The new Barbados – woman dead in home two years before discovery

old lady died Barbados

by Grape Hall Girl

I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about Muriel Proverbs all this last week since I read the papers, but I can’t.

She was 90 years old – found dead in her home at Fairview, Christ Church when the police kicked in the door at the urging of some of her relatives.

Yes, she died in her bedroom as do many 90 year old people.

Only thing is Muriel Proverbs had been dead all these two years and more. Laid out on the floor where she fell or collapsed… slowly desiccating in the Bajan heat. Little more than a skeleton when found!

Two years of uncashed pension cheques and unpaid utility bills made a heap under the letter slot in the door.

This can’t be the Barbados I grew up in. This must be some New York City suburb where folks pay no attention to each other.

Surely this can’t be my Barbados?

Nation News: Gran dead in bed


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10 responses to “The new Barbados – woman dead in home two years before discovery

  1. Go on knock the door

    Surely this cant be my Barbados….. where were all the relatives and friends hiding for two years two weeks ok, but someone must have noticed not seen her for a while.
    Disgraceful really…. two Christmas periods …. note heard from Muriel…maybe call in and check

  2. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    cost to much to be placed in the ground in Barbados, might as well stay at home.
    Post man see bills adding up at the door? They not seem to be trained what to look for when working. water and light see bills not being paid? But they must have been happy to turn off the power to get another 23.50 to turn back off , Now they will get even more when they talk about , the power off to long , time to re-wire the house , more money,Is this the same people that want their own airline?fuel low PM keep flying,

  3. More questions than answers……sad ! Shameful ! Disgraceful !

  4. mary barnard

    Shame on her relatives. Shame on her neighbours. Can’t blame Barbados.
    This could have happened anywhere where people have little value for the elderly who are discarded like a worn pair of shoes. Again shame on you, her family.

  5. Jalan

    Just wait until the relatives start fighting over those pension cheques…..

  6. This does not surprise me in the least bit, Barbadians has become too sophisticated to bother with their elderly. Don’t you understand they drop them off at the A&E and don’t turn up for them, rent out their houses, and cash their pension cheques to go parting & leave their little children by themselves, so don’t be amazed., and buying the up to date cell phones, and fashion. We have become such a uncaring society. I can tell a few stories, will take too long, just try and look after some of your relatives and neighbours.

  7. Sanderson Rowe

    Some people come back here from Canada or the UK and look down on their “stayed-at- home ” neighbours, to the extent that they would not even utter a common ,”good morning”.
    I am what Bajans like to call a Returning National, and I have such neighbours who are also returning nationals.

  8. Anonymous

    this makes me very very sad

  9. TheObserver

    John Hanson made a salient point. Postmen/women should be given a number of thing to look out for when servicing the elderly – a very long absence; accumulating bills or newspaper etc.

  10. Anonymous

    It pains me when people comment authoritatively on subjects they know absolutely nothing about..