Ping Yark: Michael Carrington should resign, but the Prime Minister is protecting his friend

Barbados Freundel Stuart

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Michael Carrington: Lawyer. Member of Parliament. Speaker of the House.

This guy has got more front more front than Harrods!

It was not until he was ordered by the High Court to return $250k to a client that he did so. Recently though the man has had the audacity to imply it is he who is the victim … and has publicly stated he paid the money back so can’t understand what all the fuss is about!

Really, Mr. Carrington?

Mr. Joe Public or any of his relatives would’ve been incarcerated long ago for theft – another lawyer was recently disbarred for very similar breaches …but this guy seems to have escaped punishment, sanction or even investigation by either the government or the Bar Association. Carrington remains an MP, a lawyer and Speaker of the House despite local and international demands for his resignation.

We can only speculate why Michael Carrington still in post – so here goes – maybe he excels so spectacularly but quietly behind the scenes that he is rendered absolutely irreplaceable …or maybe he has really important and powerful friends… or maybe he knows where the cupboards are that hides lots and lots and lots of skeletons …or maybe… it’s all the above!

Michael Carrington should resign – common decency demands it – but what would he do then? Punters wanting legal services, in property matters especially, will learn that it would be the height of folly to trust Michael with a cocoa bean let alone a red cent – so lawyering is out. Google or any half decent search engine will help see to that – all that’s left for him is politics, for now. Hopefully though the electorate will remember when that time comes around again.

So Michael: Do the reputation of the DLP, the country and yourself a massive favour … and sod off!

The new issue of Ping Yark has hit the streets. Always irreverent, always interesting to Bajans at home and over and away.

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6 responses to “Ping Yark: Michael Carrington should resign, but the Prime Minister is protecting his friend

  1. Party Animal

    He belongs to a group I call the ” UNTOUCHABLES ”
    Politician / Lawyer

  2. Charge them if guilty incarcerate them and “freeze” all their assets.
    The law is an ass if not enforced/enforceable.😈

  3. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Well know crooks, liars and scumbags, Vote better next time

  4. SheriVeronica

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  5. I think most of us has said this already, Michael Carrington should not be in Parliament, but I find Barbadians complain a lot, but do nothing, very passive. If the police can threaten a woman who was raped and beaten, what you think they will with people who protest? Imagine telling the woman her child would be taken away, my God what are we coming too?

  6. de castro

    How timid are passive are bajans…..
    Fear and intimidation rules in paradise….shameful…disgraceful.

    Get organised and protest in the streets demanding the resignation/removal of this cabal and his corrupt followers…..
    Until this happens Paradise will be an embarrassment to its peoples.
    Anger in words leaves me speechless…..