The government we deserve…

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Many of our politicians have fallen short of their promises, or have done great injury to their stewardship. In some cases, they have shown to be less than scrupulous in their management of our affairs. Yet we reward them with more time for embarrassment. Our only excuse, perhaps, is that within the context of our democracy there must be a Government –– good, bad or indifferent.

But how can we explain retaining any Government that seizes land compulsorily and breaches the law by refusing to pay for it? How can we contemplate returning the same Government to power that squanders more than $300 million on failed projects? How can we give succour to any leader who fails to discipline a parliamentary colleague brought to public shame by the highest court in the land?

How can we forgive any Government that has ravaged our agriculture sector? How can we forgive politicians who facilitate construction contracts without a bidding process? How can we be satisfied with leadership that doesn’t boast of achievements, but wallows in lofty verbosity, smug claims of not reading newspapers and punishing dissenters with laughter?

How can we not ask for accountability in situations where some politicians possess six high-end cars, obtained on Government salaries that are common knowledge in the Official Gazette? How can millions of dollars be spirited away from an insurance company and our Attorney General not demand a criminal investigation by the police? How can a state-appointed insurance supervisory body fail to carry out its mandate to the detriment of thousands of policyholders and no heads roll? How can an Auditor General annually expose instances of fraud and blatant theft and yet no one is held to account?

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7 responses to “The government we deserve…

  1. Party Animal

    And we sit and take the crap, say nothing and do nothing, we deserve what we get.
    But there again, there is no where else to turn to, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    Come on Trini’s, you got every thing else, how about forming a new Political Party in Barbados , you will win hands down.

  2. Ruby

    A great idea.

  3. Ruby

    It will need a strong and honest leader to get rid of all the crap that is currently happening on Barbados. If the people do not make a move, then stay as you are.

  4. Ruby

    When I visit Barbados in 5 years time will Barbadians still be playing in the dirty bath water?

    Save your country from the crooks.

    Last comment. Michael Jackson, MAKE THE CHANGE!

  5. Party Animal

    We will be always surrounded by dirty water, it has become the norm, particularly for the Caribbean.
    Most of all, we need to take the Lawyers out of the system, I think they use this position to do their dirty work. (Very Dirty Work.)

  6. gentlejim

    @party animal. Could not agree with you more .We need to take out doctors too

  7. Yvette

    @Party Animal;@Ruby,@Gentlejim
    I totally agree with all your comments. Barbados is a rundown country now, the so-called Politicians,Teachers the Business Community, Doctors,Lawyers even alot of the Citizens need to go and stay gone forever.