Will Barbados hang Police Constable Everton Gittens?

Shot in the back. Just another day with the Barbados Police.

Unarmed and shot in the back. Just another day with the Barbados Police.

For the first time that anyone can remember, we have a police constable charged with murder. Everton Gittens was arrested and charged and appeared in court yesterday for the murder of Selwyn Knight at Dash Gap, Bank Hall.

Rumours are that Selwyn Knight and his father were shot in the back as they pursued Gittens’ homosexual lover Jamal Skeete who had broken into their home. Folks who read this blog know that I Robert don’t care who anybody sleeps with, or how many people they sleep with, or how many people they sleep with all at once. You want to be friends with Cliverton, you have to accept that the man will sleep with anything that breathes and I’m not even sure to draw the line that close.

But, the moment you bring emotions into the equation when somebody has their finger on a trigger, well mister, as they say that is serious business. And if the man holding the gun is a cop, that’s another layer, or perhaps another lawyer.

Rumours are that there is a video of the shooting made by a security camera, but that Gittens himself destroyed the recording. (So says Sheri Veronica an she’s plugged in everywhere)

As Sheri Veronica made note, Gittens is the same police constable involved in the Shanique Myrie case, and the court rejected his evidence as not the truth.

For too long ’bout this place police have done what they want to do and gotten away with it. That’s one of the problems when you have a little rock like this with 275,000 people on it and call it a country. Cabals take over everything including justice and policing.

We’ve had other police officers shoot people in the back before with no charges. It’s even dangerous in Barbados to run away from police if you’re unarmed on your bicycle.

But here’s the big deal… this is the Caribbean and some folks want to hang Gittens because he supposedly had a man for a lover.

If Barbados is going to hang Gittens, it should be for murder and nothing else.

But this is the Caribbean and there’s nothing you can do ’bout that.


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12 responses to “Will Barbados hang Police Constable Everton Gittens?

  1. jennie

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  2. lost and found

    “If Barbados is going to hang Gittens, it should be for murder and nothing else. But this is the Caribbean and there’s nothing you can do ’bout that.”

    Well said, sir.

  3. D Oracle.

    Life in the banana requires a willing suspension of logic and common sense on a daily basis and replacing it with eating and drinking at somebody else’s expense.

  4. Barbados is an amnesty international member so there will be no hanging here. Worse murders have been committed here and no body was hanged. The last hanging they had here was during Tom Adams era. He should be given a life sentence, and that should be life.

  5. Anonymous

    I think the question should be “Will Police Constable Everton Gittens be Convicted of Murder?”

  6. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Well he better be , if this is not a case for it them what is,? Shot one man in the back and dead, Shot another man in the back 2 times but he lived, So did the other man have to die to say Yes it Murder?, He was not on duty, He never said he was a police, It was not night time. Only Question We have now , If this EX COP to be Prime Minister Son , If so The PM have been shooting the Bajans in the Back for years, Like Father Like Son

  7. Hang him for what? If Knight had called the Police instead of doing the Police job he wouldn’t have lost his life over a srupid tablet.

  8. Why was Tim Slinger arrested? His writing offended? “http://www.bajanreporter.com/2015/04/men-arrested-for-burglary-selwyn-blues-knights-death/”

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  10. Chraman Cumberbatch

    Sheri will you ever stop slandering, lying, libeling, bullying people? When are you coming back to Barbados to answer all your lies? If you are telling the truth you would come back and face the music.

  11. Chraman Cumberbatch

    The latest on Adrian Clarke AC low and sounds so made up. You don’t like us good Bajans don’t like you either find a nice American and blog about Yankee’s but leave the good people of Beautiful Barbados alone. We never asked you here now stop asking for Donations . Get a productive job and not a destructive job

  12. Chraman Cumberbatch

    Your day of answering is coming it’s called KARMA, Laws of the Universe and redemption. I see you took some of the child porn down to bad it was screen saved. All of it. The atrocious story on Amalgamated Security / You usually never let negative comments stay up you missed one. Naked Departure Under thos story,
    cheryl gill July 21, 2015 at 3:15 pm
    i believe that this site should be banned do you investigate the things you recieve would you like someone to do what you are doing to your family, what goes around comes around iwould like someone to put you before the law courts this site is disgusting only low minded people do these things i hope you get what you deserve.\ WE ALL HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE SHERI I WITH CHERYL AND COUNTLESS OTHERS on this.
    And that Story about AC it reeks of lies what a story and oh he is loved here. You are losing your fan base and supporters they are starting to see you for who you and what low levels you will stoop to,.