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Barbados Speaker of the House Michael Carrington is a crooked lawyer – stole $250,000 from client – disobeyed court order to pay it back

Contrast the disbarring of lawyer Therold Fields yesterday with the “hands-off” protection given to Barbados Speaker of the House (and crooked lawyer) Michael Carrington.

Fields went down for stealing deposits from a real estate client. Carrington stole a whole lot more but was allowed to pay it back and continue as one of the elites.

That’s some penalty for a thief… if you don’t get caught, keep the money. If you do get caught, just pay it back and no worries!

How corrupt is this rock? Just contrast what happens when an ordinary lawyer thief and an elite lawyer thief get caught.

Barbados Free Press

Barbados speaker michael carrington

“A message to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart…

Michael Carrington is a crooked lawyer who stole a quarter million dollars from a vulnerable 78 year old pensioner. That simple truth means that Carrington is not fit to be a Member of Parliament let alone Speaker of the House.”

It is a simple matter, really, and one that is hardly unknown in Barbados. Over two years ago a lawyer was supposed to transfer about a quarter of a million dollars from his trust account to a Mr. John Griffiths, the beneficiary of his aunt’s estate. Instead, the crooked lawyer kept the money and made excuses to Mr. Griffiths.

Mr. Griffiths was forced to launch a lawsuit against the lawyer. Griffiths won and the court ordered the crooked lawyer to pay the money back and give an accounting within 28 days – but the lawyer failed to pay the money or provide an…

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