New Moke in production – but will higher crime rates and Bajan gangs kill sales of open vehicles?

The Moke is in production again – this time in China – and the new version remains true to the concept launched by Austin way back in 1964. The car was originally a military version of the famous Austin Mini and was loved by tourists all over the world’s tropical zones. This time it will also have electric and auto-transmission versions.

Can the new Moke reclaim its glory days when happy tourists securely roamed Bajan roads in open vehicles with nary a thought of crime or robbery?

Or will the Boscobel Toll Gang and other Bajan criminal gangs kill sales?


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8 responses to “New Moke in production – but will higher crime rates and Bajan gangs kill sales of open vehicles?

  1. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Dont forget the Police GANG , with guns also, this is not a one sided event ,
    The Moke , What will be the road tax ? 100bds?

  2. No way!

    Times have changed. The new Moke will never sell in any numbers. Tourists won’t drive them because open vehicles are dangerous in collisions and for robberies.

  3. PT

    “will higher crime rates and Bajan gangs kill sales of open vehicles?”


  4. WSD

    Times have changed. Open cars for tourists will never enjoy the popularity they once did. put your purse on the backseat or even under the front seat and one of the boscobel boys will scoop it up in an instant. There will not be any fleets of new Mokes driving Bajan roads.

  5. David J.

    I concur with all the above. The Moke is dead as a practical tourist car in Bim, due to crime issues. I’ve had a couple of scares on holiday, Jamaica was particularly bad. Barbados is nothing like Jamaica or Mexico for crime but the old days are gone and so is the Moke’s usefulness.

  6. D Oracle.

    All the gangs need for their disappearance underground in a hurry is for armed Bajan groups to drive around in said mikes dressed like tourists….kill a few a holes and the rest will dry up. Simples.

  7. D Oracle.

    mokes i meant

  8. Red Lake Lassie

    Have to agree with the majority here. The day of the Moke as a popular tourist vehicle is long since past. Crime is the reason.