Queen’s Counsel and former Barbados ‘most wanted suspect’ wins CIBC First Caribbean contest!


CIBC First Caribbean Barbados Contest


Mark Goodridge named Queen's Counsel Barbados

Mark Goodridge named Queen’s Counsel Barbados


Mark Goodridge mugshot

Mark Goodridge mugshot

Barbados Lawyer Wanted For Beating Of Teen – Thoughts Of Racial Tension, White Privilege & Black Attitudes

Customer heading off to Miami thanks to CIBC FirstCaribbean

Bridgetown, Barbados, May 15, 2015The Barbados grand prize winner in CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank’s recent “Give More, Get More” promotion is looking forward to enjoying a trip for two to Miami.

Mark Goodridge, 62, was presented with his prize recently at the bank’s Warrens branch. Recalling how he reacted to news of the win, Mr. Goodridge said, “I was very shocked because I never expected to win, to tell you the truth. I did know there was a competition but I didn’t know what the prizes were.”

The long-standing customer said that he finds the bank’s credit card products easy to use. “They are also accepted wherever you go, which is a big plus.”

Mr. Goodridge, an attorney-at-law, isn’t sure when he will take his trip to Miami but said that he and his wife were looking forward to visiting three grandchildren there. Along with the trip for two, Mr. Goodridge also received hotel accommodation and US$500 spending money. He thanked CIBC FirstCaribbean for the “courtesies it had extended over the years.”


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20 responses to “Queen’s Counsel and former Barbados ‘most wanted suspect’ wins CIBC First Caribbean contest!

  1. Nair

    He won it fair and square – doesn’t BFP have any other crap they wish to dig up!

  2. SheriVeronica

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  3. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Oh think again,

  4. question #67

    What happened to the charges against Goodridge? Did they disappear as sometimes magically happens around this place?

  5. Anonymous

    Man jumps his fence to steal his puppies. Caught red handed thief !!
    Got the crap beat out of him.

  6. Helen

    Wait this creep got a U.S. Visa? He want locking up..Another tiefing QC. Any honest QC’s on this island?
    Dem is give QC to anybody now?

  7. Only in Barbados

    What a ride! I can’t believe this Mark Goodridge story!

    He was charged criminally but was allowed to buy off the victim. Only in Barbados!

  8. D Oracle.

    I would have beat the snot out of the kid and his goofy father who complained later that his kid got caught stealing and suffered the consequences. Goodridge was right! Rampage on caught criminals.

  9. Tudor

    Doesn’t BFP have anything else to write about? with all that is going on in this Island this is what you post? Balderdash

  10. Barbadians are too hypocritical, this boy was caught steallng was whipped, and now bajans castigating the offended, no wonder our nation of young criminals are the way they are. wrong (stealing) is right, and right (punishing the perpetrator) is wrong. The man was right in doing what he did, and I would have called the police too, which I have done a few times with children jumping my fence to steal from my fruit trees, without asking.

  11. Mnemonics

    It was seen as a raciall attack because I think Goodridge used the N-word and this came out in Police statements; being fair, however, it was of note and everyone forgot this – the teenager had a pair of scissors in their haversack and it was not the first time they were in trouble with the Law.

    This is not like the Jambuster case thrown under the Bajan racial rug which everyone is supposed to pretend does not exist – it was between a white fellow called Kirton and the black female Customs officer where her mobile wa taken and thrown away (there were suggestions the two were involved, but it was adjourned “sine die”)

  12. Anyone who knows this creep knows he is a bent lawyer in the finest Bajan tradition, and to Nair I would say, there is nothing fair, or square about Mark Goodridge.

  13. Anonymous

    Wow. I think I am done with BFP. So much misinformation. Yes, there are plenty of bad people out there, but Mark Goodridge and his family are a class act. Yes, there was plenty of racism involved in this case…but none whatsoever, from the Goodridge side of things….simply a case of protecting one’s property in a break-in. It is a tremendous shame on Barbadian media how the story was misconstrued, and a shame on the justice system that that Goodridge was arrested. When the evidence came out, the case had to be dropped.

    It is ironic how this story was portrayed as having racial elements from the Goodridge side, when they have so many close black friends and family members.

    There is so much racism out there, but you make things worse when you make it up where it does not exist.

  14. no worries man

    BFP gone to the dogs! what a load of crap, lots more important things to write about

  15. Smooth Chocolate

    people need to get the truth first before crap is published. the boy who claimed to be beaten told lies. first, he was used to stealing and his mom knew about it. the lawyer came home and saw the thief with a rusty scissors to his child’s throat.. if you came upon something like that at your home, tell me you would just let it slide and not beat the person to an inch of their life? the case had to be dropped when the evidence came out. the thief should be grateful that he still has his faculties in order

  16. MoneyBrain

    The Sargeant at the Station was the “boy’s” Uncle or something like that.
    Naturally, Black people can NOT be racists! Afterall, they have all suffered for 400+years! Bim has the largest collection of 400 year olds in history!
    Anyway it was G’s son that inflicted the lashes which were most deserved.

  17. Island boy

    Story bout a white man and all d whites out to protect

  18. MoneyBrain

    More like clarify the facts!

  19. Never happen!

    If all this is so clear and the charges against Goodridge were properly dropped, why did none of the mainstream media explain what happened to the public? It was all done in secret.

  20. MoneyBrain

    The charges were properly “cooked up” by the Sargeant. Everyone knows how to use the “race card” these days. Problem is that Goodridge gots some tarbrush so it aint race card so much as Class card. Contrary to popular belief the POPO are very active in being biased action against lighter peeps regardless of the obvious facts.
    Example—man rides into the side of a car on a main road and the car driver is blamed and POPO suggests compensation for the cyclist, driver quite correctly refuses and is hounded by certain POPO for years!!!!!