Sales persons are liable for Harlequin pension losses!

Harlequin Resort

Oh boy!

“Financial advisers who recommended clients switch their pensions into self-invested schemes heavily exposed to investments being marketed by embattled overseas property group Harlequin are legally liable for losses, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme confirmed…”

… from the Financial Times article Advisers are liable for Harlequin pension transfer losses


Do them. Do them all. Lead them away in handcuffs and beat them on the way to jail.

Lives ruined. Pensions devoured.

Barbados politicians played a pivotal role as enablers for David Ames and his gang. Do them all.


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  1. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,


  2. I hope the bastards lose the lot

    Little wonder the two Tailormade directors have been TRYING to sell the flash home, Burns even tried to rent!! The scum have little or no income😀

  3. Alistair the teapot

    My agent said Burns has had a breakdown after having to send back his car👍

    He is also getting divorced.

  4. believe it or not.

    Many agents won’t be sleeping well now, good. The wheels are coming off this paricular gravy train good and proper.

    Was Burns the tall old bloke from TM?

  5. Nair

    All around the world Ponzi schemers are being held liable for subscribers losses but in Barbados not so. There is cover up, cover up, like some calypso song. Ridiculous

  6. slipped disk

    Semantics! In many cases there is a difference between sales agents and IFA’s. So- are non IFA sales agents per se liable?

  7. Anonymous

    I think there will be more to unfold

  8. Negative attitude

    If the agent has assets unregulated or not they’re fair game. However, most people don’t have the balls for that.

    They moan, but that’s all.

    The above post whist being factually incorrect is a good example of how negative some people are.

    Some idiots still think the stunted, stupid, OAP will be able to make it work.

    Do something or shut the *uck up and stop whining on the blog, achieves nothing.

  9. Super SIPP

    You know that if you transferred your assets that can be overturned?
    I’m a SIPP investor so I don’t give two hoots.

    But, we all know you’re not an agent, so it’s entirely irrelevant.

  10. slipped disk

    Ooopps here we go. Cmon- post some facts and thought out comments. SIPP investors should be OK, favourable adjudicators judgements pending! How many signed off by the Ombudsmen though? I don’t think anyone has actually been paid out yet. Until the moneys in the bank the fat lady……………………

  11. SIPP-ing

    Sigh…………………sounds like Mr Storey. So anyone got any facts, revelations or ideas to share? You know, factual and relevant stuff?

  12. Robert Storey

    Just loving watching you lot scrapping with each other. Facts SIPP-ing? Who needs facts on this site.

  13. Anonymous

    I agree here are some facts
    No building has restarted at any of the Harlequin projects
    No financing has been announced by Harlequin.
    No one else has received title to any units in BB.(One investor was supposed to have received title in 2014)
    No one is getting any return on their Harlequin Investments
    SFO and others are still investigating Harlequin.
    Delivery of contracted units in various Harlequin projects is several years late.
    Some Harlequin projects that were sold years ago have not even started.
    The “flagship” BB in St Vincent has been getting several poor reviews lately, mostly to do with maintenance issues.

    These are just a few facts you may wish to think about.

  14. Robert Storey

    Oh dear Anonymous the sarcasm was completely lost on you wasn’t it. And your list is flawed. So your list of “facts” are not all facts at all.

  15. Anonymous

    How about in your “facts” column
    SIPP charges, for those investing through a SIPP, being charged for the privilege for it lol

  16. Anonymous

    You guys have no idea, getting compensation from the FSCS helps Ames, it means that there are about 3500 investors who are no longer interested in Harlequin, allowing Dave the opportunity to raise a much smaller amount of money to fulfill his promises to investors. Dave has always supported a redress route, this should be seen as excellent news all round including for cash investors. Dave cannot and you will find will not be held responsible for what qualified IFA’s do.

  17. Anonymous

    How about those who invested with a SIPP having to pay charges for the privilege lol. A 10% return would be a dream for them lol

  18. Thick

    Let’s just think about this for moment, the SIPP people will get most of the money back But can you honestly see, with all the Government interest in Harlequin they will let it continue?

    This dwarf like, illiterate, incompetence stupid little man, couldn’t even make a success of any development when they had millions per month coming in.

    So what in the name of God, is anybody thinking when they think he can make a go of it with no money and finance!!

  19. It's over.

    Anonymous you idiot.

    The FSCS will then hold the contracts for Harlequin. They will enforce them and as a result bankrupt Harlequin this is not good news for cash investors.

    Don’t you think there would be a public outrage, If some twice bankrupt little moron was to get away with this?

  20. RL Tweet update 17 Feb 2015

    Risk Warning @Risk_Warning · Feb 17
    Harlequin trust end date 6 weeks away. SIPP investors will not join with redress being paid.

  21. Anonymous

    Bob, is my list of facts as flawed as the DD report on BB, which has never been corrected by Harlequin?….another fact!

  22. Anonymous

    Which one of the Facts in the post of 3.25 pm is flawed? Name one, and correct it. Better yet, go back to the loo with your i pod.

  23. Anonymous

    Nice to know that you guys are soooo chatty together! lol

    Risk Warning
    Hard to believe but true. Harlequin’s latest crashed company ran up 200k HMRC debt without a bank account. That’s some going #harlequin
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    Mortgage ClaimsATSG Wealth Mngment
    12:32 PM – 4 Nov 2014
    Jeremy Newman ‏@jwgn Nov 4
    @Risk_Warning Except that’s not what the Statement of Affairs says, is it?
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    Risk Warning ‏@Risk_Warning Nov 4
    @jwgn Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited. Are we reading the same thing ?
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    Jeremy Newman ‏@jwgn Nov 4
    @Risk_Warning As in ASOL? The SoA shows a total deficiency c. £209k. A little over £150k is shown as due to HMRC.
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    Risk Warning ‏@Risk_Warning Nov 4
    @jwgn unusual to have no bank account. We will check SoA. Thanks for that!
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    Jeremy Newman ‏@jwgn Nov 4
    @Risk_Warning Indeed – for a normal company, that is.
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
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    Risk Warning ‏@Risk_Warning Nov 4
    @jwgn HMRC will wonder what provision made for PAYE etc. Looks a bit like a FT or WT situation.
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    Jeremy Newman ‏@jwgn Nov 4
    @Risk_Warning You might think that; I could not possibly comment!

    It also rather hints that Harlequin Developments SVG is insolvent.

    Go on RL you know you want to!!

  24. Anonymous

    i POD!!! haha About as laughable as your flawed list!! Well if you cannot spot your glaring error I’m not going to tell you.

  25. yatinkiteasy

    Ok little Bobby Boy, you have a big I Pod called an I Pad, wow, I`m impressed. You don`t need to tell me jack, what I have stated are all facts.

  26. yatinkiteasy

    And yes, Anonymous at 3.15 pm is your old friend yatiniteasy.

  27. SIPP-ing

    Are there people who still believe in Ames and a chance they’ll see a return? Incredible, laughable. Naw- tis a wind up surely? !

  28. Anonymous

    Really think Fatshit and Newman would have learned their lessons by now. Tweeting Jezza, hmmmm you and Gareth could be in for a big fall. Lol. You have no idea what’s owed or who has been paid back none. The ASOL liquidation is old news, and nothing to do with the Caribbean as in squat diddly. Toodle pips. I guess that will be the end of their tweets, silly little boys lol.

  29. Anonymous

    HAHAHA, you muppet. So keyboard warrior Yatinkiteasy has been posting under multiple IDs LOL. ropped a big one there didn’t you son. That’s the problem with switching IDs, it catches up with you hoho. Hope you have been using a proxy server, I might just put you onto the list.

  30. Anonymous

    HAHAHA, you muppet. So keyboard warrior Yatinkiteasy has been posting under multiple IDs LOL. Dropped a big one there didn’t you son. That’s the problem with switching IDs, it catches up with you hoho. Hope you have been using a proxy server, I might just put you onto the list.

  31. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 5.11 I thought you might like that!

  32. SIPP-ing

    This is a very odd “forum”. Someone mailed me to say that an arrest is imminent over some other stuff. Argentinian or something exotic in S America. Is this Ames stuff as well?

  33. Anonymous

    No that will el presidente arrested in connection with a bomb attack years ago probably.

  34. SIPP-ing

    Well that makes much more sense- in keeping with this forum anyway. So there we have it then- insider confirmation from a source (in code as course) Ames is about to be arrested eh!

  35. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 5.21 pm and you are such a muppet you posted the same thing twice.Ha Ha Ha, Lol…
    Put me on your list, I have not lied to investors.I post as Anonymous when I feel do scores of others here including yourself , apparently.

  36. SIPP-ing

    Jeezzz can’t be bothered to try and follow this convoluted cobblers!

  37. It's over.

    You will now see RL step up their game, lot of money 15% of many millions.

  38. The Preacher

    Whatever happened to Halkham Compensation, did they ever become regulated?

  39. The work of God, needs no authorisation!

    That would be no, they are not regulated.


    This may be because the business has not been authorised, or it may be that the business is using a trading name that it has not notified to the Regulator, or it may be that the business does not need to be authorised because it is exempt, for example, solicitors do not require authorisation.
    If you have any other names for the business, you can return to the search facility and try again – Back to Search
    If you want to tell us about a business you have not been able to find using the Authorised Business Search please use the form below. Provide us with as much information as possible, to help us to identify the business, and then press the submit button at the bottom.

  40. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 5.39, or is that Yatinkiteasy, or some other ID? Now let’s see if you can follow this. Try reading both posts, slowly, and see if you can spot a difference. I know it will be a bit taxing for you, but go on give it a go. You are not having a very good couple of hours are you? Found out where your list of “Facts” is inaccurate yet? Not laughed so much for ages. Keep it up!!

  41. Where do I sign, just give me a remould!

    Bob, would sign up to Halkham, because Dave told him too!

  42. Anon

    My ifa was a mortgage adviser for tailormade, (they didn’t tell me when they came to my house to flog it), the whole thing is so fucked up . Bit like a matrimonial lawyer doing conveyancing, but with tailormade anything goes!

  43. Sue the IFA

    February 19, 2015 at 8:18 pm
    Go after the agent then.

  44. Honest Dave

    The GV will blame the IFA’s,
    ”Let me be clear, I never sold it Gov”.

  45. Anonymous

    I said nearly 2 yers ago that after an interview with the SFO that my impression was that IFAs and SIPP companies were more likely to be the centre of any investigation. These people could well be under the microscope.

  46. Robert Storey

    They are, and have been for many years. They sold out of greed.

  47. Pray, Robert, tell…just how can you overlook the greed of Ames ???

  48. Anon

    My ifa (the tailormade mortgage broker – scumbag) told me I could stay in the apartment for a month each year. That’s why I transferred my pension. Dave Ames was very clear at a seminar at a later date that sipp people couldn’t do that. It was the ifa that lied to get the sale.

  49. RL's fan club

    February 20, 2015 at 9:10 am

    That’s because he would have had many, tens of 1000’s in commission.
    The only saving grace is RL, the other unregulated idiots have no idea.

  50. SIPP-ing

    I tend to agree RLFC. No one else seems to be enjoying success on the “litigation” front. RL do have a number of wins in the pipeline – i.e adjudication success awaiting “sign off”

  51. Anon

    @RL Fan Club.+ SIPP-ing. RL have been fabulous. The tm staff wouldn’t even talk to harlequin investors until they had the trust to flog.

  52. RL's fan club

    And why do you think they were promoting the trust? Another kick back from Ames?

    Why did Halkham ‘loan’ TM director over a £100,000 and try to write it off?

    All feed from the same trough.

  53. RL's fan club

    I do believe RL will pull this off, sadly the cash investors, as it’s been said many time before, have been well and truly shafted ….by the twice bankrupted toxic turd.

  54. Whatsthefuss

    Meanwhile, £400 million down the crapper and some weirdo laughs?

  55. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 6.47 pm, AKA Bob Storey. Apart from a missing”D” its the same post.
    Do you realize how stupid you were to give Harlequin money and have no title yet?
    My IP address is in New York (today)

    “So keyboard warrior Yatinkiteasy has been posting under multiple IDs LOL. Dropped a big one there didn’t you son. That’s the problem with switching IDs, it catches up with you hoho.”…
    Is that how you were caught out Bob? ,FDNRM, 36,Sportingman,…ha ha lol..

  56. Anonymous

    From Tripadvisor on Buccament Bay Resort..Tezibear60..

    “Walking around the resort it had an air of dilapidation, boarded up villas and a restaurant half built and abandoned ,but I found out that they had a major flood and it is a work in progress ,so don’t let this put you off and at the price it is at the moment it is a bargain”
    The Flood was in Dec 2013..Why is it still half built and abandoned?Is it due to a lack of funds or just no desire from the owner to spend any money on maintaince and repairs.?

  57. Kate

    Buccament Bay has always been a dump,unless you know no better.

  58. Anonymous

    From TA, the full feedback from Tezibear60.
    Not quite the one eyed review from Anonymous above.

    My wife and I returned from the Buccament Bay in St Vincent on the 2nd Feb,
    This Resort is so near being perfect,
    Pros-: The absolutely amazing setting we could never tire of .The food and service at Jacks amazing. The rooms very, very, comfortable.
    Cons-; we had to ask to get our room cleaned at reception one day and to get towels another and coffee wasn’t left for 3 days.
    Around the pool there wasn’t enough parasols, the ones that we had had been repaired (5 star) ?
    The sunbeds had covers for them but some had holes in them (5 star)?
    Walking around the resort it had an air of dilapidation, boarded up villas and a restaurant half built and abandoned ,but I found out that they had a major flood and it is a work in progress ,so don’t let this put you off and at the price it is at the moment it is a bargain

    Room Tip: rooms at the back of the resort are very quit,rooms on the beach are great for sunbathing and kids
    See more room tips
    Stayed January 2015, travelled as a couple

  59. Anonymous

    Or perhaps the one from RussellB
    Just to be accurate of course!!

    We have just returned from a 2 week stay at Buccament Bay Hotel Resort.The location,villa,food,cleanliness and majority of staff were all excellent(there are a few serving staff who need training or dumping).It just needs someone to organise the staff better…but did not distract from the majority of people willing to make your holiday special.Only major gripe(as reported by many on TA)Is the situation with umbrellas/sunbeds/covers and towels.I don’t really want to be getting to the pool/beach before 0700hrs to try and get equipment.But if not you miss out and its very hit and miss if anymore will turn up during the day.BUT it didn’t spoil our brilliant time.It was so special and clearly a lot of effort goes into the resort’s planning of activities.Our candlelit beach dinner was truly amazing.Thanks for a wonderful holiday

    Stayed February 2015

  60. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 3.00 pm
    Thanks for posting the whole review..I was trying not to be too negative by leaving out the parts about the rooms not being cleaned,having to ask for towels, no coffee for three days,not enough parasols, sunbed covers with holes in them…not one eyed, i am simply highlighting that this is not the 5 star resort it is touted to be.

    Here is a complete review..5 star? Don’t think so Bob, Sportingman.

    “Such a shame”
    3 of 5 stars Reviewed 4 days ago NEW via mobile

    Writing this sat at the Bay Beach Club bar, and I’m sorry to say the place is a shambles. We arrived at about 10:30pm one week ago today when we were showed to a standard room, we had paid for an upgrade to a superior room, when we explained this we were told we would need to sort it the following day as there wasn’t anything that could be fine. The next day we very nearly finished up in a stand up argument to get the room we had paid for, eventually they agreed to our complaint but we had to wait till 4:30 pm to change room, at 4:30 we could at last unpack.
    Mealtimes are a joke queuing to get a table and then a wait of 1 hour in not uncommon before your meal is served.
    Sun beds, well you either need to get up at about 6:00 am to get beds with an umbrella, pay the pool boys, or be prepared to sit without any shade, that is if you can find any beds available. The beds are tatty but if you are quick there are some separate covers which turn up sporadically during the day, and virtually every umbrella is broken.
    We booked a candlelit dinner on the beach, this didn’t happen, we were told it might rain ! Reality is there is only space for two tables on the beach dining area and last night we were 1 of 6 disappointed couples, which got worse when they managed to get everybody’s meals mixed up, folks who ordered fish got steak, or duck.
    There are some good points, Jacks Restaurant is good, HQ ice cream & smoothie parlour is excellent, the staff as a whole are polite and cheerful despite being extremely short staffed, as for everything bring Caribbean-time, well have travelled lots of the Caribbean and this certainly Caribbean-time +1.
    Will update again after week 2

  61. Anonymous

    Some new UK companies set up by Ames and we thought he had no money ???????

    Wonder if HMRC are aware of this ???

    Hqn Professional Services Limited – incorporated 23/12/14, co no. 09366202.

    Support Services Essex Limited – inc. 8/10/14, co. no. 09253459. ( Three days later HMSSE is liquidated.)

    Reg office is 11 Honywood Business Park.

  62. Anonymous

    Bob, if you wish, I have the address and e mail for TSFROHI. I would be happy to give it to you .Just let me know. I have your address already, so no need to supply that.
    TSFROHI= The Society For Ripped Off Harlequin Investors.

  63. HMP Harlequin...opening soon...redefining the "all inclusive destination"

    Bob porky pie teller is obviously involved in the scam, so maybe his next spell as a burger flipper will be at a prison kitchen…his support of Harlequin makes as guilty as DA ya never are too old for some time being arse bored in an enclosed extablishment

  64. Anonymous

    I wonder who the posts with poor spelling and grammar are from?

  65. ABC

    As for Lizzy, she hates you.

  66. DEF

    @ABC grow up you tw*t. What has this got to do with HP SIPP providers and IFAs. So you can read the electoral register. Do something useful and have a wa*k.

  67. ABC

    Temper temper….

    Title number NYK211158

    It has an awful lot to do with Harlequin, an awful lot.

  68. ABC

    Why are you still on the electoral roll then 😉

    I wouldn’t expect you to admit to living there either hardly impressive is it?
    And no I’m not Erica.

    toddle pip old bean!!!!

  69. IJK

    Youu obviously do not understand how the Electoral roll works do you.

  70. ABC

    Yes you are right I am a bit of a numpty aren’t I.

  71. Anonymous

    Look Sportingman, BB has moved down to #2 Hotel in St Vincent and the Grenadines on Tripadvisor.
    #2 of 16 Hotels in St. Vincent
    671 Reviews
    Buccament Bay Resort

  72. Anonymous

    More “defining Luxury in the Caribbean”..Blu has fallen to #12 in Gross Islet
    St Lucia…
    #12 of 17 Hotels in Gros Islet
    180 Reviews
    blu St Lucia

  73. Anonymous

    Its still number two…get it?

  74. Anonymous

    Don’t get all excited Bob, I`m only playing with you. And you got suckered in. Ha Ha Lol

  75. ABC

    Poor Dick, I have told you I’m not Erica! I just don’t like bullies.

    It really does irritate you, that people know where you live.

    Interesting, you claimed to have invested so much cash in harlequin, but live in average little house.

    How is your counselling going Richard?

  76. ABC

    I’m only interested in winding you up Dick, It’s worked I won.
    Good bye Dick 😉

    So predictable.

  77. Anonymous

    And you think I am Dick. Hahaha lol SUCKER 😂😂😂

  78. Anonymous

    blu St Lucia
    Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay Gros Islet St. Lucia
    $89 , two people, Breakfast Included..
    Harlequin must be making millions with these rates.

  79. The Bank of Ames (Interest Free Loans)

    Silly man, very silly man. Stay tuned for some Breaking News that even RL missed in their Due Diligence, which is certain to enrage investors.

  80. The Bank of God ( no need to pay it back) If you get victims to sign up with Halkham Compensation.

    What, just the ‘loan’ Havlkham Compensation gave to TM, but said they would write the loan off.

    That double trumps a piffling interest free loan.

  81. Dave Ames

    I need some help. I have a number of people biting at my heels for cash. I have agreed to give them the cash but the problem is I don’t have it all. I raised about £ 600 k recently, but I owe Shipleys £ 165 k of this. I owe my friend in Birmingham another roughly £ 100 k, I promised some investors in SVG over a million quid, and have promised some others another £ 1 million quid plus.

    So I need about £ 2 million quid. You may remember I asked some of you to complete on H Barbados, I really need that cash now, it’s just £ 2 million quid, then all my troubles will be over.

    Once I get Shipley’s and those bloody investors in SVG off my back I’m home and dry. Those bloody investors in SVG are taking an action to have administrators appointed to my companies.

    I would also like to categorically state that I have never loaned anyone money from deposits you gave me, without making sure I would get the money back.

    Yes you gave me money to build units in the Caribbean, and yes I used some of this money to loan to unconnected third parties, but it was a prudent move on my part, making your money work for you. To this end I have succeeded, and have made close to 700 k profit on one of the transactions I did for you the little people.

    There has been a lot of talk about HMRC, on that note all I will say is that if I owe tax, that’s the first time I heard about it, if I owe tax it’s because Wilkins Kennedy gave me duff advice, nothing else. I have done nothing wrong.

    There are some on here who think they know it all, but they don’t, they know nothing about the various loan agreements I have in place, so to them I say bring it on.

    Thank you, again please help me.

  82. The Bank of Ames (Interest Free Loans)

    Anonymous 4.07 pm, no not made up, I have it here in Black & White, I even have DA’s signature attached to the document. Yup interest free loans, for stuff unconnected to the Caribbean. Now please tell me why Ames would do this. I have the document. And no I will not put it up on here (yet).

  83. The Bank of Paddies Dad

    @The Bank of Ames (Interest Free Loans)

    Paddy shut it, you cock.

  84. The bank Of Paddykins

    Who dragged his poor old dad into this afray?

  85. The best bank in the world

    Nothing wrong with the bank of DA, it pays 10% on your investment lol 💰💰💰

  86. The Bank of Ames (Interest Free Loans)

    Nope not Paddy, speaking of money laundering I’m just someone who was offered an interest free loan by Harlequin in 2008 to invest in some property in Dubai, and apparently it was Ames who dragged the builders father into this, just as he is now doing with poor Senka. 😉😉😉.

  87. Dave Ames

    Please, please stop all this stupid talk, I just need £ 2 million quid, that’s all. I promise once I pay off all the people I promised money to, everything will be ok.

  88. The best bank in the world

    Not the Romanian/English pussy crap again 💤💤💤💤💤

  89. Anon

    No she is actually from Birmingham,

  90. Anonymous

    Not according to her biop. She lives in Birmingham.

  91. Anon

    Senka Beserivic is a woman from Birmingham who in 2008 obtained an interest free loan from Harlequin to allow her purchase two properties in Dubai.

  92. Anonymous

    Give it up Davy. Are you getting a bit lonely and suffering from lack of posting.

  93. Anon

    Harlequin gave investors money to a Senka Besirivic by way of an interest free loan to allow her to buy a number of properties in Dubai. I think investors would be totally pissed off knowing Harlequin were doing this. I know I am.

  94. Anonymous

    Ok I’ll fall for it Davy. And why would DA do that? How does he know a person in Birmingham? This should be interesting.

  95. Anon

    Very good question, how do I know why he did it, all I know is that he did. I do think it is time that Ames was made answer some questions, Ames is after feeding James Baker a whole heap of crap. Why has he done this? Again only Ames can answer this, but what is for sure, is that Ames is up to his neck in this, and it’s our there now.

  96. Anonymous

    In other words no back up. More bullshit from the desert.

  97. Anon

    Anonymous, I have all the back up I need, Ames has been using investor Harlequin money for purposes other then building resorts, you can rest assured I will make sure that everyone who needs the evidence will get it,

    Again you asked me why Ames did this? Perhaps to squirrel money away? Perhaps to keep it from HMRC ? We don’t know why he did it, but he bloody well did.

  98. The bank Of Paddykins

    Paddy you sent the money to daddkins account, your to blame.

  99. Anonymous

    Why is it everytime Ames gets exposed we have Harlequin claim they know who is posting, the Builder, Dave Man etc, ???

    When will the penny drop with Ames that he has been well and truly rumbled, using an NDA to hide potential money laundering won’t cut it mate. Nope no way.

  100. Anonymous

    Ames won in Ireland because he lied in the Irish case, he then went onto lie in the CLC case, in the RL case and finally the Wilkins Kennedy case, going so far as to offer £ 250 k for information on that case. However he could not manage to keep the story straight in any of the above cases, then he threw his toys out of the pram when he discovered that certain individuals were assisting the SFO and Wilkins Kennedy, crying to the authorities about groups colluding against him, whilst at the same time feeding Jim Baker with a whole heap of false accounting information in a bid to hide the substantial amounts of money he had squirrled away, amazingly in over 7 attempts to get Ames to divulge his assets he failed to do so correctly, always using the excuse that he had forgotten about monies here there and everywhere, giving interest free loans to third parties and generally being a big I am with OUR money.

    Being the pathetic little liar that he is will only attract even more attention from HMRC and the authorities, and bitching about it on BFP will do nothing to stop those who have the documents which ultimately bury Ames from handing them over.

  101. Anon

    Who is Davy? Why was he sacked from harlequin?

  102. Ask the idiot, who pushed Harlequin.

    Tweet the man himself.
    Phil Spencer is gearing up to answer your property questions! At 11am today, he’ll be taking over Rated People’s Twitter account to dish out his very best advice. Of course, we know him as a popular television property presenter but his career in the property market started way back before he hit our television screens. From surveyor to estate agent, Phil was also one of the first people to set up a property search firm to help people buy properties.

    If you have a question on your mind, tweet him @RatedPeople at 11am today and wait for your answer from the man himself. Perhaps you want to find out which home improvement projects you should prioritise, learn how to deal with estate agents or work out how to add value to your home? The twitter takeover will last around 45 minutes so make sure you get your question in early to ensure you get an answer!

  103. The Bank of Paddies Dad

    Let’s not forget the Irish builder was found GUILTY of helping himself to investors cash.

    That is a fact.

    A DEVELOPER must pay €1.57m damages over misappropriating large sums from $50m (€37.7m) paid to his companies for a luxury Caribbean hotel and resort which was left unfinished, the High Court has ruled.

  104. Anonymous

    Funny Anonymous 11.18 no one has actually mentioned Dave Man by name.
    Anonymous 11.26 if DA lied in the Irish case why did Paddy leave it till the very last minute to put in his appeal knowing that it will take 4 years to get to court. I would have thought that if he was on such a winner then he would have wanted to get back in ASAP. Wouldn’t you agree.

  105. The Bank of Paddies Dad

    I think we all know the Irish builder was caught with his hands in the till. He is just upset he was caught!

  106. 09:52 Feb 2015

    You trolls keep on saying the Irish builder was found guilty. This is blatantly untrue as it was a civil case. Get your facts right.

    Am I right in thinking that a few years ago Phil S was involved with a couple of IFAs and was endorsing Harlequin investments? Erm invest5star something like that.

  107. The Bank of Paddies Dad

    Ok, find guilty by a Judge in a civil case. Semantics dear boy, semantics.

  108. Anonymous

    Dave Ames lied fact. Dave Ames has stolen money fact. Dave Ames is a thief fact.

    It’s easy to win a case when you lie, we all know Dave lied in the RL case, and some of us have the proof that he lied in the Irish case too. As for the appeal, well an appellant has 21 days to appeal a court decision in Ireland and that’s exactly what was done in this case, so I’m at a loss to understand why Ames would want to lie about the time taken to lodge the appeal.

    And I wonder why again the interest in the builder when Ames is in the process of flogging property in Dubai, and giving away the proceeds, the same proceeds which are technically not his to give away.

  109. Anonymous

    Well he certainly wasnt found innocent was he. And the opposite of innocent is…..?

  110. Anonymous

    And I did read somewhere his is in business with Crazier and that real solicitor Conny or something like that?

  111. Anonymous

    In a civil case it is not a question of innocence or guilt, fact. So there can be no opposite. But frankly who cares, you want to make a big deal over a judgment for about 0.2 % of deposits taken. Or 3% of monies 1 million quid given to the builder then crack on. Cause that’s what Ames has a judgment for, yet Ames can’t account for 75% of the money he recieved from victims. Some 375 million quid.

  112. Paddy power

    don’t try the % game tubbykins, lets talk how many million did he wiz.
    private plane what a cock.

  113. Anonymous

    Why would a builder want a Hertz car rental business? Just remind us again how many times DA has been found guilty? Ops cannot use that word can we.

  114. Anonymous

    If you mean guilty in the context of a civil case well then Dave Ames has been found guilty 17 times as per the last count of Judgments against Ames in St. Vincent.

    Why would a property developer establish an airline and publically state that he would challenge Liat and give BA a run for their money ?

    Just like the builder I presume in diversifying his business interests.

    Nothing wrong in that so what is your point?

  115. Anon

    Ames; Two Private Planes, purchased with investors money, now not even owned by Ames, even bigger COCK.

  116. Anonymous

    No you idiot, the idea was that the planes would be used INSTEAD of Liat to ferry guests between the island resorts. If you are going to sling mud at least make it relevant. Perhaps paddy needed a car rental business to drive from one uncompleted cabanna to another one. Ops mind those drains!

  117. Anon

    So Anonymous if that was the idea, and we know Ames purchased the planes using our money, how come Ames is not flying all his guests to BBay using his planes? You are also suggesting that the original idea was to to ferry guests between the island resorts. Well then maybe Dave should have built the resorts first, before buying an “Airline”, a bit like putting the horse before the cart don’t you think ?

    I think the builder was very canny in investing in a car hire business, the lack of sufficient car hire services on SVG and St. Lucia has always been an issue.

    Funny that the car hire business acquired by the builder was owned by a very close personal friend of the PM of St. Lucia, who found themselves unable to run the business. God forbid, if Ames or the builder were looking to curry favor with the PM of St. Lucia, I mean Ames or the builder could not be seen to help push things along now could they ?

    The fact that another very very close friend of the PM of St. Lucia became the GM of Blu St. Lucia despite having absolutely no expierience in Hotel Management had nothing to do with trying to curry political favours. No sir, no way.

  118. Anonymous

    Has anyone told Shipleys yet about the alleged sale of property in Dubai? Oh yeah, Shipleys can’t touch the money if it is Dave Ames’ personally, they could only go after it if it were, say Carols, or Dans, or money from HP Caribbean Ltd. very difficult to prove in the absence of documentation to prove otherwise.

  119. BBaywatch

    how come Ames is not flying all his guests to BBay using his planes?

    Well, they are flying, just not to BB!

    from Caribbean News Now –
    “CHARLESTOWN, Nevis (NIA) — Caribbean Helicopters Ltd made its inaugural flight to the Vance W. Amory International Airport in Nevis on Friday. The flight came one week after the company signed an agreement with the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) to provide airlift to and from the island via Antigua.

    Tourism partners on Nevis hailed the new service. General manager of the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Alistair Forrest, who was also present at the signing ceremony”
    Ooops, wrong resort – but it is a genuine 5Star!

    another snippet from CNN

    “However their service would be expanded with the addition of two fixed winged airplanes.”

    Ah-huh, now who do you think trousered the cash from flogging them off I wonder?

  120. Anonymous

    Don’t know why you are getting excited about property in Dubai. Shipleys have said they cannot be bothered to chase any money so it’s not an issue.

  121. Anon

    When did Shipleys say the could not be bothered ? Rather odd for a liquidator to say the could not be bothered?

    And if Ames is selling property why should he not be accountable to his investors as to where this money has gone or is going!

  122. Anonymous

    Flying a 7 passenger plane from Antigua to Barbados to ferry guests over to St Vincent is really a ridiculous idea anyway.

  123. Anonymous

    From Shipleys last report:
    Movenpi ck 702 Laguna Tower, Dubai:
    This property was sold during September 2014,with the assistance of a property agent and a firm of Solicitors in Dubai. Please note that the sale proceeds were not received during this particular reporting period, therefore, these funds (£62,263.61)
    less all relevant costs will be reflected in the next Receipts & Payments account that will be issued by the Joint Administrators.
    So you can now knock that off your niggle list.

    Golden Mile, Dubai 8406:
    Upon the Company entering into Administration, and after a review of this matter, the Joint Administrators took the decision that they were unable to commence a legal action against the property seller in Dubai due to the costs involved in this and the Joint Administrators were unsure if this course of action would be successful.
    In other words, cannot be bothered.

  124. Anon

    No silly billy not that property surely Shipleys can go after the proceeds from 1712 & 1614 Jumeriah Lake Towers. You are a silly billy, Ames is sending this money to the UK so Shipleys don’t have to go to Dubai to get it.

    Also you say the following, is the seller referred to in this part of your post Dave Ames, surely Dave Ames should just hand over the property, it was bought with our money.

    “the Joint Administrators took the decision that they were unable to commence a legal action against the property seller in Dubai due to the costs involved in this and the Joint Administrators were unsure if this course of action would be successful.”

  125. Anonymous

    Wonder what Ames is thinking knowing he is about to loose everything…

  126. The Spelling Police

    Loose – not fitting tightly or closely.
    Lose – be deprived of or cease to have or retain (something).
    Come on Anon. We have had this conversation before. It should be:
    “Wonder what Ames is thinking knowing he is about to lose everything…”.

  127. Anonymous

    Correct; wonder what Ames is thinking now that he is about to lose everything?

  128. Anonymous

    He’s probably thinking what a bunch of tosser you are.

  129. FSCS about to control Harlequin?

    What will the FCSC do with all the Harlequin contacts when they payout?

  130. Halkham Compensation Ltd ( No need for regulation when God is on your side)

    Where is the God squad, when you need them?

  131. End of Ames?

    The FSCS would then have the power to enforce the contracts and bin Harlequin? Or is that a too simplistic view?

  132. Anonymous

    Ames has always looked at purchasers as if they were all a bunch of tossers. In 2008 he was taking purchaser deposits and giving interest free loans to others to purchase properties in Dubai, that speaks volumes.

    The man is pathetic, if anyone else did this Ames would be the first person to have them in court, he is a duplicitous little shit.

    Ames was not happy with the 50% commission, he wanted more having taken (borrowed) in excess of £ 10 million Quid to purchase properties for him and his family and to give interest free loans to others. The net cost to purchasers was in excess of £ 20 million quid when you take into account the commissions paid.

    The figure could be far higher, we just don’t know given the lack of accounting.

    This amount would have built some 230-250 additional units.

    Now that the authorities are aware of all this, we have to wait and see what action will be taken.

    Shipleys are also aware of the transactions so again we will have to wait and see what action they will take through their lawyers Charles Russel.

  133. Anonymous

    Funny no mention of this in any of the Shipleys reports so far. No doubt you informed Shipleys as soon as you could? Or perhaps when Shipleys said “and you have proof of this” you had to exit stage left? Sharpish.

  134. Anonymous

    Why would I have exited stage left sharpish? Shipleys made no mention of this in the past because at the time they were unaware of this. They are now.

  135. Anonymous

    Anonymous 2.09 pm if you had information you believed might help creditors or investors get their money back, would you provide Shipleys or the SFO with this information, even HMRC perhaps, would you provide the SFO, Shipleys or HMRC with any information on Ames if you thought it to be a bit iffy? Or are you just happy to let anything remotely suspect be swept under the table?

  136. The Law of Unintended Consequences


    The Law of Unintended Consequences

    Since the end of 2014 we have focused our efforts on the redress project. During that time, we have flagged up the way in which the FSCS were calculating redress as a stumbling block to investors.

    You will recall that the FSCS were paying our clients interim awards but not full redress by including the investment losses on their Harlequin investment.

    This approach is different to that taken by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). We visited FOS to discuss their approach to pension transfers where the end result was an investment in an illiquid unregulated investment.

    Harlequin investors in the main have more than one investment. The main examples being :-

    Sustainable Growth Group

    SCS Farmland

    Green Oil Plantations

    Arck LLP

    Stirling Mortimer fund

    Alpha Panareti/Alpha Bank

    Our firm acts for investors involved in all the above schemes. All these schemes have issues on one type or another. SGG, Arck LLP and Stirling Mortimer funds are all under investigation or have been investigated by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO). Those behind SGG are in prison and those behind Arck LLP are due to be sentenced shortly. In that regard, Harlequin joins these funds in being itself under investigation by the SFO.

    The SFO investigation, the Harlequin Trust and the various issues around Harlequin are not the main priority of investors. The main priority is to get their money back.

    The FSCS announcement of 17 February 2015 opened up the door for investors with SIPPs to claim not only for their losses on the pension transfer, but also on the investment funds loss. Eg a wider redress base.

    By doing this, the FSCS have split Harlequin investors into two camps. Those eligible for redress under the FSCS and those that are not eligible. The split is slightly different when you take into account cases where investors re-mortgaged to invest. These cases have options due to the Judgment in the Emptage case.

    Direct investors have more limited options and are therefore (in our experience) susceptible to the invite to join the Harlequin Trust. You will recall that the whole premise of the Harlequin Trust was to assist in the raising of finance, to allow Harlequin to go forward.

    The FSCS in one announcement have fundamentally undermined the Harlequin Trust. Whether they meant to do this, is a matter of speculation. Let us explain why.

    When the FSCS pays redress, it takes an assignment of the rights of the investment. Simply, you give the FSCS your investment, they give you a cheque. There are a number of quirks around investments over £50,000.00, but fundamentally, that is the deal.

    The Harlequin Trust waiver would vary the investor’s rights under their contracts. This variation effectively pushes back the crystallised loss for another 5 years. No loss equals no redress.

    So the choice for investors with SIPPs becomes a straight choice between an opportunity for redress and joining the trust. There is no doubt in our mind that SIPP investors will seek redress first. Self interest always overrides any other option.
    All of a sudden 3,500 or so investors (out of approx. 6,000) automatically choose redress as their first choice. The redress option will take much of 2015 to complete based on our experience with other FSCS compensation projects.

    That means that at least 50% of the entire Harlequin investor population will not be joining the trust by virtue of the redress option.

    The irony being that the major investor in Harlequin will be the FSCS who are a statutory public body. What chance is there of the FSCS joining the Harlequin Trust without seeing accounts, business plans, offers of finance? Not a difficult question, as the answer is none.

    So by the end of 2015 we could end up with a quango being the major investor in Harlequin. It will also be the case that the major SIPP investor will be the FSCS. The FSCS have already shown with the Keydata reclaim litigation that they will look around to recoup their losses.

    SIPP operators may perceive that the FSCS will turn attention back to the advice given by IFA firms, however this is naïve as the reality is that the FSCS will more than likely look to them to soften the losses.


    All investors need to focus on redress. Forget any other objective in 2015. Do not hand over more money to Harlequin and do not prejudice your chances of redress in any way.

    We act for significant numbers of investors across all the project mentioned above. Our past experience has been really tested in the Harlequin project. However, the stance we have taken on redress is bearing fruit.

    We are going to re-double our efforts to ensure investors do not prejudice themselves. We are in the end game of this project and will not be distracted away from achieving our redress for clients.

    We have four options :-

    1. Direct Investors – call our Manchester office – 0161 714 4520

    2. Re-Mortgage Investors – call our Manchester office

    3. SIPP Investors – call our West Midlands office. 01384 889900

    4. Grace & Co / Birchall Blackburn investors – call our West Midlands office.

    All our staff are well briefed and ready to assist you. We have put together a predominantly “No Win / No Fee” suite of offerings for clients.

    Please take time to call us as we will be able to help in the majority of cases. If you want to meet with us, please ask as face to face meetings really help us apply our advice.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  137. Anonymous

    There is no way the UK government are going to go after Ames, the problem lies with the IFA’s not Ames, far easier to go after the IFA’s. Dave always supported redress via the FSCS, RL know this too. Taking away the sour grape spin being put on this by Fatchett, this is excellent news for all investors and Harlequin, cash investors should now join the trust, SIPP investors will get their money back via the FSCS, and Dave will be able to secure finance on the assets he has.

    Let’s not forget Dave has assets in excess of $ 350 million dollars. If over half the investors are paid out by the FSCS then the remaining balance of investors will have assets worth some $ 350 million having only paid about $ 300 million. And remember some 150 investors owe Dave an additional $ 20-25 million dollars, add this to the $ 70 million cash from the WK case, and you have a very strong and healthy balance sheet. And you were all so quick to right Dave off. Lol, as usual the last laugh will be on Dave, time for BFP to shut down the forums, the anti Harlequin trolls will have to face facts, Ames has pulled this one off, so toddle off now you pathetic bunch of morons.

    Not very insolvent now is it. Remember the

  138. Anonymous

    “There is no way the UK government are going to go after Ames”
    – And you know this how?

    “cash investors should now join the trust”
    – It’s their choice. “should” is not the word – it’s “could”. They have to make an informed, pertinent decision based on their circumstances and available information. I would personally stay clear of anything “Dave” puts out. I’d rather lose every penny than have him get away with what he’s done.

    “Let’s not forget Dave has assets in excess of $ 350 million dollars.”
    – I couldn’t forget this because I wasn’t partial to it to begin with. If he’s got so many assets, why is he up shit creek with so many creditors?

    “And remember some 150 investors owe Dave an additional $ 20-25 million dollars, add this to the $ 70 million cash from the WK case, and you have a very strong and healthy balance sheet”
    – I’d like to see this balance sheet thank you. I have a ton of people who owe me money, doesn’t mean I’ll get it.

    “And you were all so quick to right Dave off. Lol, as usual the last laugh will be on Dave”
    – I didn’t write Dave off, as I never had him on to begin with. He is an incompetent double-bankrupted father-of-convicted-ponzi-fraud failed businessman who is the laughing stock of the business community. Out of £440m he’s built 300 holiday homes.

    “Ames has pulled this one off, so toddle off now you pathetic bunch of morons.”
    – If this wasn’t so serious, your sarcasm might actually be funny.

  139. Anonymous

    Why are RL putting this on here? As if the 20 contributors to this forum will make any difference.

  140. Anon-4:48 When the FSCS steps in to cover a financial scheme
    going far, far South, what makes you think that they just write off
    the compensation they provide. Please provide one occasion.
    Believe me Ames will be much worse off.

  141. The Reverend Van Der Weird

    This one is just Grooooooovy.

    Swap: Find a girl to love with ”Find some SCS farmland to sell”

  142. The Reverend Van Der Weird

    Wong clip

  143. Dave and his God fearing ways.

    “When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and rescues them from all their troubles.” -Psalm 34:17

  144. Dave and his God fearing ways.

    Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue.

  145. The FSCS works in mysterious ways BO....

    The FSCS will bankrupt Harlequin, this has always been the plan.

  146. Anonymous

    What do you mean “will bankrupt Harlequin”…they have been Bankrupt for a long time, otherwise BB would be a 1000 +resort, Merricks would be finished, Marquis would be finished, the two resorts in Dominican Republic would be finished…and there would be no need for these tedious discussions on BFP that have been going on for years. Talking of flogging a dead horse.!

  147. We love RL we hear you chant! Long live the FSCAS!

    Okay, forced into the real world, and sending the family to jail – more like 😉
    I’m a SIPP investor, yippee

  148. We love Dave! He had our cash

    Bah humbug, I invested cash!

  149. 10:01

    I see the new red brollies at BB are falling apart already. Did GV send Vinnie up the Eastgate Shopping Centre to buy them from Pound World?

  150. BBaywatch

    I see that once again the Chief Shill has been given the bums rush by TA, must be a masochist if he likes making a fool of himself so often. Reviews on TA confirm that BB is heading down the gurgler fast.

    In other news, SVG has saddled itself with a further EC$2,025,000 of debt in a loan for renewable energy supply at the Argyle airport. I’m all for renewables but do wonder how they will ever pay this back. carries two new stories, one about the views of the private sector in SVG business on tourism
    “The private sector has expressed concern about what it described as weak performance of the tourism sector in St. Vincent and the Grenadines”
    That piece also reports the repeated claim that the Mount Wynne beach front will soon be developed with a major hotel. Well, we have heard that for 30 years and the last news was that, yes, you guessed, Harlequin had bought it! PLEASE NO!

    Second story is an interesting comparison of SVG with Trinidad and Tobago with reference to the Argyle airport. C Ben-David is an articulate commentator and the piece is worth reading in full but in summary it restates the problem that St Vincent is not and is not likely ever to be a major tourism destination where as the areas desirable for tourism are the islands to the south which could have been better and more cheaply serviced with an update of the airport in Canouan which could deliver tourists right into the centre of the main attractions.

  151. Anonymous

    Odd that you think that a hotel review written in November is applicable to a hotel that only opened in January. Do you agree that is correct then? Sticking up for accuracy is not getting the “bums rush”. Something you could learn from.

  152. BBaywatch

    Perhaps you should read the replies to your posts on TA which answered your point rather than trying to carry it on here. Remind me, how many of your posts were deleted on TA?

  153. What an odd comment. I think if you read your own post above YOU brought it onto BFP and no one else. You are an odd person.

  154. Anonymous

    Poor Sportingman(on TA) aka Bob Storey, 36, FDNRM etc…his posts are being taken down by TA just as fast as he can put them up. As usual, he can`t handle any negative opinions of Harlequin, Buccament Bay or David Ames. Tough, Bobby boy, there are a lot more folks out there with a reason to be negative than those who have any reason to say or feel positive about this huge failure by the twice bankrupt double glazing salesman, whose son (ex Harlequin manager at Buccament BayResort) is now in a UK jail for Fraud.

  155. anun 16;36

    February 25, 2015 at 2:40 pm aka BobS, Sportingman, Robert Storey, Anon and on ad nauseam

    You got well and truly kicked off that TA thread Bob. You silly old fool.

  156. If posts are taken down how do you know what was in them lol No comments about posts being made in November about a hotel that did not open until January. You trolls have no credibility at all.

  157. Anonymous

    @Bobby i Pad in Loo, you are the one that has no credibility…that`s why your arrogant offensive comments on TA were taken down.
    Have another go at TA, but this time , behave yourself and try not to be an a.. hole.

  158. Anonymous

    Following is the November TA review that Sportingman ,( Bob Storey) has a problem with. It clearly says that the reviewer was given a tour of the place, and that a grand opening was to be in December. Where is the deception there?. Its not like someone claimed that a Marina was about to be completed, or that a Trader Vics was going to be “over there”. Bob, you have totally lost the plot. You are defeated at every turn. Give up or you will be scolded by DA for being such an idiot, and making Harlequin look bad.

  159. Anonymous

    “Trust me, this will be the best hotel in St Vincent by miles.”
    Reviewed November 30, 2014
    I was visiting and jst had a tour of the rooms and property and the bathrooms and amenities are done to top North American and European standards. All rooms have nice views ocean views, kitchens and tiled washrooms. There is a nice beach bar on site with a restuarant. From what I see, rates are quite reasonable. Customs and yacht charters on site. I’ll be back in April and will stay there before and after my charter. Grand opening December.

  160. RIP your investment.

    Bob, what do you make of the FSCS thing, this will be the final nail in the coffin for Harlequin.

    You and Ingham will be shafted, and for that I’m happy you revolting pair of cretins.

  161. Anon

    More bad news today for Ames, looks like Shipleys want their cash and are actively pursuing it, added to today’s additional judgments in SVG, does not bode well for the GV. And to top this all off Grant Thornton in the UK are lining themselves up as the official liquidators of the “Harlequin” companies, GT are working closely with CIB and HMRC.

  162. Anonymous

    More bullshit from Davy boy 💤💤💤💤

  163. Anon

    No bullshit mate, and no Davy. Wrong on both counts.

  164. Anon

    More bad news today for Ames, looks like Shipleys want their cash and are actively pursuing it, added to today’s additional judgments in SVG, does not bode well for the GV. And to top this all off Grant Thornton in the UK are lining themselves up as the official liquidators of the “Harlequin” companies, GT are working closely with CIB and HMRC.

  165. Anon

    And I’m not Davy and I’m not the Broughtons, your infantile comments are not preventing the demise of Ames, but investors need to know what’s going on. The collapse of Harlequin affects us all, so please allow us the dignity of understanding what is going on. And please try and refrain from making an ass of yourself. Thanks.

  166. Anon

    Sorry I wont “fuck off you cock”, sad to see that’s all you can say when the rest of us are having to rebuild our lives because of the greed of a little man and his family.

    It was never his money it was ours, but these last few weeks Ames was selling personal assets in Dubai bought with our money , but was he giving this money back to us, No of course not, instead he was trying to save his own hide. He and his family owed substantial monies to us and Shipleys, yet his family claimed they could not repay Shipleys, but all the time were sitting on very valuable assets, which they are now in the process of dissipating, absolutely revolting behaviour.

  167. Anonymous

    Anon, are you repeating your crap every hour. You weren’t believed the first time so why repeat it.

  168. Anon

    Why do you say I’m factually wrong? Don’t tell me Dave is keeping his recent sale in Dubai from you.

    Trying to disprove what’s fact using profanity really does not do you or Ames any favors.

    Plenty of people read this blog, and the more that know what Ames is upto the better.

  169. Anonymous

    Anon Thank you for the update. I hope the police and Shipleys have been updated. Typical reaction from the Ames camp, I hope BFP remove the most recent disgusting comments too.

  170. Anon

    Sorry here it is again;

    More bad news today for Ames, looks like Shipleys want their cash and are actively pursuing it, added to today’s additional judgments in SVG, does not bode well for the GV. And to top this all off Grant Thornton in the UK are lining themselves up as the official liquidators of the “Harlequin” companies, GT are working closely with CIB and HMRC.

  171. Anon

    Anonymous Ames did not have to be in Dubai himself, he got his lawyers to deal with the sale.

    So frankly it does not matter where Ames was last week.

    But you appear to know yet won’t say, I wonder why ?

    And I’m not a fucking bullshitting moron, Ames sold two Dubai properties, purchased with what was originally investors cash. Fact.

  172. Anonymous

    Which means “Anon” you don’t know! Know all Anon doesn’t know where DA was last week. Lol

  173. Anon

    I really don’t care where Dave was last week, frankly where he scurries off to is immaterial, we have heard it all before, off meeting financiers, lawyers, suing someone else, yeah we have heard it all before, but regardless he is in a whole heap of trouble, back in the UK, and that trouble has ramifications for all of us. It’s over for Ames, that is what we need to be thinking about now.

  174. Anon

    Anonymous your right don’t know and don’t care, yeah he could have been with financiers, or with lawyers suing some other poor sod, or with God himself. What I do know is that Ames is in a whole heap of trouble, and that has ramifications for all of us.

    The FSCS will pursue Ames for any redress they pay out, it’s over for Ames. Fact.

  175. Anonymous

    Anon you have rattled the Ames camp again tonight, anyone reading your posts can see that there is some semblance of truth in your posts given the reaction from the Ames camp.

  176. Anonymous

    I think the only people who are rattled are the anti HP trolls. Keeping repeating posts is not a sign of a rational response is it. More a sign of muddled thinking.

  177. Hidden in plain sight.

    The FSCS will appoint Grant Thorton, who will turn to RL for assistance, this is the plan, always has been.

    Harlequin is finished.

  178. What about cash investors?

    Cash investors, what about them? They have lost the lot?

  179. Anonymous

    Cash investors like Bob and Ingham, well, they have lost the lot, and the plot.
    Sadly, other ‘normal’ investors has done also. Don’t give a flying *uck about Storey and Ingham.

  180. TailorMade change their tune!! What about Halkham compensation?

    In the good old day’s…… when Halkham gave a £104,000 ‘loan’ to TailorMade……..
    ( Halkham kindly wanted to write the loan off) all TM were doing is pushing Halkham.

    Why the sudden change of heart? What’s wrong with Halkham ?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Since our previous updates there has been some great news from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which will be of particular interest to clients who invested their pension funds in Harlequin and Green Oil Plantations.

    In a recent FSCS Update they have stated that they are “now in a position to start compensating claimants for losses in the value of investments held in SIPPs”

    This means that successful Harlequin and Green Oil claimants are now going to receive full compensation claims (up to the FSCS maximum of £50,000 per person per claim) not just interim payments.

    FSCS claims can be submitted by you FREE OF CHARGE……you don’t have to use a claims management company to help you, as they will charge you for this service. However, they will also be able to advise you if you can make MORE THAN ONE CLAIM, so that you maximise the compensation to which you are entitled to receive. We also understand that people who have already made successful claims are receiving the compensation money directly, into their bank accounts, rather than it being paid back into their SIPP.

    Whichever claims option you choose, please remember, the most important thing, if you have not already done so, is to MAKE A CLAIM!!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

    TailorMade Alternative Investments

  181. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 9.41 Dont you worry your little head about “Bob”. I hear he is a very happy chappie at the mo.

  182. gentlejim

    Pity the sales people at CLICO and BAICO are not being held liable as well.

  183. Keep taking the pill Bob,

    Bob, is just some silly old dementia suffering old duffer, he knows no difference.

  184. Alistair and Rob - the pair of toxic turds.

    I recon them TM toss pots were going to get a kick back from Holkham Compensation, they can’t get regulated so nothing in it for them.

    Pure scum, that’s all they are; the bastards got me in this position.

  185. Anon

    To add to yesterday’s post below, HMRC and CIB are finally taking a very active interest in Ames and his companies.

    Apparently Ames has been offering some clients money which is not his to offer, and this has finally raised the heckles of all concerned.

    Here is yesterday’s post which seems to have caused consternation amongst those associated with Ames and Harlequin.

    More bad news today for Ames, looks like Shipleys want their cash and are actively pursuing it, added to today’s additional judgments in SVG, does not bode well for the GV. And to top this all off Grant Thornton in the UK are lining themselves up as the official liquidators of the “Harlequin” companies, GT are working closely with CIB and HMRC.

  186. Anon

    Anthony Davidson of Shipleys or Ian Richardson of Grant Thornton might be in a position to confirm the above if you were perhaps interested in asking them.

    Perhaps Richard Spector of ELS might wish to confirm the Dubai property sales, even better, Ames could confirm all this. So too could Gareth Fatchett.

  187. Anonymous

    Anonymous 6.42 pm, you always ask for proof, well how about proof that Ames has obtained finance? How about proof that construction of the H Hotel in Barbados is about to start? How about a denial from Ames about being the benificiary from the sales of two properties in Dubai recently?
    How about an update from Ames giving us proof that thousands of investors are willing to join his trust?

    How about an update giving us start dates for all the resorts investors have bought into?

    How about proof that the FSCS will NOT pursue Ames or Harlequin for any compensation paid?

    How about proof that the SFO investigation is all but over?

    How about proof that Ames will win the Wilkins Kennedy case? Proof that Ames and or his legal team have not included manifestly false statements in their statement of claim against Wilkins Kennedy?

    How about a denial from Ames that he recently was offering upto a £ 250,000.00 to any one with information that would assist him in his case against Wilkins Kennedy?

    Why does Ames not write to BFP, demonstrating that everything said on here is a pack of lies?

    How about a denial from Ames that he has ever used forged or false documents in litigation?

    How about a blanket denial from Ames that he used in excess of £ 10 million quid of investors money to purchase property for him, his immediate family and relatives?

    How about an explanation as to why Ames still does not have legal title to the Blu St. Lucia?

    Why does Ames not publically deny that he has lost a large number of cases in SVG? And deny that the judges accused him of Fraudulent misrepresentation amongst other issues?

    I could go on.

  188. Anonymous

    Things must be quiet on the concrete block front today. Davy, stop posting under different IDs and having conversations with yourself. Anyway it’s not “more bad new today” That was yesterday’s news, or will “more bad news today” be tomorrow’s news?

  189. Anon

    Anonymous, who is Davy, I’m not Davy,

    I just know that Dave Ames is finished.

  190. FSCS - Harlequin investments valued at £0


    FSCS – Harlequin investments valued at £0

    We have received a FSCS determination*UowHhrp1L6jxycFz4KUTLizWnzUBAb5f8jjz1Xr2o2IyWNHtg-byuQoUAPu7cme5gsNut0yqRZPU5OqJxuTGmHJmk/FSCSDetermination12thFebruary2015.pdf which gives Harlequin a nil value. The determination also gives a nil value for the SCS Farmland investment. SCS Farmland was not on the list of nil value investments within the update of the 17th February 2015 from the FSCS.

    You will note from the FSCS determination that the redress is more than £50,000.00 (which is the maximum FSCS award).

    In these circumstances, the SIPP operator claim is highly relevant. We have received a formal response to our letter of claim from Lifetime SIPP and are awaiting the response from Guardian SIPP. These two operators are the major providers, therefore, we have picked them as the most obvious respondents in the initial instance.

    We have issued well over 1000 Data Subject Access Requests to SIPP operators over the last few months. The data we are receiving is very helpful for FSCS claims, FOS claims (for live IFA firms) and the ground work on the SIPP operator claim.

    Birchall Blackburn Solicitors

    We have issued all our “No Win/ No Fee” agreements to clients. If you received legal advice on your Harlequin investment from Birchall Blackburn then please be in contact with Rebecca Handley on 01384 889916.

    Kingsley David Solicitors

    We have set up a further project group looking at the advice given to Harlequin investor clients by Kingsley David Solicitors. The process will the same as that being used for clients being advised by Birchall Blackburn Solicitors.

    For an information pack, please email rebecca.handley at

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  191. Sid

    Clearly Harlequin has been a huge success! Having taken hundreds of millions off of thousands of investors who years later have received either:
    a) An investment worth £0.00
    b) Even less than that

    And there are people on here that want to debate that Harlequin has been a success!!

  192. John's got moobs like jabba

    Sid, its been asuccess for a very limited few, the people who claim it to have been a success like Harlequins well paid staff and individuals like Ingham and Storey have benefitted at the expense of the majority

  193. Anonymous

    I believe Sid that you have the opportunity to complete on a property. If you do that then you will get the benefits of returns. This is like many many other investors who are now getting a return.

  194. Sid

    @Anonymous, don’t worry, I may be stupid….but not that stupid!

  195. What about the Trust 😉

    The build plan….

  196. Hang on a moment……. the FSCS supported the Trust according to Ames, so maybe they are getting the finance sorted out for him?

  197. No, No, it’s all the fault of the Irish builder….

  198. What will happen next?

    Done anyone really Honestly know this is the end? I have been ill with worry We put £125 of our SIPP into this crock of shit.

  199. Out rhymes with nowt

    That what our investment is worth.

  200. Anon

    @ What will happen next ? 5.25 pm.

    The FSCS have valued the Harlequin assets at zero, in effect they are stating that Ames’ various companies have no value, and that in their eyes the business has failed. As a result the FSCS is about to begin the process of paying out redress to c 3500 SIPP investors, which will cost the FSCS c £175 million. The FSCS will as a result of these payments become the single largest creditor of Ames’ companies, and will as a matter of course call in the debt.

    Given that the FSCS have commenced the redress process, many if not all SIPP investors will go down this route, this means that over 50% of investors will no longer consider entering the trust, which means the trust fails.

    No third party financier will put any money into Ames’ companies on the back of a zero valuation, A UK government agency have now valued the assets at zero.

    Neither will any financier touch Ames’ companies in the knowledge that the FSCS are about to become the single largest creditor to those companies.

    The FCA have in the past warned investors against putting any more money into Harlequin.

    Some clients of Regulatory Legal did not pay heed to this advice and paid completion monirs over to ASOL ltd in the UK which subsequently went into liquidation.

    The FSCS have pointed out that should investors put more money into Ames’ companies given the previous warnings, to do so could have an adverse affect on any future claims to the FSCS those same investors might came.

    So to answer your question, it is over.

  201. Super, smashing, great

    The FSCS would not value at £nil if they didn’t have to. They have done it because they would be challenged if they kept a full value.

    The simple fact is that having viewed the evidence, the FSCS have valued it at worthless.

    Not a great shock, but nevertheless, one of the major nails in the Harlequin coffin.

    The overseas business will struggle on. Limping from one problem to the next and it will take some time to hit the buffers.

    Direct investors have lost out and SIPP investors will in the main be redressed.

    Remember, the direct investors are the staunchest supports of Harlequin, but they will turn when they realise their position is hopeless.

    This is a redress game now, nothing more.

  202. Bob from Wimbledon Common

    The staunchest supporter of Harlequin will require proof that all is not rosy, and a declaration from the FCS that the investment is worth £0 will not be proof enough for the one who has wallpapered himself into a little nest where the ramblings of the outside world are but a faint whisper.

    With in the Womble nest, everything is just fine. It could be Armageddon or the rapture outside, but as long as the soothing tones of the GV keep telling him that everything is going according to plan, he is happy.

  203. Anonymous

    Now now Yank it in Easy, you have just had a load of your posts removed. Try and take the hint old boy.

  204. Anonymous

    Mr smart Bob, I see a lot of posts have been taken down, but none of mine. You obviously attributed “a load of posts” to me,but thats understandable; because you are stupid.

  205. Anonymous

    Now now don’t get TIRE some lol

  206. Anonymous

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  207. Julie

    It was a great night at Buccament Bay resort last night but it has left me tired today.

  208. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, over in St Lucia, Harlequin is still redefining luxury in the Caribbean..
    TA Review…”“Disappointing”
    Reviewed yesterday NEW
    The noise from the near by is the least of the issues with this hotel.

    This hotel is not for someone who wants to relax by the pool. The pool area is not very large nor is cleaned properly. There does not seem to be enough pool furniture and staff is not available to set up the chairs so once people leave the towel covers are not replaced

    The hotel staff could benefit from customer service training to learn how to deal with staff complaints/requests. The hotel needs serious renovations and broken or old furniture in the rooms and common space should be replaced.

    I was able to move rooms but was ready to leave and pay for another hotel if nothing was available.”

    Well what do you expect for less than US$100 per night?

  209. Anonymous

    Naw FSCS is the latest game in town. Has it not occurred to the anti HP trolls that rather than liquidate HP and get, well nothing, then then might want to get as much value for money back. Which would include making HP a sucess? No that would include a bit of logical thinking not wishful thinking.

  210. Anon

    Anonymous, the FSCS will have no interest in operating Harlequin as a going concern, they never have in similar cases in the past, nor will they in the future, nor will they even entertain working with Mr. Ames in any restructure, it may have gone over your head, but Mr. Ames is being investigated for Serious Fraud. And there is absolutely no way that the FSCS a UK government body will be seen to support Ames in any way whatsoever.

    Let’s not forget that Ames lied about FSCS support for his companies in the past.

  211. Anonymous

    If the FSCS shell out say £140m in compensation then they will need to get as much as possible back. Liquidating and getting 10p in the £ won’t cut it. It’s not a question of supporting DA, more a question of not pulling the rug away.

  212. Anon

    Do what you want with the article, Ames lied like a trooper to investors, then stated that he was taken out of context…. ”

    Surprisingly Ames never forced a retraction from the authors of the article, the same Ames who went to the U.S. in a bid to silence his critics on BFP.

    And anyone who thinks Ames has not failed needs to up their meds. He has failed, and failed in a spectacular fashion, why the hell do you think he needs the trust ?

  213. Anonymous

    DA did not go to the US to shut people up. He has the info relating to who has said what on BFP. Man and others have destroyed their chances of being a reliable witness in the WK case by what they have posted on here.

  214. Anon

    @ Anonymous 9.57 pm,

    The FSCS are funded through levies on firms authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. FSCS’s costs are made up of management expenses and compensation payments.

    The FSCS have never restructured failed companies, nor do they, nor will they in the future. They have no remit in law to do this.

    FSCS is an independent body, set up under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA), and funded by a levy on “authorised financial services firms”.

    The FSCS will call in the debt and as the largest single creditor to Ames’ companies will have a court appoint a liquidator. That’s how it works.

    It may not be what you want to hear, but that is the way it works. Ames’ companies are insolvent, they have failed, and like most other failed businesses it will be liquidated.

    It would take in excess of 1.6 billion USD (1 billion sterling), to build out the units as contractually sold. 1.6 billion USD that Ames needed to find, even if the FSCS had the remit to undertake a rescue (which they don’t), where would they find this? The majority of investors were told that mortgages would be available for them on completion, this we know now is not the case.

    Currently we have a hotel in SVG with some 120 rooms and at current rates has the potential to make max £ 2 million gross profit a year. And this is at 100% occupancy.

    So even if the FSCS were to enter the Hotel business, it would take the FSCS a minimum of 70 years to recoup the redress payments paid out. And that at 100 % occupancy.

    But again they have no remit to do this, the FSCS role is to pay out claims where registered firms are unable to do so. They are the compensation of last resort.

    In the last 15 years they have paid out an average of 170 million a year, The payments in the Ames fiasco will be equivalent to a single years average redress, £ 170 million.

  215. Anonymous

    How do you know that they will be the largest single creditor? Do you think they will be the single biggest creditor in BB?

  216. Anon

    @ Anonymous 10.29 pm, oops a little slip up there. Why do you say that Mr. Man was going to be a witness for Wilkins Kennedy? Interesting, I thought Ames was trying to discredit witnesses in the SFO case,

    “DA did not go to the US to shut people up. He has the info relating to who has said what on BFP. Man and others have destroyed their chances of being a reliable witness in the WK case by what they have posted on here.”

    The problem for Ames will be firstly, to prove beyond doubt that anyone has posted on here, secondly, even more difficult for Ames will be to prove that what is being said on here is untrue.

    There is no law preventing anyone from telling the truth on here or on any other forum,

    It is interesting to note that Ames is more interested in attempting to discredit witnesses prior to any cases taking place, if Mr. Man ( who you assume is behind the negative posts on here ) or anyone else for that matter, can substantiate the claims that have been made on here or anywhere else for that matter then I can’t see how they can be seen to have been discredited.

    I see now why Carol Ames made the report to the ICAEW about Mr. Newman. Again an attempt to discredit another witness perhaps?

    The problem Ames might have, is not what potential witnesses might say, but what potential witnesses might have.

  217. Anonymous

    FSCS has not been in existence for 15 years.

  218. FSCS

    FSCS is free to consumers and, since 2001, has helped more than 4.5 million people and paid out more than £26 billion.

  219. Anonymous

    Yep, that would be 14 years. Not 15.

  220. Anon

    Seems someone has ruffled the feathers of the faithful.

    Please all-knowing-Anonymous, can you enlighten the cash victims on how the business is likely to proceed?

    FSCS are going to take over the “investments” and will therefore inherit the obligation to “complete” perhaps? Maybe the mortgages will be made available by “Dave”? Will the FSCS have the chance to visit their new units in the sun, as promised in the early days? Let’s be clear about this, though…. he has to build them first.

    Oh hang on. I get it.

    You’re awaiting payout from the casino… I mean court system. You’re trying to discredit WK in order to extort $70m from them. That’s why “Dave” felt it apt to go to the USA and infect their system with his diatribe? That’s why HMSSE “fell” and what all this “restructuring” has been about!!

    I can’t wait for the time when “Dave” gets his justice. Because he’s obviously been ripped off good and proper.

  221. Anonymous

    That’s ok Davy, just spend the rest of the night having a chat with yourself. Toodle pip.

  222. Anon

    As expected, a quirky, if not cute, response.

    No substance though. Just like your master.

  223. FSCS

    @ deleted 10.49 pm or Anonymous 10.29 pm this is your post of 10.29 pm

    “Anonymous on February 28, 2015 at 10:29 pm
    DA did not go to the US to shut people up. He has the info relating to who has said what on BFP. Man and others have destroyed their chances of being a reliable witness in the WK case by what they have posted on here.”

    This is your post of 10.49 pm

    “deleted on February 28, 2015 at 10:49 pm
    Don’t try and twist words. I did not say he was going to be a witness for WK. I said they might have destroyed their chances of being a RELIABLE witness. Read carefully first before you wet yourself.”

    There are three parties in the “WK” case, Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd. & Harlequin Hotels and Resorts. Both companies owned by Ames and both companies being the plaintiffs. And there is Wilkins Kennedy ( The Defendants).

    At 10.29 pm you said this ” He has the info relating to who has said what on BFP. Man and others have destroyed their chances of being a reliable witness in the WK case by what they have posted on here.”

    Also note at 10.29 pm you stated ” Man and others ‘HAVE’ destroyed their chances………..” not might, as you stated in your later post of 10.49 pm.

    So either Mr. Man and others are witnesses for Ames or for Wilkins Kennedy, if Mr. Man and others have destroyed their chances of being reliable witnesses for Ames by virtue of what they have written on BFP then this would suggest that if Mr. Man or others have posted on here then the information is correct, however if you are saying that Mr. Man and others are witnesses for Wilkins Kennedy you are suggesting that they have by virtue of what they have posted on here become unreliable witnesses.

    Again Ames would have to prove that what was written on BFP was incorrect. And just to remind you, Ames went to the U.S. in order to obtain IP addresses of posters for the purposes of defamation proceedings, and not to procure evidence to discredit witnesses.

    You are of course basing this information on information given to Ames by CLC, in exchange for a potential £250 K, you will however understand that evidence adduced for one case cannot be used in another case without the permission of the court, therefore you will understand that any information Ames might have attempted to purchase from other litigants will be of no evidentory value whatsoever.

  224. Anonymous

    Ames was never about operating hotels, his main thrust in Business was selling property and making a very hefty commission up front, when the sales dried up, the next most important part of the business kicked in, that being the litigation. That’s when Ames started suing everyone and anyone.

    The Pro Harlequin mob made some real interesting comments last night albeit they probably did not understand what they were saying.

    One of the comments averred to the idea that the FSCS should in someway work with Ames to keep the business alive, which would allow the FSCS recoup their losses, sadly the pro Harlequin mob have little understanding of how the FSCS works.

    In simple terms, They only bail out investors in schemes that have failed. Yes I know there is a little more to it then that. But Ames’ companies have failed.

    But the idea in essence was ok, at least the idea that the business should somehow be rescued to allow the FSCS recoup their losses, presumably the Harlequin supporters mob were hoping to see the Ames family as part of the rescue, which brings me to an interesting point,

    Why has Ames sought to destroy the careers of those he is litigating against ?

    Time and time again I have seen the pro Harlequin mob do all they can to try and destroy the reputations of those Ames is litigating or threatening litigation against, the Builder, Mr. Newman etc,

    The builder lost one case and is appealing this, Ames lost a dozen or so cases and is appealing them in St. Vincent. Yet we are being asked to support Ames and his family through and through even though Ames and his family have lost over a dozen cases to date, for amongst other things Fraudulent Misrepresentation.

    I agree that Ames should be supported because if he looses his appeals at least there could be some money for the succesful litigants, in the same way one would expect Ames and his thugs to allow Mr. Newman, the Builder and others to carry on with their careers, if Ames wins the appeal in Ireland at least if the builder was still trading Ames would have some hope of recouping some of his money.

    Yet apparently Ames and his thugs are not interested in this, meerly interested in exacting revenge no matter what the cost to the investors.

    And it is this lust for revenge coupled with the almost manic need to discredit potential witnesses which leads me to conclude that Ames is terrified about what some might have on him.

    However as was pointed out earlier by another poster Ames should not be concerned by what others might say about him, but more importantly what information others might have on him.

    A former friend of Ames and Andy Smith, A Dinky Cameron Balcombe, threatened to have a number of Ames’ “enemies” murdered in his defence of Mr. Ames and Buccament Bay, ironically Mr. Dinky Cameron Balcombes love affair with Ames was short lived as he is now suing Ames and a number of his companies.

    This is not the first time that credible Death threats had been recieved by parties embroiled in litigation with Ames.

    Ames will deny any culpability in these threats, but sadly it is now only a matter of time before someone could get seriously hurt, such is the desperation of Ames.

    Gloating about discrediting witnesses ahead of various trials is frankly a pathetic sad stunt. Why not do it in a court of law, if you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to hide, and discrediting a witness in a court carries far more weight, then allegations of witness tampering.

    The attempt to discredit witnesses does not stop with the builder or Mr. Newman, it includes the Broughtons, Paul Walton, Gareth Fatchett, Regulatory Legal, Niki Crozier, CPC Worldwide, David Man, Cliff Jones, Wilkins Kennedy, DLA Piper, Jorg Roterburg, Desmond La Hue, CLC, their clients etc etc etc

    A few months ago Ames offered CLC’s clients upto £250 K for information that CLC had on Ames as part of a settlement Ames agreed with them.
    Did CLC hand this information over, did they see any money for their clients ? will they see any money, ?

    It was claimed that the settlement was covered by an NDA, but this cannot be the case given the statement by Ames and his lawyers that the case was withdrawn,

    “Harlequin and its lawyers declined to comment, and would only say that the case to sue the Ames’ had been “withdrawn” by the group of 24 investors.”

    The case was not withdrawn or dropped, Ames and his lawyers provided the media with wholly false information regarding the case.

    Ames has in fact agreed to pay the clients a sum in excess of £1.5 million in compensation. Which has not been paid to date. One wonders how long Ames will string the CLC 24 along for?

  225. Anonymous

    Mob? Thugs? And this because people dare to have an opinion. Nice. And it’s Cameron ” Dinky” Balcombe.
    Talking of court cases, what happened to the concrete mixer in Barbados?

  226. Anonymous

    What is Paddy now a virtuous man who had the good of investors in mind? It’ll be Saint Newman next. Lol. These are people who were part of a fraud against DA. Which means part of a fraud against investors.

  227. Anonymous

    And the Anti HP “mob” and “thugs” have not used vile and personal attacks? Your points might be looked at in a objective manner if they were not so one eyed.

  228. Anonymous

    Anonymous 12.59 what Fraud, Ames lied in the Irish case and the Judge believed him, but the case is being appealled so it will be interesting to see the lies of Ames exposed then and the reaction of the appeal judges to this.

    And as for vile comments from the anti Harlequin group, please demonstrate this?

  229. Anonymous

    What fraud? Please give us a break. The judgement stands until the appeal is heard. If it was so obvious DA lied in court then why was this not brought to the judges attention? Why was the appeal not lodged until the very last minute, knowing that any appeal will take 4 years. Until the appeal is heard then “guilty” is the judgement. And as to vile comments from the anti HP group, please demonstrate. You are having a laugh aren’t you. Give me a couple of days and I will clog this thread up with the dozens of vile comments from the anti HP ” thugs”. Your word not mine.

  230. Anonymous

    Anonymous 2.28 pm, it looks like you are being fed a whole heap of horse shit from Dave Ames. In all commercial court cases in Eire, appeals have to be lodged within 28 days, the appeal was lodged as per the Civil Procedural Rules, there was NO delay in filing the appeal.

    Jesus, Ames has to lie now about the appeals process, sadly there are mushrooms like yourself who lap up everything Dave Ames tells you.

    Whilst the builder was at pains to point out to the court that Ames and his witnesses were lying through their teeth, it was only possible to prove these lies post the Eire case, as a result of the evidence in the subsuquent RL actions and the contradictory evidence with the Eire case, the Due diligence and the contradictory evidence with the Eire case, the evidence provided by Ames in the CLC case and the contradictory evidence in the Eire Case and the evidence produced in the Wilkins Kennedy case and the contradictory evidence in the Eire case.

    And given that Ames has lost over a dozen cases in SVG, why not apply the same logic as is being applied to the Irish builder.

    Richard Spector solicitor for Ames is at pains to point out that litigation is not considered complete until the appeals process has been concluded.

    You will be hard pressed to find unwarranted vile comments made against Ames in the manner that others such as Mr. Walton, Mrs. Broughton etc have been subjected to, but please feel free to clog up this forum with vile comments against the Ames family, it will save the rest of us from having to do so, there is no family more deserving of the vilest comments.

  231. Anonymous

    iPod Bobby’s Cabana valueless, iPod Bobby’s investment valueless. iPod Bobby’s rhetoric valueless. iPod Bobby’s whole existence valueless. What a pay back – poetic justice. LOL

  232. Ames and his team are finished😀

    Ames legal team have deserted him, too late, you won’t work as a solicitor again….. SRA complaints tut tut!!

    Misleading the court naughty Andy😘

    All those emails, are you sure you’ve not slipped up ???

    As for recordings wow! 🙉

    You pissed off the wrong people,.

  233. Anonymous

    Yank it in easy is about then. 💤💤💤

  234. Anonymous

    So anonymous 3.01, you don’t think the anti HP “thugs” have made any vile comments about anyone else apart from DA? How about Manderfields son for instance?

  235. Anon

    How do you know as a matter of fact that the Broughtons attacked Robert Storeys ‘Dead Mother’ indeed where is the proof that Robert Storeys mother died. And where is the proof that the Broughtons posted on here.

    And frankly who cares, Manderfield is just as culpable as Ames.

    They took nearly £ 500 million quid, as early as 2008 Ames was buying property for him and his family using money from some of the Caribbean companies, and Ames was always at pains to point out that he took no money from the Caribbean companies,

    A lying thieving conman, his wife was creaming it through HMSSE, Ames through the Caribbean companies. Ames hiding his extraction of funds by using people like Senka Besiviric, truly disgusting.

  236. Anonymous

    So there you have it Anonymous 3.01 the anti HP “thugs” are alive and kicking. Kicking anyone or anything they want. I think RIP has just proved he meets the “thug” description. Vile individual.

  237. Anonymous

    Bob must have broken his iPad working out how he can get some new tires 😳 now Ames has stopped paying him a few crumbs lol

  238. Anonymous

    You don’t need new tyres on a new car lol 🚘💰💰

  239. EB

    I live in Ashton In Makerfield on minimum wage with a non too average food bill to finance, my eating is unaffordable.

    I can’t pay Ames his legal fees back.

  240. Anonymous

    Don’t expect a rational response from the anti HP “thugs”. Lots of bile and spitting but not much else.

  241. Guaranteed Buybacks

    I wonder if the pro harlequin group are able to help clear up something for me and offer a rational response to the following issue.

    Harlequin offered buyers many incentives to purchase their off plan hotel rooms, right up to the sales arm of the company going into liquidation, even offering purchasers ‘guaranteed buybacks’.

    How do the pro harlequin group perceive the selling of off plan property with ‘guaranteed buybacks’ and ‘guaranteed rentals’ by a company with severe cash flow problems ?

    Were harlequin genuinely concerned about the financial welfare of their clients, or were purchasers misled into buying hotel rooms with unrealistic guarantees, or do you have another explanation.

  242. Anonymous

    Easy, pay the completion money and get a rental income.

  243. A happy SIPP investor somewhere in England

    Well glad to see the nasty comments have been removed.

    I will just sit back and wait for my SIPP money to come through, and the slow painful demise of Harlequin.

    All the rest is window dressing and frankly I don’t give a damn.

  244. Look a like Walton

    He looks like the Irish builder!

    Click to access entries-30130803-01962.pdf

  245. Somewhere in Wales

    I am sorry I have posted on the wrong site.
    I have started so I will carry on.
    My car has sailed through the MOT despite doubts on that front wheel.

  246. Anonymous

    @somewhere in Wales, no you haven’t. You may have thought you were posting on an Internet blog, but reading the last two posts you might of thought that you had found an Alzheimer’s blog. The person above has obviously been in a mental time warp. The links above relate to 2013, the world has moved on, except for the poster above who is stuck in his own little world.
    Glad your car passed it’s MOT.

  247. Bob Bob Bobbing along

    Pity Harlequin has not moved on, one little bit.
    Harlequin is insolvent plain and simple, I wonder how Bob will get his return when it’s all gone down the pan?

  248. Anonymous

    If you are replying to my post above, who is “Bob”?

  249. Anonymous

    @ anonymous 8:51am

    “Easy, pay the completion money and get a rental income”.

    That might work for the “lucky” 100-200 who actually have units that are complete enough to use for income purposes. What are the remaining 5800ish investors supposed to do when their unit should have been completed 3 or 4 years ago and the resort still looks like a rubbish dump?

    Do you suggest that they try to get their money back using the “buy back guarantee” that was used as an inducement to get them to invest in the first place? How far do you think they will get? I bet you don’t answer this because there is no satisfactory answer.

  250. A lie too far!!

    That’s what buggered Ames….
    In a conference call with about 70 Harlequin investors, Ames said the FSCS supported the Harlequin trust, and that investors must join it or risk missing out on compensation, Professional Adviser revealed.

  251. From hero to zero.

    In a document from the FSCS seen by Professional Adviser, dated 12 February and marked ‘compensation calculation’, the body lists the value of a Harlequin Property investment as £0.00.

  252. For whom the bell tolls

    Ermmm a question, if the FSCS value the investment at nowt, how can you raise finance when the FSCS will hold the contracts?

  253. Sid

    I think you probably already know the answer to that question Fwtbt.

  254. Ames fell on his sword, the irony.

    Ames told a whopper of a lie, it got back to the FSCS and they decided to stuff him.

  255. Taken out of contextgate

    The FSCS are obviously conspiring with the Irish builder, CLC, Fatchett, Walton, Crozier, WK, Dave Man and the Broughtons

  256. Cash investors - lost cause.

    What about cash investors? We’re stuffed right?

  257. Sid

    Yes, I think we are and have been for quite a while.

  258. Sue the IFA

    That’s about the only option, if a group of you do that and the agent has assets. However, it will not be quick nor easy.

  259. Anonymous

    No DA will not be “stuffed” by the valuation. If the FSCS hold the contracts then they will go after the IFAs and SIPP providers for redress. Exactly as Fatchetts mouthpiece Laura Miller has said.

  260. Anonymous

    If the FSCS is holding, let’s say 3500 contracts with a value of nothing, then they will expect to get back exactly nothing from DA. So what would the point of liquidation be?

  261. Guaranteed Buybacks

    Still awaiting to hear from the pro harlequin group how a cash struck company like harlequin were able to offer ‘guaranteed buybacks’. Perhaps Dave Ames could plead stupidity and naivety when he first offered the ‘guaranteed mortgages , guaranteed rentals etc , but the highly misleading sales tactics continued for years, right to the bitter end.

    “Easy, pay the completion money and get a rental income”.

    Is this the best the pro harlequin group can do ?This does not , in any way, explain how a cash struck company is able to offer ‘Guaranteed Buybacks,

  262. Anon

    You are assuming that the agents will be able to cough up nearly £ 200 million, TM and many other agents are gone, so the FSCS will go to the source. ie Harlequin.

    The other problem Ames has, is if he now claims all is well, then why did the FSCS feel the need to pay out redress in the first place?

    If the business has not failed, then the value of the business would not be zero.

    Again all would be good and no need to pay redress.

    Ames cannot be bailed out by the UK government to the tune of c £ 200 million and expect there to be no come back.

  263. Anonymous

    Group? That’s better than mob and thugs.

  264. Anon

    Anonymous, the point being the business has failed and needs to be wound up, your simplistic view of the world is not a commonly held view point.

    if Ames is paying returns to investors then the money must be available, you stated that if you pay your completion money you will get your return, so the FSCS will probably go after that money.

  265. Anonymous

    The FSCS decision is disastrous for Ames, here’s why.

    IFA suggests to investor that investing their pension is a good idea. IFA produces literature, financial projections, solicitors letters, all from Ames showing what a wonderful investment this is. IFA gets investor to make cheque payable not to IFA but to one of Ames’ companies. IFA recieves commission of about 25 % of the deposit paid, a further 25 % goes to Carol and Dan Ames business now in liquidation (HMSSE). 50 % goes to Dave Ames. Some of this money is then taken by Dave Ames and given to unconnected third parties by way of interest free loans to allow them invest in Dubai properties.
    Yet IFA now needs to pay the full amount paid by the investor back to the investor.
    IFA is not happy about this and watches Dave Ames rub his hands in glee, IFA pursues Ames for providing them with dubious or potentially fraudulent advice.
    IFA will not become the scapegoat for Ames. IFA will come back fighting, more litigation for Ames to contend with.

  266. Anonymous

    Of course money is available for rental returns. It comes from BB income money. My view is not “simplistic”. Better to keep an employer in SVG going than being wound up. Your agenda is simplistic.

  267. simplistuck bob

    Bob give it up for God’s sake. You are talking nonsense.

  268. Anonymous

    “Simplistuck”? Come on Yank one in Easy. Making up new words now? Haha lol

  269. Bob Bob Bobbing along

    Only Bob, only Bob, poor old lapdog, time to have him put down.

  270. Anonymous

    Do you get lonely Yank it in Easy. You seem to crave attention. Are you retired with time on your hands? Do you need a friend? Have you tried on line dating sites? Go and see 50 shades of grey, even you should be able to pull something in there?

  271. Anonymous

    You can book 7 nights at Bucc Bay for Two adults for £ 1000 pp for 7 nights. That’s £ 2000, £ 1000 to the investor for his/her gross 50% gross room revenue and £ 1000 to Bucc Bay to pay for all drinks, all meals, ice creams and staff costs for 2 adults for 7 nights in five star luxury, all maintenance costs, all UK overheads, insurances, water, electricity, all freebie tours, etc etc etc. So Ames and Buccbay do all this on £ 71.00 per night per guest, ah I don’t think so some how. With one hundred units fully booked for a month, 50% of the revenue generated from these rooms in the month would be required to feed the overheads in Basildon alone.

  272. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous March 2, 2015 at 6:50 pm
    “Of course money is available for rental returns. It comes from BB income money. My view is not “simplistic”. Better to keep an employer in SVG going than being wound up. Your agenda is simplistic.”

    If you believe that it is better to keep a failed business afloat because of the 100 or so employees employed then yes your view is totally simplistic. It is no surprise that Ames pulls out this little nugget, let’s not forget his original business plan was based on thousands of primarily UK based investors sharing in the revenues generated through the sales of rooms in 6 mega resorts. Now his business plan appears to revolve around keeping Buccament Bay out of the hands of liquidators, in order to save 100 or so jobs, but what about the 9000 + contracts out there and the investors who hold those contracts.

    As for any liquidation of BBay, it would in all probability be sold to a hotelier, so most if not all of the jobs would be saved, and those employees would probably be much happier knowing a professional outfit was employing them, someone who could pay the salaries on time, and someone who might pay the minimum wage or higher unlike Ames.

  273. Anonymous

    Oh dear Yank it in Easy. You don’t understand the terms of the contracts do you. Bless. Perhaps you need to read a bit more before shooting off from the hip.

  274. Anon

    Anonymous 8.40 pm, please indulge us on the issue of the contract terms with Ames’ companies.

    I for one was under the impression that if the resorts weren’t built by certain dates, Ames would have to refund the deposits + 10%. Do please correct me if I’m wrong.

  275. Anonymous

    Rental returns Anon. Keep on topic.

  276. Anonymous

    Of course we could talk about penalty clauses for not completing on completed properties. Touché

  277. This is the end my friend

    Very shortly Ames will announce the liquidation of Buccament Bay,

  278. Anonymous

    Hahaha lol 😹😹😹

  279. Anon

    “It comes from BB income money”

    So we’re being told now that returns are being paid through the operating revenue of Buccament Bay. Surely this can’t be profit, as Ames’ companies are in arrears with so many creditors, and as such will surely be coming to terms with those debts?

    This also would suggest that accounting information for the resort is available, and therefore should be made available upon request of an interested party wanting to complete, yes?

    I’m yet to hear any more news about more people completing. The only word out of the bunker is that 2 have done so. If this is the case, your claims that “completing” (which, by the way, over 100 people attempted before the HHR… or is that ASOL… company subsequently went into liquidation…. bye bye money) will yield a rental return?

    I find this highly amusing to say the least.

    I just can’t see how a company who has its assets valued negative to its liabilities not only by the UK government, but Harlequin’s own patsy accountant Jim Baker, is able to justify splitting the rental income of its shitty maggot-infested huts with people stupid enough to give them more money.

    Harlequin’s days are (thankfully) numbered. The amount of wasted time on this fiasco has been enormous. I truly hope that whoever is behind the squalid posts of depraved hope comes to their senses before it’s too late.

    Oh and HMRC are investigating. If the resort makes profit, I think they’ll want their cut before anyone gets theirs.

  280. PHIG's Been Quiet Recently

    Wonder where kind & friendly Bob has gone?

  281. Anonymous

    We’ll as you think you are wasting your time why not save yourself the effort, go get a life, take a drive in the desert or mix some concrete. There I’ve given you a few suggestions so as to stop wasting your time, and ours. Here’s a suggestion, read up on P & L accounting. Try and understand the difference between income money and profit. I bet Gezza can help you on that.

  282. Anon

    “Of course money is available for rental returns. It comes from BB income money. My view is not “simplistic”. Better to keep an employer in SVG going than being wound up. Your agenda is simplistic.”

    Yes better to keep an honest, local employer going. Local. Honest. Not Essex.

    A simplistic view would be thus: Harlequin build hotels. Harlequin built BB. BB running. Harlequin success.

    That is your view. Hence your view is simplistic.

    A more comprehensive view would be:

    Harlequin was given mandate from 6000 individuals to build ~9000 units at various sites in the Caribbean. This was done in good faith, based on the copious marketing material Harlequin produced even before any bricks have been laid.

    Each contract contained a deadline which, as is stipulated in writing, the investor is entitled to claim a refund if this deadline is broken. The deadlines are mostly broken, which means 1000’s of people are entitled to ask for a refund. As Harlequin do not have the money to pay these refunds, it has liabilities exceeding its asset value, hence making it insolvent on paper.

    Harlequin’s only operations – Buccament Bay & Blu St Lucia are generating revenue by bringing in low grade travel deal customers on a discount basis. The profit from these excursions will be threadbare, against many of the claims made in the marketing material provided by the company. This, coupled with the shady practices of the operator of the company, make it a minefield for anyone wanting to complete, hence getting access to the aforementioned “returns” which you seem so sure are being paid will be a moonshot….

    Therefore, although BB and Blu are operational, serious questions as to the integrity of the core business (building resorts and receiving returns) are apparent. This is compounded by the SFO investigation, recent FSCS valuations and continued “out of context” claims made by Ames.

    Although money may be available to those 2 who have completed, the fact remains that nowhere near the 9000 units sold have been built, and the idea that Harlequin are going to get their “construction” money from winning a court case has as much investment-logic as going to the casino.

    If I were asked whether I would trust a twice bankrupt double glazing salesman with a significant sum of money, I’d immediately say “no”. But this has happened due to the fraud proliferated by David Ames and his crooked family.

  283. Anon

    “Try and understand the difference between income money and profit”

    “Income” is often called revenue or gross income. Profit is oft referred to as operating income or net income. The reason it is called operating income is because it is the net return created from operating the company.

    Profits, in the case of a hotel, are derived from the running of the business – daily income minus daily expenses etc. The returns to investors should come from the profit of the resort, or in the case of Harlequin, the rooms.

    Surely you cannot be suggesting that the rental return will come before paying such trivialities as overheads, employee salaries, food stocks, maintenance, marketing, tax, etc? That would not be a prudent business endeavour, yet would explain the majority of the problems we see with Harlequin.

  284. Anonymous

    Anon, but Ames is comitted to providing a Guaranteed 10% return in the first two years followed by a 50% share in the room revenues after that. It was never stated that the 50% came after costs, it was always to be 50% net on the room revenue, so Ames will have to change the current AI set up, unless of course that is why he gets guests to sign for million dollar beers.

  285. Anonymous

    Ames has a wee problem, the avg nightly rate per person is £ 75.00 AI.

    So he is getting an avg of £ 150 quid a night per room, all inclusive. Lets say the resort has an occupancy level of 70%, and that he has 140 rooms available to let out. This would give an income to the resort of £ 5,365,500.00.

    Now let us say that Ames has got 140 people to complete, and we are going to go with facts here, not supposition, but facts. According to Ames Buccament Bay is valued at $250 million dollars, a valuatuon based on figures put together by a QS firm called BCQS, furthermore they claim that the contract price paid for the completed units was £60 million quid. Ames seems to think the figure is £ 68 million quid in an interview he did with the Basildon Echo in March 2012, meaning that the average price of a unit was
    £ 486,000.00 but let’s take the word of BCQS.

    For reference purposes see the link to the article below. Ames was moaning he was owed £ 48 million quid from investors in March 2013. However to be owed something you need to be in a position to give the people what they paid for and we know now that the “completions” did not start till 2014.

    I do use the word “completions” loosely given that Ames has only claimed 2 completions to date with PHIG blaming local lawyers for the delays, PHIG probably not understanding that the incumberances on the registered land would prevent proper title being conveyed to investors.

    Click to access entries-30130803-01962.pdf

    So Ames has guaranteed £ 6 – £ 6.8 million quid a year back to investors. But the resort is only generating a turnover of £ 5,365,000 quid.

    Ames is already after squandering the initial 30% deposit, with 70% left to bring in, however of the 70% just shy of 30% of this needs to be kept to pay back the guaranteed returns over two years.

    This leaves Ames with just 49% of the investors cash to plough into building the resorts, paying for the thirty odd staff in Basildon, making up for any shortfalls in the operation of the BucBay Resort, etc etc. In real money terms, Ames would have about £ 15 – £ 20 million left to play with if all investors completed, at least 25% of these remaining funds would have to be earmarked to pay those succesful litigants in the cases Ames has lost to date in SVG and the UK.

    The remaining balance after the deductions for the litigation would be at risk, if Shipleys the FSCS or HMRC or indeed the local creditors in Barbados knew for one moment that Ames has a couple of million sloshing around, I don’t think they would be too slow in pursuing Ames for it.

    Given the recent investor successes in SVG and the UK against Ames it would not be long before other litigants used the same methods as were employed in both SVG and the UK especially if it were widely known that Ames had cash. And the flood gates could very well open, see for Ames the completions have become something of a double edged sword.

  286. Anonymous

    Remind me again who has been successful in the UK against DA?

  287. Opperation Blue Book

    Well, I think it’s ironic the GV has been caught out, on a recording, saying the FSCS said you must join his tin pot Trust.

    This seems to have irritated them somewhat.

    It would be foolhardy to think that various Government departments are not working together on this.

    I did hear a whisper that a special project called Operation Blue Book has been set up to look into bringing this mater to a close.

  288. Anon

    “Anon, but Ames is comitted to providing a Guaranteed 10% return in the first two years followed by a 50% share in the room revenues after that. It was never stated that the 50% came after costs, it was always to be 50% net on the room revenue, so Ames will have to change the current AI set up, unless of course that is why he gets guests to sign for million dollar beers.”

    Well this seems to be a point of contention.

    “Room revenues” suggest gross income of the room. Whereas you assert that it would be 50% of the “net revenue” of the room.

    In my world, gross suggests paying returns before any profit is announced. Net would suggest that returns are administered through the operating income (IE income – expenses; profit) of a room.

    If the room doesn’t make any profit (IE Ames sends freeloaders from deal websites), the “net revenue” won’t be very much at all, will it?

  289. Anon

    “Remind me again who has been successful in the UK against DA?”

    There are at least 17 in SVG with more due soon.

  290. Anonymous

    What part of IN THE UK is difficult to understand? Last time I looked SVG is not in the UK.

  291. Anonymous

    The CLC case, Ames is selling property in a bid to fullfill the deal he has struck to pay them off. Oh Dave did not tell you this? I’m not surprised one little bit. I suppose he is keeping this quiet in case others follow the same path as CLC.

  292. Stringing them along lol

    But has he paid them 😉 He is just ”buying” time.

  293. Anon

    “What part of IN THE UK is difficult to understand? Last time I looked SVG is not in the UK.”

    Do keep up.

    The “Harlequin Group” is not an entity which can be represented in the UK any more, at least according to the RL case. I am merely alighting to the fact that the “business” of Harlequin is conducted in SVG, and hence will be where litigation will proceed. Surely Dave informed you of this?

    But as you want UK-based judgements, you may wish to consider the CLC case, in which Ames’ personal assets were frozen, as well as the “statutory demand” which of course toppled HMSSE. The Irish appeal, which as is it’s held in NI, will be considered part of the UK, will also be an indicator of a case which Ames has not concluded positively. Further, the SFO, Wilkins Kennedy and results of the HMRC investigation are being awaited.

    Again, more ill-informed vitriolic bile from several scared individuals indeed.

  294. Harlequin "insolvent" - FSCS



    The most recent redress determination has a section which explains the basis of the calculation. Tellingly, the FSCS describe both the Harlequin & SCS Farmland investments as “insolvent”. There can be no doubt the FSCS will have reviewed the Harlequin / SCS Farmland accounts / structures.

    A “nil” value is one thing, but for the FSCS to state that Harlequin is insolvent is a step further. We were surprised to see this in the determination.

    Our focus is on redress and we feel this underlines the way in which the regulatory machine (FSCS/ FOS / FCA) view the Harlequin investment.

    Speak to our Harlequin team as we can help you in your redress claim. 01384 889900.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  295. RL 2 SALES PEOPLE 0

    Holkham have changed their name to Otterburn Redress !

    I am sure that will fool everyone (not)

  296. Anonymous

    @Anon (somewhere in the desert) Anonymous 3.23 made a statement “to pay those successful litigants in the cases Ames has lost to date in the SVG and the UK”
    The question was then asked “remind me again who has been successful in the UK against DA”
    Anon 9.07 ” there are at least 17 in SVG with more due soon”
    Anonymous 10.34 “the CLC case”
    Anon 11.10 “do keep up” blah blah blah. Anon then went on a rambling explanation about companies etc.
    So Anon, have the CLC crowd received any compensation monies?
    What has the Irish appeal got to do with it? Struggling for something there.
    If you are such an expert in HP companies maybe you should have another meeting in a tent in the desert and impart this information to RL. How did their court case go in the UK lol
    “Again more ill-informed vitriolic bile from several scared individuals indeed”
    A simple question was asked, your comments underlines the attitudes of a “thug” Do keep up haha lol

  297. Anonymous

    Garreth you are such a tease, keeping that little nugget from us for a week or so.

    Well that’s it then. Finally confirmation from the UK authorities that Harlequin are gone belly up.

    In other words it’s OVER. Ames will of course disagree with the statement from the FSCS and will probably seek to sue them for Trillions, promising to put this into the pot along with the WK winnings, subject to a Tomlin order NDA of course.

    To anyone out there currently doing a deal with Ames, it’s time you contacted your legal advisors and keep what you already have, Ames is desperate now and needs all his assets, so if you can find some way of securing what you have, keep it, because there ain’t going to be anything much left to share out with the 9000 + Contract holders, HMRC, Shipleys, the various suppliers, local staff, and the numerous legal teams for all sides owed vast sums of money.

  298. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 1.38 pm, if Dave Ames agreed a settlement with the CLC litigants but has chosen not to honor this, well I for one would not gloat about it, but just to remind you of a simple fact in the CLC case, the claimants in that case appear to have obtained legal charges over all of the Ames personal assets in the UK, legal charges were obtained by a company called CLC nominees, if Ames agreed to these legal charges he and his wife and son will find it rather difficult to have them removed, and if I was a betting man, my guess is that Ames would have a drop dead date by which he has to come up with cash for the claimants, otherwise the claimants will cash in those charges. So in this case the CLC claimants are secure in the knowledge that in the not to distant future they will recover the bulk of their losses.

    It’s just a pity that other lawyers did not take a similar action to that of CLC for their clients as the CLC action appears on the face of it to have been successful.

    Anonymous 1.38 pm, it also appears that the announcement from the FSCS regarding the insolvent nature of Harlequin has gone completely over your head.

    The UK government have called it. Harlequin is INSOLVENT. Perhaps you might like to comment on this ?

  299. Anon

    @Anonymous 1:38pm

    I don’t know what you’re talking about a “meeting in the desert”.

    I am not an expert on the companies of the Harlequin “group”, and unless you give us an indication of your familiarity with the inner workings of the organization (IE you are under employ of Harlequin), I doubt you are either.

    If this is the case, I am assuming you have the same information as I, and other posters on here, I am struggling to discern your high-horsed manner at which you seem to berate other posters (vitriolic bile).

    A simple question was asked, your comments underlines the attitudes of a “thug”

    No they don’t. They are the workings of someone trying to discern the frankly impetuous and child-like responses you give to people actively seeking real information.

    Not only are your responses feebly opaque, but they also actively misguide people as to the true workings of the string of insolvent legal entities oft referred to as the “Harlequin Group”.

    For example, confounding that your assertion was, according to you, if people “complete”, they’ll get a “return” from the “income” of Buccament Bay. Yet we are neither partial to the accounts of this “highly successful” resort, nor the returns which have apparently been provided. Hence your claims are nothing more than wild speculation.

    A thug-like response will be to wave a heavy hand against anyone whom you deem would “undermine” the “investment”. A thug-like response would entail attacking people with legitimate queries through musings of investors having been the major cause of the fiasco we now see.

    I certainly see one type of thug-like response. That of an unfortunate individual swept up in something far beyond his comprehension.

  300. Anonymous

    Yes Anon, I asked a simple question. Perhaps you could give examples of the “vitriolic bile” you seem so keen to discuss. Perhaps you could answer the question where DA has had to pay the successful litigants in the UK?

  301. Anonymous

    The legal charges my friend.

  302. Anon

    “DA has had to pay the successful litigants in the UK?”

    I’m not partial to that information. As I doubt you are, unless of course, you are privy to the confidential agreements so favoured by Ames?

    I do know that David Ames has his name on 9000 contracts from which he needs to pay UK citizens a rental return which, as of today, has not been forthcoming. This, along with the HMRC, countless creditors and soon more litigants will surely keep him awake at night.

    Perhaps you could give examples of the “vitriolic bile”:

    1. “What part of IN THE UK is difficult to understand? Last time I looked SVG is not in the UK.”

    2. “We’ll as you think you are wasting your time why not save yourself the effort, go get a life, take a drive in the desert or mix some concrete.”

    3. “talk about penalty clauses for not completing on completed properties”

    4. “Do you get lonely Yank it in Easy. You seem to crave attention. Are you retired with time on your hands? Do you need a friend? Have you tried on line dating sites? Go and see 50 shades of grey, even you should be able to pull something in there?”

    5. “You may have thought you were posting on an Internet blog, but reading the last two posts you might of thought that you had found an Alzheimer’s blog”

    That’s just what I can be bothered to find from a few minutes of scrolling.

  303. Anonymous

    You poor sensitive soul. If you think the above is “vitriolic bile” you need to get out more. Oops sorry if that last statement has upset your sensitive side. Where do you get the idea that DA has to pay UK citizens rental returns ( suggesting he does not have to pay non UK citizens) and which has not been forthcoming. I apologise unreservedly if that question is a tad too aggressive. Lol

  304. Anonymous

    To me it tastes that the FSCS has based its calculation on the basis that HP are insolvent, is that different to Harlequin being insolvent?

  305. Anonymous


  306. Anonymous

    You will find that the FSCS is referring to Harlequin Property as the complete set of companies.

  307. Anonymous

    Well if that’s the case then that’s WK screwed. They have tried to dismiss part of the claim because of this.

  308. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 3.27 pm, you are a bit confused, WK’s insurers are looking to strike out HH&R as it is their claim that WK never acted for HH&R. The FSCS appear to be referring to Harlequin Property generically, but I would guess should anyone need clarification on the matter the FSCS would be willing to clarify this by naming each and every company they state as being insolvent.

    It must be noted that the FSCS will be paying out redress on contracts in the name of a myriad of Ames’ companies and not just HP.

    You will also probably find that WK’s insurers will defend the allegations brought by Ames by using factual evidence, something Ames has appeared unwilling or unable to do in the past. The statement from the FSCS also helps the WK case, given that WK have stated that it was their view that Ames was trading insolvently, so now that it is confirmed that Ames is trading insolvently, ( an illegal act in itself), all WK will need to do is to prove the companies were indolvent for the past number of years.

    The only one screwed today is Dave Ames, Carol, Dan and the bunch of hangers on at Harlequin.

  309. Anonymous

    Sorry ” insolvent “

  310. God works in mysterious ways, Otterburgare is regulated by GOD! We don't need the MOJ

    Name & Registered Office:
    23 CITY ROAD
    CB1 1DP
    Company No. 09118162

    Previous Names:
    Date of change Previous Name

    Sorry, this business has not been found

  311. Anonymous

    Nope you cannot have it both ways. HP has stated in its case that HP is a generic term which covers a multitude of companies. FSCS would appear to agree with that. If HP was trading insolvently, then why did a top 20 firm of accountants continue to represent them? In fact take money from an insolvent company? I would not think that is very professional, would you? Regarding factual evidence I think you will find that WK have been very reluctant to provide factual evidence. The end of March should be interesting.

  312. Anonymous

    Anonymous 5.32 pm, the WK defence is quite clear in that they will be seeking to prove that Harlequin was insolvent prior to their resignation, btw there is no problem with an accountancy firm working for an insolvent company, in fact that’s what Shipleys did and are doing with HMSSE first in acting as Administrators and then as liquidators.

    In 2013 and again in 2014 Jim Baker provided evidence demonstrating that most if not all of Ames’ companies were trading insolvently, yet he and his firm continued to work for and be paid by Ames.

    So nothing odd in that whatsoever.

    On the matter of the companies, you appear not to understand what it is I’m saying, Ames controls a large number of businesses which are as a matter of law distinct and seperate entities, and we are dealing with legal issues and the law in the Wilkins case, Ames incorrectly refers to Harlequin as a group, yet as explained before there is no group structure, the FSCS meerly referred to the various companies as Harlequin Property out of ease, the FSCS as a matter of law would not concur with Ames’ view that somehow all the companies are connected, because as a matter of law they are not.

    And it’s always roll on the end of this date and that date. The H Hotel in Barbados was supposed to have started in the first quarter of 2015, will it have restarted by the end of March 2015, the answer is NO.

    You state that Wilkins Kennedy appear reluctant to pass over information, how do you know this ? Is this something Ames told you or are you just plucking this out of your ass.

    Their is an agreed timetable for the discovery of documents and the swapping of documents, this date has not yet been arrived at, so to state that WK are reluctant to hand over documents at this stage is utter crap.

    The FSCS have stated that Ames’ companies are trading insolvently, FACT, for a company to continue to trade whilst knowingly insolvent is an illegal act. FACT. So Ames and Co. are breaking the law. FACT.

  313. Anonymous

    And you say there is an agreed timetable for the discovery of documents and the swapping of documents, this date has not yet been arrived at. Now who told you that or are you just plucking this out of your arse. (No American spelling from me)

  314. Anonymous

    I asked Wilkins Kennedy how things were progressing, as I am a client, there is nothing strange in that. None at all.

  315. Anonymous

    Yes pull the other one. By the way my apologies for using the word Arse. It was probably too much for Anon 2.29 and would have resulted in an attack of apoplexy. Never the less there is no way WK would have discussed the case with anyone. I would put money on that.

  316. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 6.39 pm, if you were a client of theirs they might, or again is Ames the one with a veto on information pertaining to cases.

    There was also a case management conference at the end of January, Ames was at pains to point this out to everyone, and it was at this case management conference that timetables for discovery were laid down.

    I have been assisting Wilkins Kennedy with their case, giving them a whole array of letters and emails from Ames and Co. containing promises made, that could never have been kept, it looks like Dave was keeping lots from Wilkins Kennedy, for example WK were not aware that Dave was providing interest free loans to a Senka Besirivic amongst others. Wilkins Kennedy were not aware of the Witness Statements produced by James Albert Baker, etc etc etc, all of course very helpful information.

  317. Anonymous

    I bet you couldn’t help with the “reluctant e mails” lol

  318. – Anon 6:39
    On my side of the pond the adverb is “nevertheless”….one word

  319. Anonymous

    Ames “lost” in plenty of actions in the UK in terms of settling before the actions went to court.

    It was my opinion that the actions I knew of that were settled before they went to court were deliberately prolonged by Ames in an attempt to force the other party into giving up since they’d run out of money to spend on litigation; and failing that, the actions were settled before reaching court so that under no circumstances was Ames’ ponzi scheme, lies, deceit and incompetence shown up, evidenced and analysed in court.

    Settlements were made at any point anywhere from after prolonged negotiations concerning investors obtaining refunds contractually due, right up to disclosure in legal action and a claim. And, of course, absolutely EVERY settlement was conditional on the claimant signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement, so beloved by Ames.

    Ames basically blackmails and bullies potentially successful claimants (i.e. investors contractually due refunds) by forcing them (usually after many many years of trying to obtain their money back) into an NDA agreement in order to get their money from him, and this prevents him (the conman) going to court.

  320. Anonymous

    Anonymous 7.20 perhaps you should sort out Apple spell check, a product from “your side of the pond”

  321. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous on March 3, 2015 at 7:16 pm
    I bet you couldn’t help with the “reluctant e mails” lol

    Well I don’t find any of this funny, and I have no reluctance what so ever in handing over all I have to Kennedys, indeed it is my pleasure. As it was and is handing over the information to HMRC, the SFO and Shipleys. I can assure you, there was absolutely no reluctance in my part. None whatsoever.

    I look forward to the disclosure in the Wilkins Kennedy case, because I know Ames will claim that he had forgotten about certain events or assets, which I will make Kennedys aware of in due course.

    I also took the liberty of reminding Kennedys of Operation Orange, just on the off chance Wilkins Kennedy might have forgotten this. I know Dave was not going to raise this point.

    But I suspect the liquidators of Ames’ companies will not pursue the Wilkins Kennedy case, so my efforts may we’ll be in vain, still, I have absolutely no regrets, as a “clown and con man” was once asked, ” Was it worth it “, I can safely say, helping Shipleys, HMRC, The SFO, RL and Kennedys was not just worth it, but immensely gratifying.

    I feel proud in having assisted in taking a conman off the streets. I really do.

  322. .

    My comment re reluctant e mails went right over your head. You obviously don’t know as much as you let on. Perhaps you should ask WK about them.

  323. .

    You obviously have dilutions of your own importance. DA is still very much “on the street” you need to get over yourself. Apologies to anyone who finds the comment full of bile. Haha lol

  324. Anon

    The emails Ames was paying £ 250 k for, the disk that was handed to Ames, oh yes we know all about that, maybe Dave Ames should consider the content of those emails? What was it Ames stated, he had finance prior to the downturn in 2008? Well not according to the emails he didn’t, and the purchase of the land at Merricks, conning an investor, yes it’s all on the disk, the copy of the disk.

  325. Anonymous

    “dilutions of your own importance”?? Now we know Ames is talking!

    “Delusions”, Ames, you f**king idiot!

  326. Walton, would not be bullied and refused the NDA

    Not all…

    Ames basically blackmails and bullies potentially successful claimants (i.e. investors contractually due refunds) by forcing them (usually after many many years of trying to obtain their money back) into an NDA agreement in order to get their money from him, and this prevents him (the conman) going to court.

  327. Anonymous

    Apple spell check. Sort them out “your side of the pond” and no Anon, you still don’t know. Lol. Keep guessing, you just are not on the ball. Perhaps you will know by the end of March.

  328. However

    But it did send her mad!

  329. Anonymous

    anon @ 8.25
    I would be very interested to see these emails, were they found on a train by any chance ? are they available for download anywhere ?

  330. Anon

    A lot of people are very interested in these emails, there are a large number of crackers amongst the emails, one is about the payment of a deposit for the land at Merricks, apparently Ames did not have the full amount of the deposit and was trying to cojole an investor on BBay to pay a deposit for Buc Bay quickly, so that that deposit could then be used to bridge the gap in the amount to be paid for the deposit at Merricks, even then Ames was still short, so they told their colleagues to tell the sellers of the land at Merricks that the shortfall was down to an exchange rate cock up. Lol.

    Plenty of emails from young Matt too, those are priceless, sadly Ames will claim all these emails are privileged, it’s a pity then that he did not ask the provider of these emails to provide the originals, and to destroy any copies they might have.

    I’m sure the emails will be published if Ames does not follow through on his commitment to pay the £ 250 k he promised to pay in order to get them.

    I do however suspect that the emails will prove somewhat of a poisoned chalice to all concerned but most especially the Ames family.

  331. Anonymous

    What’s happening at the end of March, announcements of more litigation perhaps? No thanks not interested.

    But how about an announcement on finance? Or the announcement that the H Hotel has commenced? Or that the interest payments have recommenced? Or that work on Merricks has started, maybe we can have another Ground Breaking ceremony at Merricks. Like the one we had in September 2010, or is it to soon, the last ground breaking ceremony was only 4.5 years ago,

    Or that the FSCS got it all wrong and Ames and his companies are swimming in money, or that Dave Ames has just won the Euro Millions lottery jackpot, and is putting the winnings into his companies subject to an NDA of course.

  332. A lot of the “oldie goldies” based at least part-time in the Islands, have
    suddenly gone silent. No St Georges Dragon, no Yatinkiteasy,
    no Buccamentbay Watch. These boots on the ground must have
    had access to some pretty damaging information. All the hoi polloi
    such as myself can do nothing but sit back and wait.

  333. Anonymous

    Yatinkiteasy is still on here posting under numerous IDs. Tried to be too clever and caught himself out haha lol

  334. Anon

    On the day the FSCS announce that Harlequin as a collection of companies is insolvent, and as a result investors having been told there is no chance of recouping any funds from any of the Harlequin companies, we still have Anonymous 11.12 pm The Laughing Hyena trying to make a mockery out of the situation.

    What the Laughing Hyena appears not to understand, is that in the real world it is an offence to trade whilst knowingly insolvent.

    We had another poster earlier, possibly The Laughing Hyena, telling us that Ames was still on the streets.

    The Laughing Hyena and his friends think this is one big joke. Today the FSCS confirmed the fears of some 6000 investors who hold 9000 contract that Ames’ companies are INSOLVENT. And that there is no hope of getting any money back.

    Disgusting that the response from the Laughing Hyena and his friends is ” Ha Ha, lol, wait till the end of March, etc etc etc.”

    They are a truly pathetic and disgusting bunch of moronic pawns in the Ames family little game.

  335. St George's Dragon

    I am still here in Barbados and I read what is being posted but don’t tend to contribute. That’s for two reasons – firstly there is nothing happening here on the ground to report that I know of and secondly, it appears that to post these days, you need a wider vocabulary of gutter language than I have.
    If you want photos of dead, vandalised projects, I am happy to oblige but rusting steel reinforcement isn’t that exciting.
    Maybe I should look into what Mr Campion is up to.

  336. Failed finance, failed business man

    @St George’s Dragon
    I agree nothing to do apart from get my Sipp claim in and sit back and wait for the Diddy one to hang himself.

  337. The wise old owl

    No Anon, investors have not been told there is no chance of recouping any funds from Harlequin properties. More lies from you haha lol

  338. whatsthefuss

    @The wise old owl

    Well if you think you will get anything out of Harlequin, and it make you happy carry on dick for brains.

  339. Anon

    @ The wise old owl 8:45 am, sorry mate but that’s exactly what the FSCS have said to investors.

    The only liar here is you The Laughing Hyena, you are no wise old owl just a twisted old fool.

  340. The wise old owl

    No read the statement again. No where does it say investors stand no chance of recouping any money. So more lies from the anti HP thugs. And Anon I am not your “mate” Usual rhetoric from sub normal anti HP trolls. At least Whatsthefuss, I have a brain, not a gap between my ears like you.

  341. HP Propagandist Rules

    You don’t have to be right, just make the other person look wrong.

  342. Anon

    Wise owl, maybe you’d like to regale us with how Harlequin actually plan to provide returns?

    …or maybe you’ll just resort to your propagandist handbook, and come back with some un-substantive wisecrack comment designed to deflect from the real issues, and make people believe “the builder” or “WK” are to blame?

  343. Anonymous

    bit slow on the concrete mixing today Anon

  344. HP Propogandist Rules

    # 2

    If you can demonstrate that anyone challenging HP is;

    Looks funny,
    Has done something wrong

    then this means that HP is a sound prospect worthy of respect and fully in control of all their projects.

  345. Anon

    @ The wise old owl on March 4, 2015 at 9:32 am, you appear unable or unwilling to grasp what the FSCS have said, in simple English they have said there will be no money forthcoming from Harlequin or any of Ames’ companies to repay investors, hence the reason the FSCS have begun the process of paying out on redress claims. In the event that any cash might be available or forthcoming from Ames this cash will now be payable to the FSCS and NOT the investor.

    I think they have made this abundantly clear.

    Ames’ companies are insolvent and my guess is that Ames is now accountable to the FSCS for any cash any of his companies generates, which includes the cash generated from the recent sale of Dubai properties.

    Now I know you don’t want to believe that Ames’ has finally succumbed to the inevitable, and you can continue to pray or hope that this is just a bad dream, but back in the real world, the FSCS through their actions have confirmed what was already widely known and that is that Ames and his businesses are finished.

    ITS OVER, simple.

  346. RL Update February 2015
  347. RL 3 SALES PEOPLE 0

    RL clearly feel happy about something. Their forum is back up and running.

  348. Anonymous

    RL have been working closely with Grant Thornton, the fact that they are so bullish indicates that all is not well in the Ames HQ, expect further announcements shortly on the administration / liquidation of Ames companies in SVG.

    Readers on BFP were warned that this was taking place in SVG, but the laughing hyena and his mates scoffed at the idea.

    For Gareth Fatchett to state that Harlequin Ames have not yet obtained finance nor have they restarted any of their projects speaks volumes. Ames tried it on with Gareth Fatchett, having the consequence that Gareth was temporarily removed by RL, but now that RL and Gareth Fatchett have dealt effectively with the SRA complaints against them Gareth has returned to the fold in fighting form.

    Again Ames had hoped like he has done with so many others that Gareth Fatchett would have rolled over and crawled away, well no, sadly for Ames he has made too many enemies and only has himself to blame for the demise of his corrupt, fraudulent enterprise that is Harlequin.

  349. The wise old owl

    Of course RL are happy, 15% of £50k x 3500 = lots of dosh. However the euphoria of the above posts leaves a lot of unanswered questions. To say the FSCS will become a major player in HP is over simplistic. And to read the FSCS release it obviously has not been thought through and is vague on several points. And contrary to the euphoric drivel from Anon above, the FSCS have not said there will be no money from DA to repay investors. Anon has missed the point, it’s not the FSCS that supplies the compensation monies, it’s the IFAs, the FSCS only handle the money. So why should DA have to compensate the FSCS? It’s not their money.

  350. HP Propagandist Rules

    Downplay any problems which may make “Dave” look bad.

    If opposition persists, see rule #1

  351. Anon

    So Wise owl, I presume you’re regulated by the SRA and are a practising solicitor with 1,000’s of clients?

    If not, perhaps you’d like to display your credentials so that we can take what you write seriously.

    I need clarification on these points:

    1. “To say the FSCS will become a major player in HP is over simplistic.” – how?

    2. “And to read the FSCS release it obviously has not been thought through and is vague on several points” – rich coming from a Harlequin supporter.

    3. “the FSCS have not said there will be no money from DA to repay investors” – it’s not their position to do so. Anon was alluding to the fact that Harlequin’s companies are insolvent, as they cannot repay the £440m they potentially have outstanding in legitimate refund requests.

    4. ” it’s not the FSCS that supplies the compensation monies, it’s the IFAs,” – yes, ALL IFA’s, banks and other financial institutions. David Ames spent the money he had on commissions and other intrigues (litigation of which £6m was spent and Harlequin Air of which £1.4m was spent). Only circa 7% was spent on building (to take numbers from another poster on here).

    So to answer your question “So why should DA have to compensate the FSCS?” – it’s because he’s had the money and spent it. Do you seriously think that the FSCS are simply going to write a blank cheque so a double-bankrupt PVC salesman can have a jolly in the Caribbean? I think I might do it next – get some CGI printed on glossy brochures, scam 1,000’s of pensioners into giving me money so I can have a 5-year holiday “supervising” the building of the non-existent resorts. Then the FSCS pays out, I’ll just claim that the accountants were bent, sue them and retire with a little resort generating revenue.

  352. Anonymous

    @ The wise old owl on March 4, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    You appear to have no understanding whatsoever of how this works.

    Of course RL are happy, 15% of £50k x 3500 = lots of dosh. However the euphoria of the above posts leaves a lot of unanswered questions. To say the FSCS will become a major player in HP is over simplistic.

    (No it’s very simple, for every redress payment made the FSCS will retain the contract, if they pay out in excess of 50% of the investors they become the single largest creditor, simple, creditor being someone who is owed money, in this case in excess of £ 200 million quid owed to the UK government by Ames. No ambiguity about this whatsoever)

    And to read the FSCS release it obviously has not been thought through and is vague on several points.

    ( please point out where it is vague, and please explain why you think the FSCS have released a document which has not been thought through, if it was not thought through then maybe Ames should sue the FSCS ?).

    And contrary to the euphoric drivel from Anon above, the FSCS have not said there will be no money from DA to repay investors.

    (That is I am afraid exactly what the FSCS have said, they could not be clearer, you appear to have no understanding of the FSCS wording)

    Anon has missed the point, it’s not the FSCS that supplies the compensation monies, it’s the IFAs, the FSCS only handle the money.

    ( No it is the FSCS that provides the redress, not the IFA’s, the FSCS is funded by way of a levy on IFA firms and the funds are then used by the FSCS to pay out redress claims on various failed investments. Look at the levy like you would look at tax.)

    So why should DA have to compensate the FSCS? It’s not their money.

    ( The FSCS become the primary contract holder once redress is paid to an investor, making the FSCS a creditor to Harlequin, therefore meaning that Ames Harlequin owes the FSCS the money.)

  353. The wise old owl

    Ok Anon, putting aside your rather childish response, let me put one point to you. Hypothetically.
    An investor has paid a deposit of say £80k
    Under the compensation scheme the max he can get back is £50k minus £7500 RL commission.
    FSCS holds the £50k worth of contract
    Who holds the remaining £30k?
    And you have not answered the key point. The IFAs pay into a compensation fund, the FSCS holds that fund. Under pressure from RL they have decided to pay out of that fund. As I have previously said, it’s not the FSCS money, they merely collect and distribute that money. You have completely missed the point.

  354. The wise old owl

    Once and for all, show me where it says in the FSCS statement that there is no money for DA to repay investors

  355. Anon

    Well let’s look forward to Harlequin’s trust resolving the matter then 🙂

  356. The wise old owl

    In other words you have no answer do you. So if you cannot answer that one point then the rest of your ramblings are rather pointless aren’t they. 1-0 to me I would say.

  357. Anon #2

    Well I do have opinions, but seeing as I am not the FSCS, nor am I partial to how the FSCS works, I would rather keep them to myself rather than post them to appease you. If people do want advice, I would recommend contacting RL who are regulated solicitors.

    In regards to “1-0 to me I would say”, I would like to highlight something you wrote… “rather childish response”.

    In regards to “So if you cannot answer that one point then the rest of your ramblings are rather pointless”, I don’t think so. This blog is a way for genuinely concerned people to discern fact from fallacy. Fallacy which you help spread.

    Since you’re so concerned about asking about specific answers, maybe you could give us this week’s excuse as to why DA has not built any of the resorts? What about receiving a return? The finance? Directors’ loans? Dubai Property? Matt Ames in jail for fraud? SFO investigation? Harlequin Air? Litigation costing £6m?

    I’ll wait here for your immature response, typically about how “it’s the builders’ fault”, or “you’re boring now”; maybe even “hahaha you don’t know the facts” or something similar.

    I’d love to find out who you are. I bet you’re living with your parents in some terraced house with some shitty job that permits you to post on here all day.

  358. Anon

    @ The wise old owl on March 4, 2015 at 4:19 pm
    Ok Anon, putting aside your rather childish response, let me put one point to you. Hypothetically.
    An investor has paid a deposit of say £80k
    Under the compensation scheme the max he can get back is £50k minus £7500 RL commission.
    FSCS holds the £50k worth of contract
    Who holds the remaining £30k?

    “Answer; the FSCS require you to surrender your complete contract to them if you seek redress from them.

    You don’t have to seek redress, you can stick with Harlequin, that is your choice, but once you go down the redress route you must surrender your contract.

    Remember the FSCS have made a determination that Harlequin is insolvent and are therefore not in a position to pay back investors as is explained in para 1, 2 and 3 of their correspondence posted on here earlier. ”

    And you have not answered the key point. The IFAs pay into a compensation fund, the FSCS holds that fund. Under pressure from RL they have decided to pay out of that fund. As I have previously said, it’s not the FSCS money, they merely collect and distribute that money. You have completely missed the point.

    Answer; it is a levy, It is the FSCS money, it’s just like a tax, all financial institutions, banks, IFA’s etc must pay into the fund by way of a levy, even financial institutions, banks and IFA’s who have never heard of Ames or Harlequin or their investors, must pay into the fund, by way of a levy.

    It is the customers of these institutions who really pay these levies by way of charges imposed by the financial institutions, banks and IFA’s, the customers being the majority of people residing in the UK, most of whom have never heard of Ames or his iffy businesses and who have bank accounts or other business with financial institutions or IFA’s. Even you are contributing to this fund if you have a UK bank account or dealings with a regulated financial institution or IFA.

    The FSCS did not act on pressure from RL. The FSCS would have made a determination on the matter based on information obtained from Harlequin Ames and other sources including RL, including (Accounts, Financial Statements, info from Shipleys etc). RL would have lobbied on behalf of their clients, but the FSCS does not pay out redress because of pressure being applied by one individual or firm.

    What you are basically saying is that the FSCS have it all wrong and just like the SFO are acting on pressure from a few individuals who have an ax to grind with Ames. Please, those excuses are becoming rather tiresome.

  359. The wise old owl

    @Anon #2 ok here’s another one for you. The FSCS have made some rather sweeping statements regarding HP. Have the FSCS carried out a DD on HP? Although they have not made a statement saying DA cannot repay any investors, could they even make that statement without carrying out a DD?

  360. The wise old owl

    @Anon don’t assume what I am “basically” saying. It is in RLs interest to put as much pressure on the FSCS to back their standpoint. It’s a money making opportunity for them, that’s all.

  361. Anon#2

    Owl, I’m beyond talking about the FSCS.

    As I mentioned before, I am not the FSCS, nor am I partial to how they work. If you want to know more about them, you should talk to RL or “Otterburn Compensation”…

    As far as my understanding permits, the FSCS have come to their own decision based on the information they have regarding the Harlequin business. I presume they have performed due diligence insomuch as viewing the accounts, business structure, likelihood of SIPP victims receiving a return etc.

    If you believe that the FSCS could be pressured by a firm of solicitors in the Midlands, I’d imagine you’re somewhat deluded indeed. Like the SFO, the FSCS is a public body with a reputation to uphold. I would be aghast if such amateur dramatics as were displayed by the Harlequin brigade in late 2013/early 2014 would do anything to sway their decisions.

  362. Anon

    @ Wise Old Owl, again the FSCS in Paras 1-3 of their correspondence have made it abundantly clear that Ames Harlequin are not in a position to repay investors. They also state that the companies are insolvent, a fact that James Baker accountant for Ames confirmed through witness statements he produced for Ames in UK legal proceedings in 2013 and 2014.

    It is unlawful for a company to trade whilst insolvent. The FSCS have access to a considerable amount of intelligence to allow them make a determination on a matter, they will have access to information from HMRC, CIB, FOS, SFO, and other government agencies along with the ability to compel Ames to cooperate with them, they would also have recieved information from investors and firms like RL. They would be able to compel James Baker to hand over financial information on Ames’ companies.

  363. The wise old owl

    Anon, just post the actual words which say “DA / Harlequin is not in a position to repay investors” Just post up the words from their press release. Easy question now why not do it.
    On a side note, a great majority of the SIPP investors would, IMO, have paid deposits of 30% far in excess of £50k. Therefor they would be showing a considerable loss on their original investment.perhaps it’s not a forgone conclusion that 3500 SIPP investors will accept the £42500 compensation available.
    Anon #2 as I am not HP, I suggest you ask them about returns, building resorts, finance, directors loans etc.. I don’t know why you keep asking me about those things.

  364. The stupid old arse owl

    Yeah, lets leave things to Ames he has done such a wonderful job!
    IMO, the claims paid include any loss of interest etc , so that could cover RL’s fees.
    I would love to hear your wise recommendations?

    Please tell we what we should all do, oh wise one 😉

  365. The stupid old arse owl

    The balance could be topped up by a SIPP claim oh wise one?

  366. The wise old owl

    Yank one in easy is back. Oh well. What pat of THE MXIMUM payout is £50k. Apologies to the “sensitive” one for any upsetting comments. Shush now you can go back to sleep in the corner.

  367. The wise old owl

    *what part of THE MAXIMUM payout is £50k don’t you understand.

  368. Anon

    @ Wise Old Owl,

    You state the FSCS release has not been thought through and is vague on several points, could you point out why you believe this to be the case?

    You also state that the FSCS have made some rather sweeping statements regarding HP.

    So in saying this you are inferring that the FSCS statement has elements of truth, it is a broad generalization and there are many exceptions and counter examples that can be made if someone wanted to pick the statement apart.

    So please could you provide any exceptions and or counter examples to the information contained in the FSCS statement which would concur with your view that the FSCS made sweeping statements.

    You also ask this question?

    Have the FSCS carried out a DD on HP?

    I would hope so, because it is your contention by virtue of the fact of what you are claiming that the FSCS have got it wrong and have been cojoled by RL to make redress payments in excess of £ 170 million to allow RL make a small fortune. Potentially £ 25 million.

    You are trying to say that the FSCS bowed down to pressure from RL without examining the facts.

    These are very serious alegations to make, and you should if you believe this to be the case address this with the UK authorities. If you are correct then all Dave Ames needs to do is to sue the FSCS for losses incurred as a result of their correspondence.

    But what I suspect Ames will do is claim that he had to put his Caribbean companies into administration as a result of the actions and “Sweeping Statements” made by the FSCS, instead of acknowledging the consent order Ames entered into previously in SVG litigation consenting to put his companies into Administration,

  369. Kath

    RL the only game in town, good tactical moves.

  370. Silly old duffer Bob

    Aye Bobit, you forgot to change your ID, stupid old duffer. Please explain what THE MXIMUM is?

  371. Taken out of context?

    Bob’s just upset that the FSCS are working with RL, WK and of course the irish builder.

  372. Anon

    @ Wise Old Owl,

    The wise old owl on March 4, 2015 at 6:35 pm
    Anon, just post the actual words which say “DA / Harlequin is not in a position to repay investors” Just post up the words from their press release. Easy question now why not do it.

    Here you go owl, the English might be difficult for you to understand, sadly there is nothing I can do about your command of the English language.

    ” when quantifying loss the FSCS can only pay in relation to a “claimants” overall net claim. This means we must take into account WHAT VALUE IF ANY, THE INVESTMENT MIGHT HAVE ( AND WHICH A CLAIMANT MIGHT OTHERWISE RECOVER IN THE FUTURE ).
    In light of the status of the following investments Harlequin Property and SCS Farmland, which is THAT they are insolvent. The FSCS considers that for the purposes of quantifying the Compensation paid on your claim, the FUNDS value can be DISREGARDED. ”

    The FSCS are stating that it is their professional opinion that investors will see no recovery of funds in the future and are happy to make compensation payments.

  373. Same old pigs at the trough!!

    Powerscourt looks like a scam too! Who were the main agents, yep, TailorMade.

  374. The wise old owl

    @Yank one in easy, keep up son. The typo was rectified on the next post at 6.50 under the same ID. Not doing very well are you?

  375. Bob Bob Bobbing along

    Better than you Bobit, scrounged any tires recently?

  376. Bob the bung. and his 1980's rug

    Whatever happened to Bob Lidell when we need him?
    We needs one of his £500 million valuations, being such a intelligent chap an all.

  377. yatinkiteasy

    Bobby Boy, I have not posted anything in days, which is absolute proof that you really know nothing, with your continual referral to “Yank one in easy. ”
    I am just sitting back and watching the collapse of Harlequin, which has taken way too long, but which has actually happened already, from what has been presented here by RL and others.Lol , Ha Ha Ha etc.

  378. 8:04

    Journalist Laura Miller has been nominated for an award for her coverage of the Harlequin fiasco. I hope she wins.

  379. What goes around, comes around, with interest.

    She deserves it along with the list of people who sand up to the toxic turd

  380. Anonymous

    @Yatinkiteasy, so you are the laughing hyena! Yep it fits. Not posted on here for days. Yes of course that’s the case. Must have been one of your multiple personalities. Lol

  381. Anonymous

    Laura Miller nominated for an award. So that’s what journalism has come to. “So Gareth , what do you want me to write today?” “No probs, I will just take your name off the top of the e mail and replace it with mine. Hugs and kisses, Laura” think I’m going to be sick.

  382. anon 11:44

    Ho ho. Looks like Bob the Misogynist has got a problem with Ms Millar’s nomination.

  383. Lost their bark.

    Well, poor old Bobit can’t stand the award winning journalist Jon Austin either. Poor little lap dog Bob, someone says nasty things about your master 😉

  384. Bob from Wimbledon Common

    Ah Bobbit, you never did like Laura Miller did you? Was it because she told it like it was, and didn’t regurgitate the GV’s propaganda like you do?

    Add another couple of layers of newspaper to your lounge walls, you’ll be nice and cosy in there. Let the big people deal with this Harlequin fiasco.

  385. Anonymous

    The Wise Old Owl, Bob, FDNRM, The GV, Anonymous, or whoever they like to call them selves,

    I wonder how Mr. Regan is feeling now, or indeed Mr. Terry, Carol too, Dan both Ames and Dalligan, Stenning, Taylor, Nicola, Matt, and all those others in Basildon. Even Sawkins, Ronan and Campion, I’m sure they will all say there is no problem.

    Garreth Fatchett did not bring this down single handedly , but it’s lovely to see him back and in fighting form, welcome back Gareth, delighted that you are finally putting it up to Ames.

  386. Anonymous

    Yank it in easy’s many personalities coming to the fore. Having a good old chat to yourself again?
    There is nothing award winning about cutting and pasting something her little master tells her to print.
    If she wins I wonder at her thank you speech if the Great Ambulance Chaser will get a mention?

  387. Bob from Wimbledon Common

    “There is nothing award winning about cutting and pasting something her little master tells her to print.”

    The irony! You do get irony don’t you Bob?

  388. Anonymous

    @Anon 6.53 yesterday. Taken form potential “award winning journalist” Laura Miller
    Under pressure
    In January the FSCS was still valuing Harlequin investments at 100% of the original amount invested, and said it would only pay redress on claims against advice firms no longer trading where the investor had invested via their pension and could demonstrate lost pension growth.
    But in February it bowed to pressure from lawyers acting for investors and said it will compensate SIPP claimants for losses in the value – not just the growth – of their investments in Harlequin.
    In in a matter of 4-8 weeks the FSCS was able to re analyse its findings and completely change its mind, under pressure form RL and others. Yep I think there may be questions asked about this.

  389. Anonymous

    Look on the bright side Bob, before the new FSCS valuation your hut was worth £1, now it’s worth £0 so you’ve only lost £1.

    What’s the big deal, that’s less than the price of a beer!

  390. BfWC – Irony is the lowest form of wit. And Bob certainly is
    a bottom feeder.

  391. Anon

    In 8-9 years Ames took on nearly £ 500 million and only built about 100 units. Yep I bet there will be a lot of questions about this,

    If Laura Miller wants to state the FSCS bowed to pressure then who are we to argue. All I can say is Thank God they did.

    If Ames feels he has been wronged well all he has to do is to commence legal action against the FSCS and RL.

    How about an update along the following lines, ” In view of the recent statement from the FSCS and Gareth Fatchett of RL. I deny that my companies are insolvent, I’m sorry but Jim Baker lied about this in his witness statement. I am going to sue the FSCS, the Banks and IFA’s for giving the FSCS the money, Gareth Fatchett and RL and Laura Miller for trillions, because Gareth is a C#%K.

    The UK prison service because of the increase in size in my sons rear aperture, the SFO because they too bowed to pressure, Kennedys the insurers for Wilkins Kennedy because they insured Wilkins Kennedy, all investors because otherwise they will sue me.

    The Government of SVG because they did not enforce the law that would have forced me to provide audited accounts.

    Richard Spector because he refused to file a money laundering report with the Authorities,

    And all the money I win will be ploughed back into the resirts. I swear.

  392. 15:46

    I wonder how Matt Ames is doing these days? Prison food will not be doing his girth or facial pustules any good. Anyhow, he’s going to be out fairly soon. Be aware folks!

  393. Anonymous

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit you moron.

  394. 4:49 Actually we’re both wrong. It is a pun according to Johnson.

  395. Anonymous

    What, pun is the lowest form of wit? Nah don’t believe that one.

  396. Anonymous

    The Staff in the Caribbean have been put on notice.

  397. Anonymous

    So have the bunker.

  398. Anonymous

    What a complete and utter load of bollox.

  399. Thick Brit

    OMG what are you lot like!

  400. Anonymous

    Anonymous 6.21 pm, how do you know it is a load of bollocks, if you work for Ames in Basildon you can’t be believed and if you don’t then how do you know. Perhaps you would like to come down to BBay and ask the staff who once again have been left short changed in salary payments.

  401. Anonymous

    15:46, if you want to see facial pustules have a look at Fareth Fatchetts face. It looks like he trains for his marathons by running behind the council gritter.

  402. Keeping up with the Jones (not very well)

    I bet that has really, really, upset Mr Fatchett – who stands to make millions because of Harlequin lol

  403. Anonymous

    Being “short changed” in salary payments is not the same as being “put on notice” Why would anyone be “put on notice” when BB has the highest bookings ever?

  404. Anonymous

    Keeping Up With the Jones…. – hello fatty washer woman, welcome back!

    Taken a break from grazing?

  405. Anonymous

    Pock faced Gareth will have an arsehole the size of a windsock too like Matty.
    I bet he was a sex toy at his fathers parties when he had his political friends were around.

  406. Gareth fan club

    @Anonymous 8.14pm. It must be past your bedtime by now. Has your mummy let you stay up late tonight as a special treat?

  407. Anonymous

    Gareth’s Fan Club, yes she said I can stay up late and play with the other children on here.

  408. Keeping up with the Jones (not very well)

    March 5, 2015 at 8:34 pm
    At last Ingham admits to playing with children 😉 but he’s the fat new kid nobody likes.

  409. So mote it be

    GF is a 50% owner of RL. He’ll do well out of the redress.

    Deserves it as he has worked hard to make sure investors get their money back.

    The freemasons in the FSCS saw to the “nil value”. GF is a freemason.

  410. Anonymous

    He will have to give lots of that to the masons then, its what they do.

  411. Dave Ames - the freemason.

    No, its Ames who is the Mason.

  412. Anonymous

    Keeping Up with the Jones – no wonder your a low life washer woman your clearly a bit simple

  413. Anonymous

    I think I would rather be caught fiddling with a kid than caught fucking a fat sweaty ugly low life like Erica or Steph the shame would be less

  414. Anonymous

    That explains a lot, how he can get away with anything and evrything.

  415. Whatsthepoint

    Some people really need help.

  416. Anonymous

    Ingham, I see GB Build Solutions have gone into administration today, aren’t they a client of yours?

    How much did they owe you? How much have you lost?

  417. So mote it be

    Happy we have met, Happy we part, Happy shall we meet again …

    The masons always look after their own.

  418. Thick As Fuck

    So mote it be, your opinion is hardly reliable you can’t even get the saying right.

    I think you will find its;

    Happy to meet, Sorry to part, Happy to meet again.

    You fucking halfwit! Lmfao

  419. So mote it be

    I better go and check my blue book.

  420. Anon

    “when BB has the highest bookings ever?”

    I struggle to see how this has any bearing on whether staff get paid. Just because a resort is apparently – according to you – highly booked, does it mean that the profits of said resort will fund the Basildon Bunker.

    Indeed, some of the numbers people have posted on here (for “deals” on BB) would lead one to wonder where any profit is to be made at all.

    Of course all this will come out in the wash in the upcoming criminal trials, as it surely will with the commencement of the Wilkins Kennedy case nearer the end of this year.

  421. Thick As Fuck

    So mote it be – I didn’t need to check, I know.

  422. Anonymous

    Put on notice/ not been paid. Common Anon, which is it? Do you know? Yes it is highly booked. So now the WK case is later this year? Is it? Are you sure? You don’t have a clue do you.

  423. Anonymous

    Oh and by the way the WK case is not a criminal trial, unless you are referring to the possible criminal proceeding which could result in the fraudulent activities of WK employees which might come about after the WK case.

  424. The Group Announcement

    Dear Harlequin Investor

    Further to today’s unfounded and unsubstantiated attacks against Harlequin on BFP, Mr. Ames has cut short his extended break in the Caribbean to collaborate with his remaining legal team to put together a suitable statement to reassure all investors.

    Harlequin is stronger than it has ever been. Despite ongoing attacks attempting to ruin the unmistakable and well earned reputation of the Ames Family, and notwithstanding years and years of litigation. kindly paid for by our loyal investors, the FSCS has taken it upon itself to publicise the highly questionable assumption that the Harlequin investment is now worth jack shit.

    It is unfathomable to the highly successful developer, Mr. Ames, and his legal team how the FSCS could have come to this decision, since no accounts have ever been published for any of the remaining companies in the Harlequin group which haven’t been liquidised. In fact, Mr. Ames and his family, and their legal advisors would challenge anyone claiming to know the sum of the assets and liabilities of “The Group” since money has been carefully dispersed amongst many jurisdictions, over numerous overseas tax regions, in many company names, and discrete accounts, through numerous bank accounts and offshore, unregulated investments, trusts and schemes.

    Despite these never ending attacks from government bodies (such as the SFO, police, FSCS and what was the FCA), the BBC, and a few disgruntled investors (who will now watch their sorry arses since the Supreme Court in California told Mr. Ames who they were and where they lived and he’s now going to sue them), Mr Ames is going to continue to work tirelessly in order to hang on to your money until one day it all runs out. Please rest assured that absolutely no investor will be given any refund as contractually due, since they have lost faith in the Harlequin investment and don’t deserve a penny of their money.

    Although Mr. Ames is unable to reveal details as yet, in case it ruins everything, he can confirm that he has a Letter of Intent from an investor who has agreed to meet him in Starbucks to look at some brochures. No other developer in the Caribbean can claim to have met a financier in Starbucks, and this is why Ames is the most talked about developer in the Caribbean.

    Also, we are happy to report that Mr. Ames is still discussing the Wilkins Kennedy litigation with regards to outstanding bills owed, and this is being very well received by creditors.

    So, apart from a number of jealous individuals who are only interested in bringing down the world renowned Harlequin group in order to halt its unstoppable progress and growth, all is moving forward as planned and as guaranteed by Mr. Ames and his family.

    As a special thanks to all our faithful investors, we would like to invite you to a special “Coming Out Celebration” being held for our beloved Matt Ames at Buccament Bay shortly. This will give you all the opportunity to welcome him back, and thank him for accepting our offer to recommence his position as manager at the award winning Buccament Bay resort. Please hurry though, as there are only a few tickets left!

    Once again, thank you for your kind support, and all donations to your pension fund are welcome. Remember; if you don’t donate, Harlequin will go bust, and you will lose everything and be very very poor.

    Very best wishes,
    Harlequin Hotels and Resort’s ASOL

  425. Leaky mole left the bunker but has contacts

    I can confirm that James Baker is a member of Wickford Lodge, Ames mother lodge.

  426. Anonymous

    Anonymous, the focus is on Dave Ames and Harlequin, everything else is a side show now, I think we are all tired of the claims that all is well with Ames and his companies, tired of the unverifiable claims that BBay is booming.

    On the issue of WK now that you have raised this point. Dave Ames told us that the Wilkins Kennedy case was a forgone conclusion, it’s a pity that the FSCS have not taken the same view, it appears that the FSCS are not prepared to count their chickens before they hatch.

    But it will be up to the liquidator of HPSVG and HH&R to decide whether it is worth pursuing WK or not, and they will not resort to bullshit and lying.

    It is out of Dave Ames’ hands now I’m afraid.

  427. Anonymous

    There is no liquidator of HPSVG and HH&R. Nor will there be.

  428. Anonymous

    Anonymous you are sadly very much mistaken.

  429. Anonymous

    Er, who is the liquidator then?

  430. Anonymous

    Grant Thorton

  431. Anonymous

    Is that the same Grant Thornton who is supposedly working with RL? Pull the other one.

  432. Gonville Bromhead

    Believe what you want; it matters not to me. How do you think the FSCS arrived at the nil value

  433. Anonymous

    Yank one in easy, not another ID. You need to see a shrink.

  434. Bobs tax return?

    Bobit, and that’s coming from someone who thinks Ames is great and Harlequin is going to weather the storm….. let me think about that 😉

  435. IFAs

    Perhaps we should compile a list of all the other IFAs who sold those unregulated Harlequin investments (and their unqualified down-line agents) .

    I wonder what they are doing these days, now that the income from Harlequin commissions has dried up?

    Do they really think they have got away with it?