New Barbados political party forming

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A call for Candidates

Dear reader:

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to Solutions Barbados

We are a group of men and women who love Barbados, treasure our reputations, and plan to offer ourselves as candidates in the next general elections in order to give Barbadians a competent alternative.  While we have some potential candidates, we need more – hence, the following.


Accomplished men and women of demonstrated integrity and leadership, who love Barbados, treasure their reputations, and are willing to present themselves as candidates in the next general elections in order to give Barbadians a competent alternative.  Prospective candidates must not view politics as a career, but as a brief time of exemplary national service.  Expect: long working hours, vicious personal criticisms, no pay, a slim chance of being elected, and an exciting journey.

Contact Grenville Phillips II at:

Before you contact us, please do the following.

  1. Read our Solutions on the Solutions page.
  2. Read Harold Hoyte’s book: “Eyewitness to Order and Disorder”.
  3. Talk to your family and put your house in order.

We do not intend to be elected to simply wait around long enough to earn a pension.  Rather, we intend to govern responsibly.  A summary of our main solutions are described on our Solutions page.  They are designed to address the main problems hindering Barbados’, and therefore your development.  You are encouraged to comment, and we will happily engage you in discussions of how they may be improved.  The improved solutions will become our promises to you.

Our guiding principle is to provide an environment where all Barbadian citizens and residents can become healthy, wealthy and wise if they choose to.  Our Solutions are designed to accomplish this.

Current Main Political Parties

Despite their failings, we should count ourselves very fortunate that we have been led by persons who seemed to genuinely care about Barbados.  Therefore, both political parties should be thanked for their past service.  However, we should be under no illusion that it takes any special competence to spend other people’s money.  As a country, we are very deep in debt, and useful unsolicited advice appears to have been ignored as we plan to go further into debt.

One political leader recently revealed that that only those in the political trenches had the right to have their advice on national issues considered.  Since we do not plan to stop offering unsolicited advice, and we have no desire to engage in futile exercises, then we have no choice but to reluctantly enter the political trench.  If the Government or Opposition parties follow our advice, then we will leave the trench as quickly as we entered it – the choice is theirs.

Improving Barbados

The greatest obstacle to improvement lies within you, the reader – the voter.  This obstacle is the fear of change.  People would rather stay with what they know, regardless of how incompetent, than with what they do not know.  Hopefully, after reading our Solutions, you at least know what we support, and to what we object.

It has been said that good managers try to do their best with the resources available to them, while leaders change the environment to allow for better management.  We intend to lead.

We invite you to: share this web-site by including a link on your Facebook or other social media page, inform your friends, family and colleagues about Solutions Barbados, and follow us on this web-site in order to be notified of any updates.

Due to the charging of individuals for breaching the Computer Misuse Act (section 14) and the Defamation Act, we must reduce the risk of inconvenience by reviewing all comments for compliance.  You can help us by not speaking disparagingly about people.  Please note that all favourable and unfavourable comments will be posted, but any defamatory information will be redacted.  We apologise in advance for any delayed comments.

Thank you for visiting and best regards.


Grenville Phillips II, Founder


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8 responses to “New Barbados political party forming

  1. Party Animal

    Please do not allow any “LAWYERS” or “THIEF’S” in this Party. This New Party will have my full support.

  2. D Oracle.

    yup, no lawyers or doctors either. None.

  3. Too little too late

    Both the DLP and BLP promised Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information and failed to deliver while raping the treasury.

    It’s time for a new party but don’t be fooled: the rot is so deep that anyone elected is immediately captured by the corruption. It’s systemic and if you think it’s bad now just wait until we’re a republic.

  4. Integrity First

    It is time for a new political party. Call it the Integrity First Party. If our leaders don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.

  5. zipline lover

    I’ll sign up for any new party that isn’t BLP or DLP.

  6. Me too!

    “I’ll sign up for any new party that isn’t BLP or DLP.”

    Me too! And every one of us at my little house.

  7. James Lynch

    Praise the Lod, and pass the ammunition… but do I hear a bid for a fourth party? The more choices are better.

    To those who say “no lawyers and no doctors”, please remember that a democracy is inclusive, not exclusive. It would be up to the Members of the Party to determine who is acceptable to represent them, the door should not be closed to entire classes of people (which does not say much for the DLP or the BLP, given their candidates.) Also remember that the finest politician we ever had – Dipper Barrow – was a lawyer himself.

    What needs to be attracted to the new party is intelligent, thining people not yard fowls jukking their hands in the Party to try and pull something out in return for “loyalty”.

    But thank God there are still a few intelliogent people left in Barbadfos who are willing to put their foot where somebody may step on their corns. There may be hope for Barbados yet – when these two bunches of igrunt Parliamentary hooligans are done with it.