Does Leroy Parris of CLICO infamy have anything to do with Welches Insurance Agent Inc. ?

Editor’s note: Remember folks… this is an anonymous blog so don’t take anything for true without a little salt and lots of questions. We received this anonymously and have no way to check the information.

If it is true, it is news. If it’s not true, it was sent by some anonymous mischief troublemaker…

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I would like for somebody to tell me how it is that Faye Wharton-Parris wife of CLICO Ex boss Leroy Parris has so boldly displayed on the door next to her business Premier Event Services Inc @ Welches Plaza a sign with the name Welches Insurance.

Are people so blind or is it that they don’t know of this newly formed insurance Company? I know for a fact that it is belongs to them. The PARRISES making jokes at us and turning some Bajans into parros because they can’t get their investments back.

Number    37958
Category    Company
Date registered / Incorporated    2014-02-18


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5 responses to “Does Leroy Parris of CLICO infamy have anything to do with Welches Insurance Agent Inc. ?

  1. Party Animal

    Maybe the Central Bank need more deposits ?
    Why are these people not in Jail ?

  2. Maybe it is a joke, these people take Barbadians for suckers, which can be easily swayed.

  3. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Party Animal , Massive fraud is not only a land Issue ,,, Plantation DEEDS We put the info out and you all think its a waste or time or jokes,

    Well keep blogging until you get the full picture,
    How many bones of a dead person you need to know some one was killed or to get the picture of Barbados crime on going and whos doing it ,

  4. tedd

    Did someone actually buy a policy from them? Brave people

  5. Kor Blummah

    Bajans ARE seen as jokers. How else can one describe us. After the fall of CLICO the Barbados Government plans to sink $30 Million of the taxpayers money, or that of Leroy Parris and Friends / pals / buddies, into an insurance company,call NILCO, ( No Interest in Little Crooked Operations) which is suppose to take over the assets of CLICO, and expects Bajans to buy into it, after selling off the Barbadian ICB to Trinidad, and wreaking havoc with the National Insurance Scheme.
    The formation of NILCO could be seen as the double bagging of meats at the supermarket, or the wearing of two condoms at Bush Hill. The impurities of the CLICO judicial report will remain seal for ever ,and will not leak out, if any court is unwise enough to grant the wishes of these bunch of daylight thieves,who are using the excuse that some information in the judicial report may deter prospective clients from taking out a policy or investing in NILCO. And so it should be.
    Bajans should be weary about purchasing a pig in a bag,especially when it is offered bu a bunch of proven magpies.