Sheri Veronica – As school children in Barbados we were taught to hate Jamaicans

Sheri Veronica Barbados

“Respect Jamaicans”

by Sheri Veronica

THE TRUTH IS, we were taught to hate JAMAICANS.  As a little girl in primary school, our teacher taught us that Barbados was the jewel of the Caribbean.  We were taught that any mad/crazy slave or any slave who could not take instructions, were shipped off to Jamaica.  This was the mandate, I supposed in my little head (or was that taught to me also), of every Caribbean island.  Send the mad and **aggressive slaves to Jamaica.  Then as time passed and you start to see clearer, meet people and question things, you soon realize that the insurgent slaves were the brave ones.  They were the men and women who could not be broken…

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33 responses to “Sheri Veronica – As school children in Barbados we were taught to hate Jamaicans

  1. BajansLoveJamaicans

    Who is we? I am a Barbadian and I was never taught anything like that at that school you supposedly went to. Please do not include me in this nonsense you are writing. Sheri Veronica please go back to school, period. You’re shaming a bunch of professionals with your warping of history you were taught. What ugly untruthful words to scar a nation. Oh please.

  2. Spinelli

    Where did you went to school and who taught that. I was never taught that. Speak for yourself and stop breeding hate. I have some wonderful friends, some Lawyers, hair stylist to name a few. My doctor is a Jamaican with a heart of gold. Your face express prejudice. stop the nonsense and let peace reign.

  3. John

    That rubbish got started when the Twistorians tried to rewrite history …. looks like they were successful in confusing atleast one person!!

    They tried to explain why Bajans were more tolerant and peaceable than their Jamaican counterparts by postulating a possible selection process before landing rather than looking at the actual experience after landing.

    I read their effort now more as an effort to get Bajans to hate themselves for not being as “out of control” as their Jamaican counterparts who they wanted to elevate on pedestals as examples of how enslaved people should respond to enslavement.

    In my day, I was taught that many of the early Barbadian slaveowners were Quakers who routinely freed slaves and were kind to them.

    In fact my recent research leads me to believe that I have ancestors who I believe were beneficiaries of that grant of freedom and a gift of land ….. and I have found other examples who can trace their ancestry to these acts of kindness by Quakers..

    In fact, I have found that most of the early planters were Quakers.

    That probably explains the tolerant attitude of most Bajans and confirms my early teachings by people who actually knew what thy were talking about!!!

  4. robert ross

    The lady has a point. Whatever happened to Myrie?

  5. de castro

    Sometimes racism is overshadowed by classism…..
    Prejudices abound …do we need more ‘superiority’ complexities ?

    Get real please !

  6. Derek

    Please forgive her she probably have A jamaican man. They’re many like her. Read jamaican news papers today and you’ll see they already have A hundred murders. Murdering children like crazy. Bajans°respect to you do not let jamaicans pull you down to there level they are hell bent on ruining the Caribbean as they where never for unity. Protect your country from they lawless ways. There’ re A stressed miserable people. We in the Bahamas know why they are always focus on your island Its because of there failures. We to have women like her here she wants attention. Be alert they Could be more myries in the future as they dollar weakens.

  7. Tyrone

    Before you guys continue to go off on the author of the article, maybe you should take the time to read it. I don’t see anywhere in the article that says “As school children in Barbados we were taught to hate Jamaicans”. Shame on you BFP for misleading the readers.

  8. Baje

    Never received a lesson like this in all of my life. I was never taught to hate anyone Jamaican, Trinidadian, Vincentian etc….). Where did you go to school again?

  9. Whitehill

    While I was never taught to hate other islanders as a child,
    we in Barbados were led to believe that we were the best and smarter
    than all the other islands with this little England bull shit.
    Come time for me to head up to the USA, there I were with this chip on
    my shoulder; along came these Jamaicans and shattered my beliefs.
    Not only Jamaicans, but lots of islanders who have led me to believe that
    were not living only on this little rock but under it as well.
    Upon returning home I encountered so much anti Guyanese sentiments it
    was unbelievable…if this is not hate, give me ten years!

  10. Ignore that yardie yard FOUL !! she must be one of those 300.000+ ILLITERATE Jamaicans running bout the World
    There are more ILLITERATE Jamaicans than the population of Barbados,and she is one of them.
    Maybe a BAJAN man horn she,in that case she shouldn’t spread hate,she should get even and get a woman and horn he back too.

  11. @ whitehill…don’t people in other Caribbean Islands think that THEIR COUNTRIES are the BEST in the West Indies too ?
    if that is not hate give me 10 years too Seems to me that you are easily led astray .Stand up for your Country the way Trinidadians and Jamaicans stand up for theirs.

  12. de castro

    Any woman who promotes love gets my vote….those who ‘hate’ are still looking for love….sad lot.!
    And I ain’t no Jesus ..kick my ass and I kick yours.

  13. Robert Storey

    I have been to Jamaica and I have to say I was not impressed by all the drug taking and smoking pot.

  14. Derek

    Whitehall* you’re an idiot, just like the lady and her wicked eyes. Guyanese what ! Guyanese are to Barbados, what Haitians are to my country. Trouble, crime,Drugs stupidity, add Jamaicans to that mix. You guys had A no nonsense prime minister A Mr Dave Thompson, you need another one like him.

  15. Whitehill

    @ Derek,
    its Whitehill and not Whitehall!

  16. rastaman

    Sorry Derek.. but there is no money left from Clico for another no nonsense pm like Thompson.

  17. Dessalines

    Until I read the comments I was second guessing the Barbadian education system. Well we never got that lesson in Antigua about the bad slave theory either, so I can breath easily now.

    We learned that Jamaica had two periods of emancipation, the first when the Spanish colonists were driven out by the British they emancipated their slaves (probably just to screw the British) who fled to the mountains to join the other escapees (Maroons) who were living with the native Jamaican Arawaks/Tainos. The second was the full abolition of slavery. This resulted in Jamaica boasting a community of blacks were more independent minded than the other islands with the exception of Haiti.

    On the question of ‘hating’ Jamaicans I think the young lady is being very selectively dishonest, due to the fact that all Caribbean islanders have their prejudices (read hate on) against their fellow brothers and sisters. In any given island Guyanese are hated on, Trinidadians are known by the moniker Tricky Dadians, Domincans (republic of) are mocked and looked down on, Kittitians supposedly hate Antiguans and vice versa, Bajans are seen as nuff and stuck up etc etc. I do not see why Jamaicans should be singled out as for special treatment. After all they are seen as responsible for blowing our one and only opportunity of being a united region – W.I Federation. So like the rest of us, take your ‘hating’ in stride and keep on on keeping on.

    Personally I see the Caribbean as a large dysfunctional family who have their differences, jealousies and rivalries like any other family would. We will never unite unless the initiative comes from the grassroots, and not some intellectual elites in England or UWI who have no skin in the game.

  18. Derek

    @Hill,hall its all white! Listen lady” yes I can tell you’re A woman, Ms Whitehill the Bajans’ that I know here in the Bahamas there’s no way in hell A jamaican can shatter what they believe in. You’re weak with low self-esteem you should be proud of your country and your people. ? Was Barbados not A strong developing nation, with high GDP, HDR, low crime,low unemployment High life expectancy. I have never seen Guyana or Jamaica’s name next to Barbados in any of these catagories in my 44 years. Now you have Guyanese, Jamaicans and the other islanders in your Bim. Things are looking different aren’t there. everyday A Jamaican or Guyanese jailed,drugs, guns, murders” wake up woman. Kick them out of Your country. The good to bad ratio of these people is as weak as there currency. Believe that ‘

  19. Anonymous

    Dessalines, you are so right! Islanders have names for each other, none of them kind! Bajans are known as double-crossers, they do it for fun, Vincies as tricky, Guyanese as oily, Jamaicans as dangerously insane, etc. This happens in any group of nations, eg Europe, where English are snobs/violent, Italians corrupt cowards, French hysterical/sex maniacs, Spanish cruel, Irish thick, Germans…well! In the US each state has its bad nickname. In fact, within countries themselves there’s always a part where the inhabitants are tagged as stupid, etc. In this tiny island alone, I hear people being scathing about those from St Lucy being weird, inhabitants of St John are well-known for being “backward” and so on. Within the family there is always a categorisation going on, she’s lazy, he can’t keep it in his pants, so and so will never amount to nothing.
    Yet am I wrong? Or am I just being influenced by the opinions of others? There seems to be a grain of truth in there….?! Groups do tend to develop a group identity, what’s acceptable to one group might be anathema to another. So whereas a Sicilian might think it is perfectly OK to shoot someone in the name of honour, it just would not occur to a Dutchman to do that, generally speaking.
    There can be no doubt however, the statistics speak for themselves, some easily identifiable groups seem more mad and violent than others and they carry this behaviour with them when they travel away from home. Mafia a good example.

  20. PikSense

    Wait, nobody ain read the rest of this woman blog? She has a serious problem with Bajans. Her latest post is about how all Bajans are theives. Check the messenger to really understand the message. She is a hateful anti-Bajan bigot.

  21. Harry

    u talkin bare shite…we never get teach nuh crap so…

  22. Yvette

    Black people really and truly are the Worst and the Most Stupid race on this earth and even the universe. This is a Black Demon Woman sent from other Black Demons and the White Demons as well to keep separating the stupid Black people of this world and the Caribbean in particular. They want us not to have any Love, Respect, Kindness towards one another so they can keep up their Evil towards Black Stupid people. And you Stupid, Dumbass Bajans deserve this for you all have the most Shitest, DumbAss, FuckAss Attitudes for allowing your STUPID PM to mess up you and your island. He is one of the Black Demons that I am telling you people about. Open and Wake Up your Eyes and Ears and see want is really going on here to destroy Barbados and Bajans. And all the other islands are in on this, to bring and keep Bajans and Barbados to their knees and beyond, they really want to Destroy us, why can’t you all SEE. Do you really think that the Economy and the increase of Crime and Murder in Barbados is on purpose? Every island in the Caribbean Hates Barbados & Bajans, get a Revelation people if at least you have an ounce of common sense.Open your eyes and see want they have taken away from Barbados & Bajans and have given to St Lucia. WAKE UP WAKE UP.

  23. Yvette

    This so-called woman is obviously not a Barbadian. She hates Barbados & Bajans alot that is what I am saying about other people from the other islands they have this crazy hatred towards Barbadians and she needs to leave Barbados and stay gone forever from Barbados and to leave Bajans alone. If she knows what is good for herself, she will leave and go back to the island she is from, stay there and be happy there. If you love yourself please do yourself that great favor. And with the increase of crime and murder in Barbados is very suspicious to me with all those so-called Guyanese, Jamaicans and Vincentians in Barbados why has crime and murders increase like this. Barbados and Bajans never used to be like this with crime that is why I am truly suspicious of what is happening there now with increase in crime and murder.

  24. Chraman Cumberbatch

    We Bajans were never taught to hate Jamaicans this is Sheri Veronica Cutting stirring the shit spot she should lick the spoon until it is cleaner than the Queens silver. Wish she had never come to our beautiful island and stayed in the USA but she never fit in here and has caused nothing but a trail of misery everywhere she goes. That’s a lie we have “Reggae on the Hill”, Sheri ‘s life is a lie , her words she lives in a fictional fantasy land of 24/7 grandiose and bullies women, children and homosexuals.

    She is a Barbadian Yankee she left and is a very calloused , low Caliber and cruel beast of a human. She is a Narcissistic sociopath,

    She left Barbados here when she was small. She married a Jamaican man she met in NYC Brooklyn she sure ain’t from Manhattan and frustrated he had no money etc and as she has dysfunctional relationships She never went to school in Barbados. College etc

    She is deranged fuill fledged certifiable lunatic .
    She came to Barbados . She hooked up with a Bajan man Mark Thompson her Bajan Yankee Daughter Suje hooked up with first.

    , She is part of the Cutting family from St . Lucy. They are some Seven Day Adventists and should be ashamed for she is a disgrace to that family the black sheep.

    She dated Mark Thompson a man who had been seeing her daughter for months,It caused a rift between mother and daughter. What mothers has sex with a man her daughter had sex with.

    She says Bajans have no morals but we are supposed to judge morals and measure by her so called high standards/

    . But Mark was more age appropriate for Sheri and Suje her daughter had another boyfriend.

    Then came the night that all Barbadians must pat Sheri got a hold of Marks phone and there were descriptive photos of another female. She went “ballistic” “Insane” and tore his home up, smashed and destroyed his property so she would not leave .

    He calmly walked inside his home and locked the door and called the police. She was arrested and charged with three charges at holetown and to avoid prison she faked a suicide attempt spent time in Black Rock and every since this she has been for three years obsessing on and on about how bad Bajans are and even gets money from the illiterate bajans dumb enough because the “Intellectuals” IGNORE her. She is not educated and neither are many of her guests in Naked Departure she is envious of successful, political or people who have money. She calls Bajans names and then lives off of them. Mark made a mistake and she has wished he dies a horrible death . She is mentally of the rails. She missed up so many lives but mainly her own but she is too clueless to see this.

  25. de castro

    Wow wow…..question…is it less painful to love than to hate.

    It is also better to have loved and lost but love again.
    Much too much venomously hateful remarks above.
    Some editing necessary.
    Culturally the Caribbean is different…….time served.
    Economically there are similarities.
    Politically diverse.
    Religiously divided.

    Maybe the new kids on the block in guyana can resolve some of these
    differences by preaching the gospel of unity.
    One people
    One nation
    On destiny.

    A dream worth living.
    United we stand divided we fail/fall.
    Unity is strength and the carribean is weak unless united.

    Que Sera sera

  26. Chraman Cumberbatch

    Have you ever been on Sheri Veronica;s naked Departure site?

    What I said pales in comparison to her abuse of women and children.

    You go and see if you will be saying Que Sera Sera.

  27. Chraman Cumberbatch

    No one was ever taught to hate Jamaica in Barbados she went on Blogs in Jamaica and had them stirred up that Bajans hate Jamaicans she has a mission to harm Barbados you need go to Naked departure which should be called Wicked departure. She can’t get over Mark Thompson did not want and or love her because her Ego is so over inflated She is Barbados’s version of Jodie Aries.
    She Wishes death on Mark Thompson. she wants it to be painful .
    She calls the ex wife of a rich man an escort yet the women lives in multi million dollar beach home and she got a settlement and gets spousal support. . Another wealthy woman really rich and white living in a luxurious home and wealthy Sheri said she laid down in a cane field with a Rasta man when the poor woman had a nervous break down. They all have something Sheri doesn’t Money and hearts and class.
    Shelly Williams who is the black rich woman she targets and despises because she has what Sheri wants and Sheri thinks Sheri deserves.
    She mocked the suicide of a policeman . She puts up porn videos even child porn. So until you have been on such a despicable and cruel site . Ever read her books she cusses like a sailor and speaks so low classed every other word is obscenity. Some vindictive gf sent a picture of her ex bulling another new GF and Sheri put that out there she promotes and distributes porn slept with her daughters boyfriend yet everyone in Barbados is whore;s prostitutes .

    Oh gay porn . She distributes porn outs children’s names who have been sexually abused . Yes she is a sweet kind humanitarian she says Bajans are demons she was born here that it is in our DNA. She wants to see demon all she needs a mirror.

  28. de castro

    Thanks and no thanks……most people choose to be good a few evil.
    The evil that we do lives after us the good buried with our bones.
    In her case reverse that.RIP

  29. de castro

    Explanation….Culture V Nationalism V patriotism

    Culture is who we are.😈😇
    Nationalism is who the political class want us to be 😴
    Patriotism is love and locality 😄

    Google the above then decide.
    We never stop learning.😇

  30. de castro

    Correction ….love and loyalty. Locality word prompt o this tablet….but it could also be where we live/lived and loved.

  31. Chraman Cumberbatch

    We should pray for our enemies . Even as hard as it is I can not understand the mindset of someone like her. She hurts so everyone else must she is old enough to know better. She attacked Algmated Security services it is always about ” S&&^^king” F^^%cking Blow J^%bs , She seems to be like a female sexual deviant predator. She is preoccupied with P&&ssy’s and D7&&&cks. She came from a Seventh Day Adventist family her mother was a nice woman in the Church she told people she was ashamed of how her daughter became before she died. That is what she told some of her church members.
    Her mom was a devout Seventh Day Adventist and most humble. She goes after Richard Haynes, Michelle Haynes, Lady Haynes. Mia Mottley which Mia ain’t no sweet bread . She does it from afar and what Barbados needs to do is get together and make anyone caught advertising on her site a crime if she can do this as freedom of speech in Barbados due to all her libelous defamation suits. The Govt Needs to crack down on her and if it takes the atty Gen and the BLP and DLP contacting the US embassy and US state dept then so be it. She incites racism race and in this is a creator of chaos.
    Sheri she has tarnished Barbados so anyone who GOOGLES can see her stories of a whole island with alleged child molesters, rapists , Aids, Demons . She has painted an image that there is not a single good Bajan in her hate.

    WE Bajans depend on tourism and while these blasted fools that send her money or advertise do not know if the tourists do not come Barbados will sink. This is what her agenda is.

    She wants this she has said it . She I truly feel is actually possibly even demon possessed and needs as exorcism.

    What she does is purely evil and on so many levels.

    oh and maybe even illegal when she put up a post ( password ) only want to see a mom su&$cking baby’s penis.

    So , really we have that many retarded illiterate bajans paying this insane ,bi polar, schizophrenic, personality disorder and extremely unstable human to destroy us.

    She created her website from Bajans FUNDS and we need tourism the rest of the money she takes and travels she does not like to work . She has hardly ever worked in her life and she found a job she enjoys SADISTIC ABUSER.

    WOW to be paid to be a truly demonic EVIL VILE sadist and paid by the very people she is out to undermine and destroy.

    This is INSANITY>
    4 Her followers remind me of those who followed
    Reverend Jim Jones to Guyana and we saw how that turned out drink her koolade but it is laced with poison.

    . It is like Bajans so jealous they are cutting their noses to spite their faces. I have never seen so many people fooled and mesmerized but I wish she would be extradited back here and the ATTY General should send a request to the USA Atty General to put out a warrant for her arrest then she can come face her abusers in person and spend time back in Black Rock and then prison she needs GOD, Jesus and most of all she needs meds !!!!