Bushy Park – Truth and Concerns

NBC Brian Williams Lied

Editor’s Note: We received this post anonymously, and like anything you read here at BFP or in the mainstream press you should keep your mind open and at the same time remember that BFP is an anonymous website. The blogs are still the wild west when it comes to accuracy… it might be true, it might not be.

It’s like this… blogs are the same as watching News Anchor Brian Williams on NBC News or Dan Rather at CBS: what they say might be true, or it might not be. Same same…

Bushy Park Truth and Concerns

by anonymous

After reading two articles in the press late last year regarding the new Bushy Park facility I think it is time that Barbadians hear the full truth about this development, my understanding is…

  1. The Government of Barbados and by extension the PEOPLE of Barbados own the land.
  2. Investors (SOME STILL TO BE IDENTIFIED) have erected buildings on said land presumably with a contract. Surely the details of said contract should be available to the public seeing that the land is owned by the TAXPAYERS of Barbados.
  3. Mr Stephen Lashley, Minister of Sport has confirmed that part of this contract stipulates that the facility shall be leased to other SPORTING organisations at a reasonable rate after discussion with the primary shareholder, that being Government.
  4. Who are the real investors in the new facility at Bushy Park?
  5. Why has PERMANENT branding been allowed, which prohibits competing entities from branding their products even if they sponsor an event there? Case in point – LIME is not allowed to advertise because DIGICEL is already there .
  6. Is Bushy Park Motor Sport Inc (BPMSI) a shareholder in the new development and if not what gives them the right to charge fees for the useage of the track?
  7. Is it true that the revenue from the Top Gear festival went directly to BPMSI?
  8. Is it true that there is a law suit pending with regard to the use of the RALLY CROSS name being used without permission at the said Top Gear event?
  9. Is it also true that a certain individual has threatened to dig up the track if his demands are not met?
  10. As majority owners at Bushy Park should Government not have a representative on the Board which administers the facility?

How is it possible for BPCI to employ and I assume PAY:

General Manager
Business Manager
CEO which position was not advertised locally

… when they only had two events last year and only have one event planned for this year?

Barbadians need answers to these questions and more as it seems in today’s world MONEY does all the talking.


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5 responses to “Bushy Park – Truth and Concerns

  1. Wily Coyote

    Wily Coyote may not be the swiftest coyote on the block, however he thinks article has more TRUTH than LIES.

    THE BIG QUESTION IS ……. whose pockets are being lined from the unapproved use of these presumed public/government owned lands. Maybe DEEDS has some input on who really owns BUSHY PARK.

  2. Jimmy Hoffa

    Bajans (black) will get no answer because unless something personally, and i mean intimately affects them they don’t care. There is no collective identity among blacks in this island it just takes a few dollars for one to sell out all of the others. We need to stop supporting these white owned businesses. Stop buying the preposterous bullshit that these people are in business for us the stupid black masses. Every single one is in business for themselves; to make money and lots of it. Among the “business class” in Barbados they are all united together against the captive consumption driven black idiots who only interest in life is making people that don’t look like them rich.

    You really can’t blame these people who exploit us as they do. We are bred for that kind of exploitation it seems. We are educated to be subordinate and conditioned to have a low self esteem and low regard for our own ability and the ability of people that look like ourselves. A few weeks ago that buffoon donville inniss on brass tacks was speaking about entrepreneurship… white entrepreneurship in his world view are large projects and capital works, but when he described black entrepreneurship, it was a snow cone cart or a landscaping business… can you imagine that is how our politicians view us?

    In a lot of peoples mind – and a lot of people that these mindless black people defend and lionize, barbados is too good for barbadians. The only use for us is to be employees and customers but beyond that we don’t have any use. For the politicians, which like the above have a captive collection of fools to exploit – the masses are only useful to vote them into office. Nothing more. Both parties are the same, only the dimwitted believe that they are different. It’s about exploitation, it will never change because the masses are looking to the people who are exploiting them to change the system.

    When does that ever happen? We will continue to be screwed by the lawyers, politicians and the white business class for ever. Our forefathers and mothers must be rolling in their graves.

  3. Yvette

    Keep preaching the Truth and nothing but the Truth Jimmy Hoffa.

  4. gentlejim

    I have been waiting on a “CLEAR THE AIR ” statement from the representatives of Bushy Park,but it seems none is forthcoming . Surprise, surprise.

  5. @ Jimmy Hoffa
    You have touched all the bases with a frankness that ninety nine per cent of the population do not seem to appreciate or wish to accept. It is unfortunate that there is no hankering for a system with change and naked truth. The only “change” voters seem to want, is the “few dollars” corrupt politicians throw to them, to buy their votes at election time. Naked truth means being very scantily dressed, “wukkin’ up” and “poochin’ back”. Your observations are, sad to say, so very true !