Venezuela Declares Right to fly Warplanes over sovereign Caribbean Islands

Venezuela Air Force Sukhoi

by Peter Binose

In a speech on national television, Venezuela’s president Maduro reports that the air defense areas of the country have been expanded beyond the Windward Islands all the way up to St Maarten. President Nicolas Maduro, said that his country has the right to defend itself in the skies above the Dutch Antilles.

Venezuela is already a bully of the seas claiming areas that it does not own, now it appears they are trying to bully the airspace.

We have to remember how PM Ralph Gonsalves supported Venezuela’s sea grab of Bird Island. Just what kind of betrayal was that?

The yellow area shows the Venezuelan Economic space, with the effect of Aves Island/Rock.

The yellow area shows the Venezuelan Economic space, with the effect of Aves Island/Rock.

Under the International Law Of The Sea Aves Island is classified as a rock which does not get the 200mile economic zone, however Venezuela hasn’t signed the UNLOS treaty. This rock effectively removes a significantly removes most of the OECS’ economic zone.

… from Notes from the Margin article How Venezuela Controls the Caribbean Sea

“St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said the OECS had accepted Venezuela’s sovereignty over Bird Island and that he would not allow anyone to dictate whether or not he should put pressure on the Government of Venezuela in relation to the issue”. Speaking at a press conference at the Caricom secretariat, Gonsalves said, “Nobody is going to tell me which questions are important.”

When public support for this type of Venezuelan communist regime wanes at home they try and turn public attention from local matters to the international theatre.  

Maduro made a two hour long speech on TV, as Marxists do. What was interesting is that the way he put it sounded like Venezuela already flies his war planes in the airspace of the Windward Islands. Perhaps the ALBA treaty asks them to do so over the ALBA member states. The frightening thing about that is, it will give them the airspace of most of the Caribbean.

Retired Venezuela Air Force General in Coup Plot

“The government of President Nicolas Maduro announced on Feb. 12 it had thwarted a coup attempt organized by some military personnel. The plot planned to overthrow the president and carry out air attacks on government buildings and other locations.

A retired air force general and 11 others have been arrested for plotting to overthrow President Maduro”.

… from ABC News

Apparently the perpetrators of the coup tried to bomb the Miraflores presidential palace with a Tucani aircraft. What on earth this has to do with assaulting the National airspace of the Dutch Antilles and Saint Maartin in particular, is hard to understand. Unless it is something to do with the Venezuelans owing them hundreds of millions of dollars of outstanding ticketing and landing fees. Perhaps it is little more than putting the screws on the Dutch, bullying of the skies.

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas [ALBA] has 11 member states and three observer states. In addition, Suriname is classed as a “special guest member” Which along with Haiti intends to become a full members. We are all expected to support one another politically and militarily.

Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (Wikipedia chart)

Common name Official name Date joined Population
 Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda 2009-06-24 85,632
 Bolivia Plurinational State of Bolivia 2006-04-29 9,119,152
 Cuba Republic of Cuba 2004-12-14 11,451,652
 Dominica Commonwealth of Dominica 2008-01-20 72,660
 Ecuador Republic of Ecuador 2009-06-24 14,573,101
 Grenada[18] Grenada 2014-12-14 109,590
 Nicaragua Republic of Nicaragua 2007-02-23 5,891,199
 Saint Kitts and Nevis[18] Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis 2014-12-14 51,538
 Saint Lucia Saint Lucia 2013-07-20 180,870
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2009-06-24 120,000
 Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 2004-12-14 28,199,825
ALBA Totals 11 Countries 69,513,221

It should be remembered that Hugo Chavez had a hate for the Americans and continually accused the United States of using the Dutch islands of Aruba and Curacao, off the Caribbean coast, for a possible military attack against Venezuela. In 2009 Venezuelan government accused the U.S. of working with the Netherlands to prepare an aggression against Venezuela. You can be sure that President Maduro inherited that opinion from Chavez and believes that the failed Coup was exported from the US via the Dutch Antilles.

Like Chavez, Maduro is a Marxist lunatic but without the charisma. The people no longer like him, the military barely tolerate him, and ALBA members find him a push over. But after all, we can suppose as an ex bus driver and nasty minded Marxist union leader, what else should we expect to be happening in our little corner of the world here in the Caribbean when it’s directed by him.

Venezuela owe Russia multi billions of US dollars for military arms. The Russians have installed missile silos all over Venezuela. They have sold them submarines, tanks, missile ships, and thousands of armaments and ammunitions. With drop in oil prices which the Russian payment for arms is set against, Venezuela now cannot pay, because if they do, they will have to give the Russians all their oil production, leaving nothing to feed the people with. So it’s no wonder when Washington and Brussels warned of deeper sanctions against Russia after President Vladimir Putin and his Ukranian counterpart Petro Poroshenko failed to agree on a cease fire. Maduro spoke up on behalf of Russia; “We are very watchful of this threat to Russia,” Maduro said. “We in Venezuela demand in a clear voice … that those who accuse and accost Russia desist the attack, desist from seeking war with Russia.”

Maduro has made a number of trips to Moscow over the last two years. Putin announced that Russian companies were investing US$20 billion in Venezuela during Maduro’s visit to Moscow in July 2013.  Between the huge contingent of Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds based in Venezuela, and thousands of Russians building up the Venezuelan military capability, lets just hope that the little Caribbean Island states division of ALBA do not get drawn into a whole load of military crap, supporting Venezuela on her bullying jaunts.

As Venezuela carries on the bullying tactics in the seas and air space in the Caribbean, we must keep in mind what is happening in the breakdown of Venezuelan society, industry, and retail section as reality collides and conflicts with a Marxist Monster Party. That is the real reason for what is happening with Venezuela’s territorial grab.

St. Kitts and Nevis are rid of their monsters.  That’s one down and many more to go.


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  1. MoneyBrain

    The genius Maduro obviously does NOT comprehend that Russia has excess ENERGY and now so does the USA, he is SCREWED! Getting aggressive, Maduro is giving the US the reason to cut his arse in defence of the Eastern Cbean.

    The Venezuelan people deserve better than corrupt, boring lil dictators of any stripe.

  2. Party Animal

    Caribbean Governments and Fraud go hand in hand. Money talks.

  3. The people of Venezuela can’t even get Bread & milk for their daily use, so that is what dictators do. Starve their people & make war on others to boost their own mural.

  4. MoneyBrain

    The Golden Rule for FAILED POLITICAL “LEADERSHIP” is to point the GUNS outward less the GUNS be pointed at them!

  5. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Lets hope they dont have to land for any reason , then they can also land in the water, better hope they are see plans,

  6. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    MoneyBrain sound like you talking about Barbados lololl,, DLP BLP need there ass cut also,

  7. MoneyBrain

    To be sure Bim will receive a wusser cut arse but alas the peeps will suffer long and hard. Pols teeefing too bad!