Nigeria Barbados student programme disaster – Donna St. Hill says Sharon Brathwaite unable to account for major funds

Nigerian Deputy Governor Utuama and Donna St. Hill

Nigerian Deputy Governor Amos Utuama and Donna St. Hill

Barbados Today journalist Emmanuel Joseph interviewed Donna St. Hill – programme director for the Nigeria-Barbados student disaster that continues to unfold.

The full interview is worth your time to read if only to see once again how these foreign student and employment initiatives always fall apart in Barbados. Always. Everybody tries to squeeze a little bit of the funds for themselves and their brothers and in the end there are never enough funds to complete the original goals and standards of the project. All the time. Every time.

But this time there were some major feeders at the trough… or so says Donna St. Hill.

From what St. Hill says, once again there was little or no oversight of employees in Barbados as St. Hill ran her end from Africa (taking her little bit of squeeze for sure).

Now St. Hill is blaming Barbadian Sharon Brathwaite for misdirecting, misspending and generally being unable to account for hundreds of thousands of dollars over a relatively short four month period. It’s the students who are suffering in the end, and the money is gone gone gone.

Sharon Brathwaite told her side of the story to Barbados Today (see article I’m Sorry)

Some selected quotes from the Donna St. Hill interview…

“My company Donna St Hill International manages this contract… I live in Africa, so I hire local project administrators, of which Miss Brathwaite [Sharon] was the one who was working on the Barbados project…   I thought that with some close supervision, more mentoring, she could achieve more than what she even knew she was capable of.”

“I have heard Sharon Brathwaite had travelled to Nigeria to see my clients, to see how she could, not take over the responsibilities and the headaches, but control more of the financing and have it paid directly to her. That failed.”

“So at no time could we think about bringing the money back because every other month we were coming and it needed to be there –– you know, salaries to pay and some small things, but certainly not $750,000 . . . . We are all shocked because I know what I have approved; and even with some seepage here and there, it can’t be right.”

“So what happened with that money? Well we are trying to find out.”

Read the entire story at Barbados Today


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11 responses to “Nigeria Barbados student programme disaster – Donna St. Hill says Sharon Brathwaite unable to account for major funds

  1. oink!

    “But this time there were some major feeders at the trough… or so says Donna St. Hill.”

    How much did St. Hill feed from the trough while she remained in Africa consulting and managing ?????????

    Always the same. Nothing ever changes when the piggies feed at the trough in Barbados.

  2. Was it Sealy (ag) who approved the Nigerians coming here?

  3. Anonymous

    Teef teef from teef make God laugh!(Old West Indian saying)

  4. Richard C.

    I read the Bajan Reporter article. Look like Bourne accept what the Nigerian Minister say without questions. Say BFP “spurious” ??? WTF? where Bourne come with that? You here Bourne? What wit that?

  5. It is not that I necessarily accept, if you took the time to fully read the first of a few videos from this Press Conference, you will note I asked questions…

    Why are Trotman and Mayers only representing 66 not the full 90? Why was their media gathering held in the Car Park? Do we need to use a pinch of salt for Guyson, knowing his history of accepting Law as is?

    Whereas Dep. Gov. Utuama appears much better in control of his facts, plus? The question time is coming – more videos soon, ok?

  6. Richard C.

    Good for you Ian an it’s good we have you digging like nobody else does. wish we could give you a TV studio. You could do a weekly on youtube and it would get good viewing i know.

  7. Richard C.

    the biggest question is WHERE IS THE MONEY an they can’t say it!

  8. manbringmandown

    Sharon is evil that is all I can say to this matter and no matter what she is trying or do she will be brought to book!