has no morals, even at one point saying that he had to attend his own fathers funeral in Ireland, when the same night he was pictured on facebook drinking at a party in Barbados. Tripadvisor deleted all of the TRUE comments about him but are still happy to give space to his venture.

    What goes around comes around and one day Mr Daghorn will find that out