Sir Richard Branson pulls out scissors, cuts off stuffed suits’ $200 silk ties

You have to love the guy. Typical Branson press conference, this time about Virgin Cruises taking to the water in 2020.

The Italian shipbuilder stuffed shirts (who aren’t bad guys at all) standing there in their US$2000 suits with two hundred dollar silk ties. Sir Richard arrives in his helicopter with two lovelies – and he’s wearing red short pants, a Virgin Cruises Captain’s shirt, hat and not much else except red runners with no socks.

So half way through the press conference Sir Richard comes up with a pair of scissors, says he can’t stand executive ties and starts cutting.

Yup, I love the guy.

But don’t forget in all this: Barbados must get a piece of this. If our government can’t get at least one of the new Virgin ships based out of B’town, it will be a sad and dark day.



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9 responses to “Sir Richard Branson pulls out scissors, cuts off stuffed suits’ $200 silk ties

  1. Wily Coyote

    Too bad he does not come to Barbados with his scissors and cut off a few political willys.

  2. Party Animal

    You just have to love this guy, wish he would come and take over Barbados and get rid of the willys too.

  3. Nair

    People like Sir Richard Branson would completely loose their sanity if they were forced to deal with the morons in power. Unless empowered to cut off their Willis as punishment for poor performance.

  4. Party Animal

    Nair, that sounds good enough for me

  5. Bob

    RB, is an absolute animal, read his autobiography.

  6. Breaking Bad

    When I watched Breaking Bad I always thought that Sir Richard would have been ideal as Walter White. Oh yes! Absolutely!

  7. AOD

    Branson is a narcissitic psychopath. Respect for property is basic . You might want to think it was staged and the stuffed suits are stooges but this is typical of him. No you would not want him to lead your country. Just review the history of nations rule by narcissistic psychos…it is not a pretty picture.

  8. D Oracle.

    Depends on the payoff demanded by those locals dealing with Virgin as to whether they decide to come here.

  9. St George's Dragon

    It was all staged, of course. Branson just happened to have a pair of scissors on him?