Anna Druzhinina murder: Barbados killer appeals 21 year sentence May 5, 2015

Anna Druzhinina Murder

Terrath Persaud should have been hung. It’s what he did to Anna.

On May 5, the Court of Appeals of Barbados (in the new High Court building) will hear the appeal of Teerath Persaud for the length of his sentence for manslaughter of Anna Druzhinina.  It took family friend, Amy Beam two years (and a new Registrar of the Court) to obtain the transcripts from the trials of the two murderers (McCollin and Persaud) of Anna Druzhinina; a popular and loved 16-year-old Russian girl who lived in Barbados and was hanged in her home November 8, 2008.

Appeals are heard by 3 judges, including the Chief Justice.  Court opens at 9AM and is open to the public.  Beam wrote about the murder of her friend, Anna Druzhinina, in 2013, after the manslaughter trial of Teerath Persaud was completed and he was sentenced to 21 years of which he has now served six-and-a-half years.

Counting one year as actually only 9 months for “good behavior,” Persaud could be eligible for release in under 10 years.

BFP published the story written by Dr. Amy L. Beam in 3 parts in 2013:

Barbados murder of Russian teen Anna Druzhinina: Censorship and Travesty of Justice

The Barbados Nation News also published the story which is no longer online, but the cache is still available here: Death’s Load


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5 responses to “Anna Druzhinina murder: Barbados killer appeals 21 year sentence May 5, 2015

  1. Amy L Beam

    Persaud’s May 5 hearing was postponed until May 13, 9:30AM, courtroom #1. Criminal proceedings are open to the public.

  2. Dr Love

    I feel that much of what Barbados is suffering as of this moment is because of the death of Anna Druzhinina.

    Down graded to below Guyana and even Haiti. Lawlessness, foul mis-governing, manipulation of the truth, the population suffering.
    Does the Prime Minister really believe that he can be head of a system that allows the filthy barbarous planned murder of a very young woman, even encourages by ignoring the rigging of the trial ; by his own DPP Charles Leacock; that he and this country can escape unnoticed by the World.

    What goes around comes around.
    We have seen the filthy lieing manner in which this Government , rules Barbados, it permeates the very fabric of our lives.

    PM Stuart may feel he has outsmarted life, but his turn will come.
    He has insulted the memory of this innocent child, by his total non action and encouragement of the DPP LEACOCKS, disgusting lies and lack of action.
    Leacock could/would ONLY have ever taken this path if he felt SURE, there can not be any recriminations on him.
    He is a filthy coward, bought and sold by those that use him and his ability to use the “Law of Barbados”.
    There is not a shred of honour, truth or legality about this man.
    He is an object of derision, kept in a position , that suits those who will have Barbados as a modern day Haiti and find filth of his ilk useful.

    GOD rest you ANNA, for WE are the ones now who will suffer for allowing men like Stuart and Leacock to have influence over our destiny and our Country.

  3. Scumbags, they should be hanged, just as they hanged her. End of story !!!!!!

  4. D Oracle.

    let them out then we can hang them??

  5. Until these people (dishonest politicians, prosecutors, people in authority,) have something like this happen to one of their children or close family, nothing will ever be done and then all hell will break loose and hanging will come back. I agree he should be hanged, with a good whipping first. Barbados is fast losing its good name and we’re at an all time low with corruption. Once upon a time, we used to read all about the corruption in other places and think how lucky we were that there was very little here. Unfortunately we can no longer blow that trumpet. In my opinion, our former GG knew just what he was doing, when he wisely decided to retire.