After years of denial, Bajan Reporter Ian Bourne finally admits that Islam and the Koran makes Western society “more dangerous, less tolerant, less civilised and less free”

It has been four years since Ian Bourne fell into his own trap and posted a cartoon of Jesus giving the finger, but then wouldn’t post a cartoon of Mohammed giving the finger… and then Bourne took down the Jesus cartoon so he wouldn’t be seen as a hypocrite for insulting Jesus but not Mohammed.

For years Bourne criticised BFP for asking questions about how the Koran and Islam mandate killing of unbelievers and former Muslims, about the lesser status of women in Islam, about how the Koran says it takes four women to equal one man witness, about how Muslims should hate Jews, about how the Koran and Islam instruct slavery, rape and submission of non-Muslims.

And now Bajan Reporter publishes Pat Condell’s latest video Nothing to do with Islam.

Could it be that Ian has had an epiphany?

If so… good for Ian.

If not… pass me another Banks beer baby!


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19 responses to “After years of denial, Bajan Reporter Ian Bourne finally admits that Islam and the Koran makes Western society “more dangerous, less tolerant, less civilised and less free”

  1. NOT, so drink another beer, I am open minded unlike BFP… I always carry other viewpoints even if I do not necessarily agree. I run both BGIS and Opposition press releases (when BLP should offer what are their rescue plans); I carried Harlequin’s sponsorship in Barbados plus I ran videos of Amos Utuama and Donna St Hill declaring all is in order.

    Pat Condell is an atheist, he also thinks Christianity and Buddhism are jokes; I have also run Geert Wilders anti-Islam rants but you said nothing when I carried them in addition to these articles which also review Islam…

    The last URL is a book review on a would be Salman Rushdie, but then we know what standard of citizen journalism BFP proffers as opposed to the tight ship I keep my side… As for this Jesus giving the finger, do you have a screenshot? Otherwise you remain as spurious as ever!

  2. Left a lengthy reponse but the filters grabbed it, then again you may not release it? I’ll carry it on my own site if you don’t…

  3. S Byers

    And in London on Sunday there was a massive Mossie demo. of thousands (huh – segregated into male / female factions) outside Downing Street during which traffic was blocked costing the British taxpayers thousands and The Cenotaph in Whitehall was reported as being damaged. A petition of 100,000 signatures was handed in to No.10.. And what for. Because a French – that is FRENCH *not* British – magazine had published a few cartoons of Mo. – many weeks ago. Yet where was the demo(s). against the murders of the cartoonists, or even against all of the atrocities and murders committed by ISIS incl. the beheadings of western journalists and aid-workers; the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot; etc., etc.? There were none – a few schoolboy’ish cartoons being far more important.

  4. robert ross

    What is this love affair with Mr Bourne? Apart from BFP does anyone actually give a monkey’s?

    As BFP will know, moslem nonsenses are widely reported in, eg, Jihad Watch, Gatestone Institute, Bare Naked Islam, Middle East Forum and others all of which are on the net.

  5. sound words versus monkey's ass

    I care and yes it is the Koran that dictates intolerance

  6. PBUH

    So Timothy McVeigh, Jim Jones, Dave Koresh and Adolf Hitler were Koran huggers? Not using Christianity as an excuse for their documented forays against humanity? Right? Choopse!

  7. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    No. We don’t have a screen shot of your blog with jesus giving the finger, although we did copy the jesus cartoon from you and then re-did it with Muhammad and Buda.

    We didn’t think we needed to take a screen shot of your blog as you had integrty.

    Are you now saying that you didn’t put up the picture of jesus giving the finger?

    Please be very clear on this.



  8. PBUH

    Ian Bourne, do NOT answer – BFP wanna speak integrity? Tell us who you are… Mr Bourne does not hide, so BFP where is YOUR integrity? As I recall Ian Bourne uses screenshots for dealing with everyone all the time, in fact, clicking on your original link to where Mr Bourne supposedly had the meme, connects to a 404 page… Got Alzheimer’s?

  9. BFP

    The recent happenings of Islamic terrorism around the world were pretty well the last straw for many – even politically correct people. Only a lunatic could now deny the direct connection between the Koran and violence, misogyny, rape, beheadings, murder and treason on a massive scale. And so many millions of muslims support this even if they dont personally engage in it.

    Even in Barbados the Muslim schools teach our children values that are totally incompatible with modern society.

    The Jews are fleeing Europe and England. They have seen this before – but the lefty apologists continue to prattle on.

  10. robert ross



  11. Wayback Machine

    Fortunately we have the Internet Archive. No picture, but the caption implies the picture BFP had was definitely there. So who’s being dishonest?

  12. No image? Yet Bourne is guilty? What was image, Bourne attacked BFP more than once;

    Dishonest is when someone attacks from anonymity, but everyone knows who runs Bajan Reporter – who’s in charge of Free Press? Roy Morris? Donville Inniss? 😉

  13. Return volley too spicy? I showed how Bajan Reporter has plenty anti-BFP memes, too close 4 comfort? Looked at the page, what picture? You infidels amaze me – no wonder ISIL & Al Qaeda get funds, to protect us from nutters like wunna!

  14. Sharkey

    Payback Machine is right! Bourne’s missing blog page is there. The caption on the missing photo of jesus giving the finger is “Son Of Man – the Christ said “Jesus!” when he learned of latest Anti-Islam salvo from Shona, Robert, Cliverton, Marcus & Auntie Moses…”

    The name of the missing photo is “POd-jesus” (as in “pissed off” Jesus)

    Why would Bourne lie about this ? That’s terrible to see him caught in a lie.

  15. At no point did I say, I did NOT do any one thing or other, so to say I lied is taking a micrometer for a parsec – I asked is there a screenshot? Which did not accede nor refute, merely ascertain…

    As it stands, despite Wayback Machine’s excellent diligence, there is no image of which meme was listed and, as PBUH indicates, I have done more than one meme on BFP’s rabid Anti-Moslem stance…

    In all? Very well played, as it is, I never applied for Sainthood nor am I Speaker of the House and I have no one’s funds in escrow; this is just a schadenfreuden moment of desiring tar and feathers by select BFP readers.

  16. anomymous

    must read

  17. MANJAK

    Please BFP you must not exaggerate.
    Some Jews are leaving France for Israel and a tiny number of British Jews may be giving thoughts about leaving their homeland for the Middle East.
    The most prominent Jew who expressed any such sentiment has been the well known actor Maureen Lippman. She made a statement of recent in which she stated that she may leave the UK and move to Israel, no doubt dismayed at what she sees as the growing racist persecution of Jews across Europe.
    She intimated that the UK jewish community was experiencing similar treatment to that of mainline Europe.
    She was though swiftly slapped down and in effect told not to be so silly by another prominent female Jew Ester Ratzen, as no such anti semitism or physical brutality was being visited on jews in the UK.
    One of course should always raise the alarm bells at this ugly manifestation of jihadism emanating from the adherents and followers of the Koran. Crying big bad wolf when it is not at the door does nothing to advance the struggle against this intolerant and vile ideology.
    As for your ‘lefty apologists prattling on’ rant, it is all rather juvenile and utterly patronising. Some on the left indeed have become forelock tuggers for fascistic muslim behaviour..
    But many on the left harbour no such benign sentiment towards religion and its unquestioning fellow travellers.

  18. Read the Koran, know the source of Muslim violence and Jew hatred.

    First, check out the graphs showing the number of Jews leaving western Europe. The chart is in the last few years is climbing like a rocket:

    Then some other sources:

    Why Europe’s Jews are fleeing once again. Newsweek cover story:

    More than 4,500 immigrants have left France for Israel this year, making France the No. 1 source of immigrants to Israel for the first time in decades, topping the United States and even the embattled Ukraine by a considerable margin.

    The figures do not include the French Jews who left for countries other than Israel. Jewish communities from Montreal to Miami reported a rise in the number of French congregants in what some are calling “a silent exodus.”

  19. Victor

    Dear Ian Bourne, Thank goodness you expressed thoughts I’ve been feeling for years. I’m sick an tired of tolerating this Koranic nonsense. Mohammed was a warlord who imposed his version of Abrahamsim on hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Middle East and North Africa at the point of the sword. His activities were well documented by contemporary reports, thankfully so there is no mystery surrounding his exploits.
    Where I live in London I am continually confronted by women covered top to toe in black wearing masks. I take this as a personal insult; it implies that women are “haram” including me by the way I’m 60 and it implies that all women are in danger of sexual attack by all men and that all men are helpless sexual predators.
    That may well be the case in Muslim countries with Sharia law under which law women are deemed inferior etc. but here in the West we went past that hundreds of years ago!
    It’s really horrible that these people seem to be given carte blanche to infiltrate our society and the hard won equality legislation in place in an attempt to impose Sharia law and blow us all up!