DOUBLE STANDARD: Another corrupt Barbados lawyer and politician walks free after paying back the money he stole

michael carrington barbados lawyer speaker

Who loaned Speaker of the House Michael Carrington the money to pay back what he purloined from his trust account?

Why should thieving lawyers be able to walk free once caught – if they pay back the money they took?

Did the Barbados Bar Association audit Carrington’s trust account?

Citizens demand transparency!

When ordinary folk get caught stealing, they can’t just hand back the money, automobile or whatever they stole and walk free, so why should Barbados lawyers and politicians have that privilege?

Barbados lawyers and politicians have something like a gentleman’s agreement between themselves that it is best for the profession if misdeeds are covered up. So the Barbados Bar Association and the political parties talk about integrity and accountability – but they don’t really want to see any of their good ‘ol boys network behind bars.

They also know that it is dangerous to put others in jail who may have as much on you and you do on them! We’ve covered this story time and time again here at BFP.

Old boy network covers for a corrupt politician and lawyer

No surprise that after lawyer and Speaker of the House Michael Carrington was unable to pay a court order to return almost $250,000 he stole from a client 14 years ago, that the old boy network came up with the money to replace what Carrington illegally took from his trust account. (But after the court and news media said it was almost a quarter million dollars, why did Carrington yesterday pay only just over $200,000?)

It only took 14 years of lawsuit, tears and a life destroyed for a 78 year old senior in a wheelchair, John Griffiths, to receive the money his aunt left him in the year 2000! Michael Carrington was supposed to surrender the money to Griffiths 14 years ago, but kept it for himself and then couldn’t pay it.

Carrington’s trust account has the evidence but the Barbados Bar Association isn’t going to go there. As Speaker of the House, Carrington is part of the elites and is as untouchable as lawyer and former Prime Minister David Thompson who money laundered millions for his friend Leroy Parris.

Nothing changes on this rock no matter which group of political elites is in power.

And the lapdog piss-itself Barbados news media won’t come close to asking the right questions in this story. Bet on that too.

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Photo – many thanks to The Nation


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14 responses to “DOUBLE STANDARD: Another corrupt Barbados lawyer and politician walks free after paying back the money he stole

  1. Party Animal

    Come on ! Where he got the money from ? Check any Politician’s Bank account, (overseas) I don’t mean the accounts in Bim
    How about the one who was caught going into the USA with two hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars, CASH just a few weeks ago, why is he not in a USA Jail ? Why is there nothing in the Press ?

  2. C. Nairb Senrab

    None of the usual derogatory words cover Mr. Carrington’s behaviour, nor that of all the other tiefing lawyers. It is time for action. DISBAR, JAIL. A slap on the wrist is the epitome of farce; it achieves nothing. This may be a crazy ass suggestion but how about delving into the background of all students seeking to become lawyers. Might just pickup a few bad apples early.

  3. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Remember the Barbados BAR have over 2,000,000 in their account and give him a loan, Did the BAR not speak ?
    Crooks have an Bank account to pay up after crooking the Our People, If you can get a loan to save the government for going to the POLLS,

    Mia Will need a loan also ,

  4. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Crook liars and scumbags all of them , the new and the old Minister , Now you can see first hand the rats all over the place and not in line with Law of any kind, Self serving Bitches , Who think People are fools for their Fraud ways and Actions,,, Mia need to be in Jail and other need to along with her, Let start with the BLP and the DLP , When true books are written we all will how the devil moves on Earth,

  5. robert ross

    Let the former client (a) take the matter to the BA or/and (b) report the matter to the police.

  6. To the core!

    The former client sued and won in court. We all read about it in the newspapers. The Bar Association read about it in the newspapers and so did the police.

    It doesn’t take a complaint for the police or especially the Bar to act.

    All too rotten.

  7. Anonymous

    Utterly despicable! I think you call this honor among thieves.

  8. just despicable , & in a couple all of them will be knocking at doors for votes. I would like to throw some stale pe in their faces. All of them 6 of 1, half dozen the other. all are lawyers (liars), despicable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Crooks , liars and Scumbags ,, and many feel i or we wrong, Only when other have pain and some one else say its now true them most will talk after ,.. Well there is about 599 other crooks out of 900 lawyers in Barbados that doing the same shit as easy as taking a shit and piss every morning, nasty Bitches,
    Violet Beckles know very well how deep the rat hole is and many make fun of older people being robbed, To find a lawyer to go after other crook lawyers is not easy and you can even go to the BAR for help in finding a good lawyer, for them you may have to sue the BAR for sending you to a crook, Just like the US Embassy have or had a list of lawyer who is a steady long time crook , Over 75 % of those lawyers are crooks, Only good for drug cases ,

  10. Party Animal

    Nuff money in drugs

  11. Anonymous

    They are many more like him!

  12. Harry

    its reality…dem big boys is who running d country…who else is above dem to bring dem down ? other than the Lord

  13. As was easily predicted,”this whole thing is a joke and won’t last more than a couple of weeks” ! Bajans are not too interested in matters of this sort.There is a tendency to “wink wink ” at thievery and corruption and typically respond to such with a “You awright ! You jealous ’cause de man gettin’ a lil’ berry and um ain you ! He gotta live too yuh know !” And so it goes on and on and on !

  14. I don’t understand why a simple house sale takes over a year.
    here in the states its 35 days, can someone explain