Why buy auto insurance, if the police don’t enforce the law?

Barbados Road Accident

In 1995, Barbados had a total of 55,668 vehicles on the island, of which 42,821 were private cars. By 2005, only ten years later, the number of vehicles had doubled to 116,675 of which 94,496 were private as opposed to buses, taxis, zr’s etc.

How many vehicles do we have today in Barbados? We weren’t able to find any newer statistics than those above, but you can bet the number hasn’t gone down in the last ten years.

Now comes the shocker… about 20% of those vehicles are not insured. And that means that if you are involved in an accident, there’s a 20% chance that the other driver won’t have insurance to pay compensation for damages or injuries.

Former PM Owen $ Arthur was so fond of saying that Barbados is not an enforcement society, and he’s right.

But this lack of enforcement means that it is far easier in these difficult economic times to take a chance and drive without insurance.

Nation News: 20,000 vehicles without insurance


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2 responses to “Why buy auto insurance, if the police don’t enforce the law?

  1. Party Animal

    The Nation reported there where 20.000 vehicles without Insurance, I am told that, the numbers are a lot higher than 20.000.
    Police block up the Highways checking for License, if you see four to ten cars stopped by Police and you know they are checking License, are you not going to turn around and go the other way. Don’t the Police communicate with BLA ? Most new Police Vehicles have computers in them, Use Them.
    Barbados must be the only Country that does not have Colour Coded Tax Disk for the windshield, which can be seem from a distance, if we were to use this system there would be no reason the block up the Highways.
    Why don’t these folks in charge use their common sense in stead of passing all these new Laws which bring more hardship on the People. Like increasing road Tax, lower the road Tax so people can afford to pay for their Vehicles, and use the money to give us good roads to drive on, again with the bad roads can you imagine how much money is going out of the Country to buy spare parts that are being damaged by the Poor Road conditions.

  2. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    All they care about is that you pay ROAD TAX , they dont care much if the insurance . That money not going to them and if you crash get a lawyer to look to recover and we know how long that will take,