Barbados In 2025: More Cars, More Roads – Or Light Rail Transit, Fewer Private Vehicles?

For all the money wasted by our glorious leaders in the past ten years, we could have had a light-rail solution half way around the island. Instead, we’ve had ten years of more roads, more buses, more cars every morning – all heading to the city. Most of the private vehicles have only the driver.

This article was as true as the day it was written almost six years ago, probably more true…

Barbados Free Press

Our Current Failed Vision Of Barbados Transportation, Society and Daily Life

barbados trafficIf you think our roads are crowded now, if you think that your time spent getting to and from work or school is unreasonable, if you think our quality of life and environment in Barbados is heading for the suckwell – just close your eyes and picture how Barbados will look after another ten or fifteen years of continuing to implement the same transportation “solution” of more cars, more roads, wider roads and ever more cars.

Is that where you want to see Barbados in the year 2025?

Unless we get some vision and leadership around this place, that is exactly where Barbados is headed.

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5 responses to “Barbados In 2025: More Cars, More Roads – Or Light Rail Transit, Fewer Private Vehicles?

  1. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,


  2. There will also be more persons suiffering with asthma / upper respiratory infections day in and day out. We also have to watch the asphalt roads. They are also toxic. Has anyone noticed the number of persons, including children who are sufferers of asthma? The allopathic medications make us into nervous wrecks and we are unable to purchase alternative medicines.

    We must pay attention also to the buildings in which we work each day. The buildings are closed up and the carbon dioxide that we breathe out through the noses and anus remain in the building and each day we generate more of this carbon dioxide and continue to breathe it in for 8 hours per day. Then we ask why we have cancer. THE WALLS OF THE BUILDINGS NEED TO BE WASHED, THE ASBESTOS CEILINGS NEED TO BE REPLACED AND THE WINDOWS AND DOORS NEED TO BE OPENED EACH DAY. THE MAIDS AND MESSENGERS DO NOT LIKE TO OPEN AND CLOSE THE WINDOWS AND SO WE SUFFER AS A RESULT OF THEIR LAZINESS. UNFORTUNATELY, SOME BOSSES UPHOLD THEM IN THEIR LAZINESS.

  3. Party Animal

    I hope the Government will come to their senses and lower the road Tax so there would be less unlicensed, uninsured cars on the road. The papers say that there are 20.000 cars, not insured or taxed, it is more like 40.000.
    I don’t blame those who have the guts to drive without Insurance and road Tax, as the poor conditions of the road would not encourage any one to pay their Taxes. Remember Thompson said that roads was not a Priority when he became PM !

  4. no worries man

    you all are talking a bunch of shit, lowering road tax will not encourage people to pay there road tax, i have seen first hand the cars that are overdue in road tax and still on the road, they all have tint, bling alloy rims, seat covers and sweet sounding stereo! all unnecessary luxury’s that they choose to spend there money on instead of paying there road tax and insurance.
    the sure solution is to include the road tax in the cost of fuel this way everyone pays and you on,y pay as much as you drive, so the ones doing the most driving pay the most,
    as for insurance, stiffer penalties need to be passed and enforced,

  5. Marvin Bareback

    If you do the math, adding 55,000 cars to the road is equivalent to a line up of cars over 200 miles long at about 20 feet of space per car on the road. No wonder we have gridlock in many spots.