Barbados Police to arrange truce between two gangs – giving criminal leaders status, recognition and power.


Our police should be dismantling the gang leadership, not giving them status.

by Passin Thru

I read in the Nation that the police are brokering a meeting between the leaders of two rival gangs, to arrange a ‘truce’.

This is a huge mistake by the Royal Barbados Police Force.

The gangs are fighting over criminal profits and turf, areas of influence and gang status in the community. Any truce would have to involve establishing geographical boundaries for gang activities. After all, it’s a turf fight about criminal profits. What are the police thinking?

Are the police going to broker a deal where gang members stay in one are to work their crimes, and not interfere with the next gang’s turf?

This is a huge mistake that gives status to gang leaders and gangs, and unfortunately shows how impotent the police have become in the face of a crime wave the likes of which this island has never seen before. Guns, Guns Guns and our police strategy is to assist gangs to carve up territories? This is INSANE!

Our police should be causing havoc in the gangs, arresting the leaders and making criminals fear extra police attention that gang membership brings. Our police should be dismantling the gang leadership, not giving them status.

From the Nation…

AFFECTING A TRUCE between the leaders of two gangs is high on the agenda for community policing.

Head of the Chapman Lane and New Orleans Mobile Unit Sergeant Jamal Mohan said the two men are known to have a major influence on the youth of the area. Mohan was speaking earlier today at the launch of the second phase of the Reading and Learning in Harmony programme which is being done in conjunction with the Pan-American International Insurance Corporation. He said the truce would redound to making the community safer. (YB)

Nation: Police want truce between gang leaders


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12 responses to “Barbados Police to arrange truce between two gangs – giving criminal leaders status, recognition and power.

  1. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Any thing for the tourist not to see the bad side of Barbados,,,Many gangs in Barbados , Police is a gang, lawyers are gangs with the BAR as leaders,, DLP and BLP are gangs, Some lawyers gang leaders now Judges,Look at the Sir gangs and the QC gangs , Well known Crooks,And the Citizens gets the pain and the Bill, Lets not for get the TAX and VAT gang.

  2. SB

    Yup – the hapless tourists – mainly on day visits on cruises – haven’t a clue. So the police will help the gangs to carve up and allocate the territories for organised crime amongst each other, and violence and crime will soar (it has already). Likely the politicians and police are all in it too. Can Barbados society sink any lower? Sad day for the majority of honest Bajans.

  3. AK

    John Hanson’s comments are spot on! And, although in some ways humorous; sadly true. The reality is that these gangs presumably lower educated have looked at the so called leaders of the country and among that group find no example of a role model. Hence the dog eat dog mentality, or in this case making peace with the devil gangs. One group, lawyers especially, use their pens as weapons to hold up clients for cash, the gangs use their guns.

  4. WTF?

    It is insane for the police to do anything that confers respect or status to gang leaders. Smaller gangs will want status too. How to get it? Commit more crimes. Be more violent.


  5. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    AK , Well our info says that the Police is part who feed the gangs, So if you cut off the gangs you cut off the police pay grade like ex COP Dottin. Who have boats and planes to bring drugs in ?, Make POT legal and all of our VAT and TAX will relax, Oh Sorry all the crooks will just want more and more of all things, Police dealing in Drugs and Guns,

  6. Red Lake Lassie

    Very naive on the part of the police. Can’t figure it out. The police can’t b e that stupid, can they?

  7. Red Lake Lassie

    Terrible strategy by the RBPF.

  8. Jack Bowman

    What’s most striking about this post and the thread that follows it is that the original poster quotes an article from The Nation, one of Barbados’s two national printed newspapers.

    And the first word in that article, from one of Barbados’s two national newspapers, is “affect”.

    Somehow, that idiocy got past the idiot reporter himself, the subeditors at the Nation, and all the other editorial levels.

    The writer means “effect”. There is a huge difference between “effect” and “affect”. If this tool, who is PAID to be a professional writer by one of only two newspapers in Barbados, hasn’t yet grasped the difference between “affect” and “effect”, then I think we’re getting a clue about our troubles.

    Education, er, heah? You has hear o’ dat? Reading, nuh? You doin much o dat off-line? Ya read a book recently?

    This kind of solecism is unimaginable in a national newspaper in a grown-up country. Somebody, some subeditor with even a basic grasp of English, would have spotted the woeful mistake and eradicated it. Not so in gorgeously educated Bim, which is about the size of a very small town in a grown-up country.

    I’ve met the gang guys in Bim. Little pussies with little guns, all of them pussies. Discarded by dad, in exactly the same way dad throws his Coke bottle out of a TB bus window. Neglected by mother, who’s got other mouths to feed. Barely cared-for by grandma, who’s about 43. Total fucking pussies who can barely write their own names. Mostly, pussies. Parachute one of them into Compton, or southside Belize City, or anywhere in Lagos or Tegucigalpa, and he’d shit his pants.

    Hey, lil pussy Bajan gangboy, show me your gun and I’ll shove it so far up your ass you’ll be spitting bullets for a month. Little Bajan pussies are better at beating old white tourists to death on Long Beach.

    Heah … lil Bajan pussy, pussy, pussy. Gotta bowl of milk fa ya.

    Pussies. Did nobody teach you about books? You’ve seen them, right? They’re those things with a lot of printed words in them?

    Barbados is basically a small town. It just happens to be a small town that can issue its own currency, print its own stamps, and send dullard suits to the United Nations. But it’s still a small town, with all the infelicities that afflict small towns. Its social problems are miniscule, and easily solved. Its economic problems, which are almost entirely self-made, pose more of a challenge. And its political problems, which are wholly self-made, seem to be inescapable.

    First step: educate the little gangbanger pussies. Make some effort. Make some more effort. And if that doesn’t work, consider the robust application of overwhelming force.

  9. D Oracle.

    Big name wicker politician teef she ex-boss BDS$2 million and have she own drug cartel…why not if another politico has his own porn empire. Life in the banana.

  10. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    D Oracle ,, tell more about the wicker politician with the 2m bds on

  11. All is true…but is the judicial system and prison system prepared for arrest….court….condemnation….prison term? This is not a reflection…just a simple question that has not been addressed. Policing a small island “ain’t” easy. There are numerous factors that come into play that are beyond the grasp of police…like politics…related to whom. If arrested and nothing concrete happens…problem worse…. Just food for thought

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