Elvis Graham shot but okay. Monsta Grill owner targeted in late night attack.

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by Passin Thru


Monsta Grill owner Elvis Graham was shot multiple times – reports say six times – in the wee hours after Wednesday night’s fete. He’s doing alright but one of the slugs (so says a friend) was too close to the femoral artery so will be removed after some further scans. Maybe another doctor is coming in, who knows? Nobody says anything on this rock.

Elvis Graham - shot six times, but recovering.

Elvis Graham – shot six times, but recovering.

Four thugs made the employees lie down on the ground and threatened to kill the women, to make Elvis give up the evening deposit.

But the evening deposit had already left the place, so Elvis gave up everything he had but it wasn’t enough, so they shot he in the legs three times and also in the elbow, side of the chest and face.

Elvis is a good man: kind to employees, respected by customers for being fair, and takes no nonsense from trouble-makers, but kindly and with peace-making style.

The arrest and conviction of these four gang thugs (that is the rumour, they are from the north) should be the first priority of our police.

Surround their homes. Give they one chance to surrender.

And if they come out blasting or don’t come out…

The police should kill they dead. Six shots each.

No trial necessary. You put a pistol in the mouth of a crying pregnant woman lying face down in the dirt… you deserve to die.

Passin thru


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5 responses to “Elvis Graham shot but okay. Monsta Grill owner targeted in late night attack.

  1. SB

    Yes – Barbados that Caribbean paradise where corruption runs riot as do the scum criminals. Bet the police wont find the perps. – both former and latter likely in the pay of the master-mind.

  2. Bertie Echo

    This will happen more and more as the Budget’s draconian measures set like sepsis, the Opposition remains supine and futile as they are the flip side of the same coin – we need to fire both and let the people create a new administration

  3. D Oracle.

    yup…blow their heads off every time…that’s justice.

  4. Party Animal

    We need a Management Company to run the Country so we can get rid of the Politicians and Lawyers

  5. Brent

    Yikes. I’ve been to Barbados something like twenty times. My wife and I always felt safe there, even in the middle of nowhere, including the North part of the island. It’s sad to see the island now suffering from the same kind of violence we see in the big City where I live. Worse, it’s going to hurt tourism if it continues. And that would be a shame for the local economy.