WestJet’s Valentine’s Day proposals a huge hit. Kudos to Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Adrian Loveridge - tourism expert, hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge – tourism expert, hotel owner

Kudos to the recently revitalised national marketing organisation renamed the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., for facilitating the production of a series of videos where the airline WestJet partners with the chain store Michael Hill Jewellery and a number of Barbadian tourism interests to highlight two couples who become engaged on our island.

At the time of submitting this column already well over 1 million people had watched the three videos and this number will rise substantially over the next few days. Add the media coverage by print, television, radio and other shared social media and realistically millions of people will be exposed to Barbados as a desirable destination. Timing of course, can be everything, and the fact that WestJet posted the videos just before Valentine’s Day can be no coincidence.

To reinforce the positive effect the airline rolled out a supportive seat sale to Barbados which required booking by 14th February, but for travel up to 24 June 2015.

When preparing for the filming, a few cleverly conceived twists were applied and to quote WestJet’s Manager of Communitity Investment, Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing (what an incredible job title), Corey Evans, revealed that ‘girls thought they were auditioning to appear on a new WestJet commercial that we were shooting in Barbados, and had no idea what was going to happen’.  

Adding ‘The result was an experience the two couples will remember for the rest of their lives, and a heartwarming Valentine’s Day story to share with Canadians’.

This promotion also seems to be the perfect complement to the current National Wedding Package ‘Forever begins in Barbados’ which offer a number of incentives to help keep real costs down. This is especially important as the value of the Canadian Dollar against its American counterpart has fallen by around 20 per cent over the last year.

Weddings, as you can imagine, are a huge source of business and revenue generation and often buck the trend of seasonal concentration which makes an incredible difference in helping fill beds and airline seats.

A couple of weeks ago we rolled out a re-DISCOVER lunch option to compliment the dinner offer and try and entice more visitors to eat out at what can only be described as our envious selection of restaurants.

Initially we felt this promotion would be of special interest to our villa, apartment and condominium visitors, so we invited almost every one of the major rental agencies to co-partner with us at a miniscule participation cost of around 12 cents per client.

Sadly, not a single company responded, so we have now placed access to the voucher online.

The initial up-take has been phenomenal and guess what!

The largest percentage requesting the vouchers are staying in villas and apartments and clearly from the addresses we are currently mailing them to, the biggest surprise is that the budget travellers are certainly not the only ones looking for value-for-money. It seems that even guests staying in US$1,000 a night rental properties, still appreciate a bargain when they see one.


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3 responses to “WestJet’s Valentine’s Day proposals a huge hit. Kudos to Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

  1. Yvette

    It would be a great thing if the Barbados Gov’t and the people as well would clean up rundown, ugly, dirty Barbados and beautify the island and stop all the stupid dumb ass increase in killings and just maybe the so-called Barbados Gov’t would not have to pay Canada and Westjet Thousands if not Millions of dollars to fake a couple getting engaged and getting a trip to come to ugly, rude black people and to a rundown ugly dirty island. Take alot of pointers from St Lucia.

  2. Green Monkey

    Damn good thing for them that none of our 4 young Canadian friends in Barbados for their promotional, Westjet/Youtube engagements had an accident requiring emergency medical care during their visit.

    Canadian couple details recent nightmare at state-run QEH

    In light of what they describe as a “horrifying” 15-hour ordeal in the Accident & Emergency Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) last month, a traumatized Canadian couple is appealing to Barbadian authorities to take immediate steps to improve patient care at the state-run health care institution.

    Speaking to Barbados TODAY from his home in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada this afternoon, David Taylor detailed what he said was nothing short of the couple’s “worst nightmare”, which also ruined their month-long honeymoon.

    David, 61, and his wife Pamela, 64, were married last June in Canada but had only travelled to Barbados on January 9 for their honeymoon in “paradise”.

    The ordeal started just after 5 p.m. on Friday, January 16, a week after their arrival.


  3. Menace II Babylon

    Do we not target the diaspora and the black community do they not spend money too….smh