Report: Seven Barbados police officers arrested in drug racket


Good for the cops for cleaning up their own mess. Will the officers ever come to trial? The record of similar arrests fading into nothing doesn’t make me an optimist…

AS MANY AS SEVEN police officers ranging in rank from special constable to sergeant, were being questioned up to late last night in connection with a suspected illegal drugs racket.

According to sources, the breakthrough started after investigators, acting on a tip-off, discovered a quantity of marijuana in the possession of one of the officers, who was subsequently taken into custody over the weekend.

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10 responses to “Report: Seven Barbados police officers arrested in drug racket

  1. Party Animal

    These are the guys that should be heavily penalized, they should know better, throw the book at them.

  2. The Moore

    From the little I can see without signing up to the Nation, it appears that the officers involved wanted to hold onto the drugs. If this is the case then Barbados you have a very serious problem.

    If one looks at the possible reasons behind why the haul wasn’t handled in the appropriate manner non of them are good and indicate an element of long standing corruption, in thought, if not in deed by these officers. Put bluntly they appear to be just dishonest and poorly managed.

    There is a way around this. It maybe a little unconventional, however it may help to prevent Barbados from descending into the realm of a failed community.

    Firstly any drugs which are found becomes the property of the team which finds them. Each team would be structured in such a way that each member would be a partner. Each partner would then become a shareholder so that the proceeds of selling the drugs goes to the shareholders. The drugs would be sold to the states in United States where medical marijuana is legally sold.

    There is a movement to legalise marijuana in a number of states and legislation in 2017 is opening the doors for a market to be created for seized drugs. So don’t destroy it sell it!

  3. Anonymous

    I believe for drugs to be so rampant in Barbados police must be involved

  4. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Come on word on the street for years was that the EX COP Dottin was the main man .

  5. Fedup

    This man I have written about before he uses the name Jersey Jersey (Ace of Diamonds) on his facebook page Jersey Jersey (facebook)

    See below: a few Posts taken from his Facebook Page We at Ace of Diamonds are looking for the sexiest dancers in the Caribbean to come dance.No scallywag pop down chicks please. Hit me up on Whatsapp 12462649962 or hit up Junior Carrington of face book

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    Rossi of Red Sea is also one of his boys. It doesn’t surprise he is defending Rossi on Naked Departure blog facebook page, himself being a drug dealer and working with local police also.

    Jersey, FREDDY Hill, BOPPER (Rehab) AND ROSSI ARE MORE THAN FRIENDS. He also need to stop about black people pulling down each other as he setup his past business Trini partner of formerly Tastee Treats strip club who has been in Dodds for over 5 years for 26 kilos of cocaine.

    Jersey Jersey is not his real name, give us your real name so that all can see you are a criminal drug deportee from the US who spent 8 – 9 years in prison for selling drugs and other crimes in the US.

    Fedup Jamaican

  6. Fedup

    One correction to above should be 36 kilos of cocaine not 26 kilos

  7. Fedup

    Jersey, FREDDY Hill, BOPPER (Rehab) AND ROSSI ARE MORE THAN FRIENDS and also in criminal conspiracy with local police close to the top.

    Lots of money and sex involved,

  8. Fedup

    Need to add Nigel Pinder alias ‘Bounty’ to Jersey’s list of close associates to the above.

  9. Bajan living abroad

    Fed up you are telling the truth about everything this coming from a bajan living in canada.That inspector that you are talking about in holetown also over sees the escorts of drug shipments by the S.S.U to safe houses all over the island. He also works for a drug kingpin by the name juice who been in operation for over 25 years. Just to today they had a Station Sargeant who got caught stealing 10000 in drug money in the same police station as same cops that where cops that stealing the weed and selling that took from drug dealers. There are some whole police stations that corrupt you are 100 percent right when you say it people it’s at the top who involved in this there very high level players in the police there are some nasty nasty bajan police and customs.There well known custom officers who protested cameras at the airport and the port are involved gun and drug smuggling. I hope honestly everything works out for you sweetie also for home girls

  10. Harry

    its reality , ya cant touch d big bois…cus dem at d top of d ladder #SadToSay