Barbados featured in Louisa Leontiades’ new book ‘Queen of the Limbo’

Barbados Louisa Leontiades

Will Polyamorous British author tell any Barbados tales out of school?

Today BFP heard from our old friend, author and HuffPost / Salon writer Louisa Leontiades that her next book is hitting the stores in November and, surprise surprise, this time the setting is Sam Lord’s Castle in the not too distant past.


Sam Lord’s Castle hasn’t been so hot since the night it burned to the ground. ‘Queen of the Limbo’ will heat de place up again!

Knowing how rumours fly about Louisa writing real people into her books with only the thinnest of camouflage, we think that more than a few folks on this rock might have a certain curiosity about ‘Queen of the Limbo’. We will!

Well… this should be fun.


Louisa’s Amazon sales are here.


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3 responses to “Barbados featured in Louisa Leontiades’ new book ‘Queen of the Limbo’

  1. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Who insure Sam Lord? Was it with CLICO? Why was the guards pulled off? So it can be set a blaze so the Master Minds collect the funds as Clico on its way out of Business ? Crooks Liars Scumbags,

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    Polyamorous? She has many husbands? OH! OH! OH!

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    I had to look it up! LOL!!!