Secret Withdrawal Of Bribery Charges Against Barbados Cop Stinks Of Corruption At The Highest Levels

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Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock has been in the news again lately – so we’ve revisited this past story of his corruption and unethical behaviours like using the police to threaten and extort a woman who owed him a private debt – and then withdrawing corruption charges against his same police friend.

Unlike the mainstream Barbados news media, the blogs don’t let unresolved news stories fade away. We’ll keep bringing this back into memory until this place cleans itself up… and until our corrupt DPP resigns.

I love my Barbados – but I hate the corrupt and incestuous cartel that seems to run everything.

Barbados Free Press

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Barbados News Media Remains Silent

On September 16, 2008, Barbados Police Sergeant Paul Emmanuel Vaughn (sometimes spelled Paul Vaughan) was charged with corruptly accepting $56,500 in bribes between December 1, 2004 and April 30, 2007 from Evadney Cindy Bushell in return for protecting her from prosecution for selling pirated DVDs.

We said at the time that the Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock would eventually withdraw the criminal charges against his old friend, Sergeant Vaughn, because the two corrupt public employees had previously been involved together in the Ronja Juman scandal. In short, Charles Leacock had Sergeant Vaughn and his goon squad arrest Ronja Juman in the middle of the night and subject the terrified woman to a vaginal search – over back rent she owed Charles Leacock. There was no way the DPP was going to continue the prosecution of a man who was his friend and a co-conspirator…

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9 responses to “Secret Withdrawal Of Bribery Charges Against Barbados Cop Stinks Of Corruption At The Highest Levels

  1. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Like we have being saying , Crooks,liars and Scumbags , Why oh why you think any thing will change , until the People of Barbados removes these Bitches,

  2. Ok to take those bars with you on your ride.

    every society has their corrupt practices. problem with Barbados is so few people have so much power that people are afraid to say no or accuse corruption. say something and they fire your brother or wife. Nobody says anything.

  3. David

    Someone has the power.

  4. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    All the police have to do is call ex COP , and he will blackmail the police head men to shut it down , remember he had the phone tapped,

    Until you all wake up , the will walk all over your sleeping bodies

  5. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

  6. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Here you have on the news prominent persons taking a stance against vote buying and want all despicable politicians offering gifts for votes to be subjected to time spent up Dodds. The DLP public relations clown, who do not know when and where, come out with guns blazing to let the whole world know that if you will lock up some you got to lock up all. His suggestion is that those business persons who offer the corrupt-can’t-say-no-to-money politicians bribes and money offerings should also be dealt in a similiar manner as they are asking.

    The irony of this exposing of the two sides of the coins is that none are worried about rules, regulations and the law. No problem in Barbados to expose corruption and confess to it in the open. No one is touched from the political class and status quo. And both groups know that none in Barbados dare stage a protest and stand up for their rights action.

    The perfect set up; the perfect cover up; the boldness to say that we see but will not act. Marvelous arrangement to continue with the ole boys dastardly club..

  7. Simple Simon

    Dear BFP:

    Are you ever going to say that Ronja Juman should have paid her rent in full and on time?

  8. BFP

    Hi Simple,

    Sure, she should have paid.

    But when she didn’t, the violence and sexual assault that the DPP directed was a horrendous act against her. Corrupt, evil.

    Your point?