Solution to vote buying in Barbados – Pay a US$500 reward for proof


We can argue all day about what the average price of a bought vote is on this rock, but in an unofficial drunken poll on a Friday night at Oistins my friends say it’s a little lower than what many folks believe.

US$100 is what it is so they say. Yup. One hundred good old American will do the job.

And how big a problem is vote buying in Barbados?

Vote buying shapes elections, governments, national policies and the economy. It levers power elites into power and keeps them there.

Lately many folks have been talking that a reward would increase the risk of buying votes and drive the price into the stratosphere. I think that’s a good idea. It costs nothing to implement and it just might work.

So let’s do it. Let’s offer a goodly reward for reporting and proving vote buying. Let’s increase the risk so much for these bastards that they won’t dare and can’t afford to buy votes.

Let’s pay US$500 for proof of vote buying. Hidden cameras are so small and can be everywhere these days.

Yup. Let’s do it!

“The recent declaration that PM Froon intends to go republic has been met with almost universal disdain. How can a government which has made a mess of virtually every facet of Barbadian life expect to be entrusted with such a task? No republic without referendum. Let the people decide.”

“Say the going bribe rate for a vote is $300, Peter Wickham would pay $600 for a voter to testify against a briber. If the fellows play this right, they could end up getting $900 for their vote, $300 from one candidate and $600 to testify against the other. Since the cases will no doubt be thrown out, it’s win-win all around.”

THE LOWDOWN: Parpissitatory horizontality


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5 responses to “Solution to vote buying in Barbados – Pay a US$500 reward for proof

  1. Party Animal

    Well I voted (above) and was surprised that I was one of the 75%.
    I hope the Private Sector has learned their lesson by giving the Vote Buying Money to the Parties. I will like to remind the Private Sector that they are the ones that got us in this Mess we are in, and hope they don’t give either side any more Vote Buying money in the next Election, not even corn beef and biscuits, let us see what the Politicians can do on their own accord. The kind of money that some Companies/Person gave was mind boggling, I heard like Sixteen Million from one Person/Company alone, if the Private Sector had kept this money and given it to the Government like now, it could pull us out of the debt we are in
    I will back up Peter Wickham if he runs out of money.

  2. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Party Animal
    WE have proof of vote buying , but the police and the DPP did nothing for their party won,
    If we have a court system that will hear the case in the Public then we will step forward,
    Well , like taking the ID card and pay your money and was able to vote for the opposite sex? 200 to 500 bds paid for votes?

    taken pictures for proof? Like the police seen it fist hand and also the crook ass PM?
    If the PM would have lost them we all would hear ” LETS DO IT OVER’

  3. Brian

    I won’t take your poll because I don’t and never have voted along party lines. I look at the individual running in my constituency and vote accordingly.
    Having said that, I remember so well how this website pushed to elect the DLP, when my thoughts were, ” better the devil you know…etc”. The naive belief that they would enact transparency laws, and solve the housing issues. Let us be honest and realise that that most politicians are in office for the job that will give them the guaranteed pension after 10 years, they quickly forget, if they ever thought, that they are there to serve the people and not people serve them.

  4. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    April 19, 2015 at 9:05 am @ We agree,crooks will never give you transparency nor any freedom for information, These so called people are not politicians, they are crooks, liars, scumbags and any other unlawful title you can come up with ,Never see housing , my mother was and still is on the list for housing from 1979 ,Housing is for Ministers outside women and children ,Many will drop dead when they get voted out of office, A new day is coming and meeting Obama must be site, When looking at each CC leader with the CIA report who telling the President ,, “You will meet the Crooks of Barbados face to face”, None getting money until they clean up , America will not give money to well know crooks of Barbados, Until the government is removed by non payment for votes , then Barbados will see the light of Day,
    Remember there is no tile limit on fraud , and it take 30 years for the PONZI and Massive land fraud to rear its head, We are in that zone now.
    The correction is here and We will talk all we know for the people inform decision .
    The lawyer in the government as Ministers know of crimes , know who doing what and yet none is being charged or removed.
    Many base on the Voting seem like they want to put back blp over the dlp ,
    People have to know we in this mess because of MIA and Owen 1997 VAT and UDC , to launder the land they took with out payment , All the money went from the tax payers in to the UDC into the hands of the lawyers, Need to do the home work on the lawyer Keith Mayers and Richard Byer,just to start along with G, Dennis Clarke QC .National trust lawyer like Carmichael.
    Heads of each government departments also run and hide when meetings were set up, Many will have to be removed to get to the truth , Land tax numbers with Wayne Forde and others before him , No tax bill came out, for the bills went to other companies and person in favor, But none have any deeds to the land , Look at Leroy Parris of Clico , he cant even get his info right when seeding it to the court by way of Affidavit .

    The records and History of Barbados is wrong , dead wrong , talking of slavery all the time is not History only ,What happen when the Black Bajan bought land and live right. To make it seem in the last 170 or so Black bajans did nothing but to depend on white for living ,
    This is the bull shit that Sir Beckles , Sir Henry , want you all to think and trust, look at the names they carry that was removed from history, Beckles , Henry, Agard, Jemmot. Find these names and find the Truth on the Massive Land Fraud of Beatrice Jemmot Henry, and Violet Agard Beckles ,
    selling your vote puts you back in slavery,How does it feel , look how much worse you are living after selling a Right,

  5. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Are we now so lucky to have Naked Departure to get the real news and comments out , As we See out blogs removed.