Barbados Speaker of the House Michael Carrington is a crooked lawyer – stole $250,000 from client – disobeyed court order to pay it back

Barbados speaker michael carrington

“A message to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart…

Michael Carrington is a crooked lawyer who stole a quarter million dollars from a vulnerable 78 year old pensioner. That simple truth means that Carrington is not fit to be a Member of Parliament let alone Speaker of the House.”

It is a simple matter, really, and one that is hardly unknown in Barbados. Over two years ago a lawyer was supposed to transfer about a quarter of a million dollars from his trust account to a Mr. John Griffiths, the beneficiary of his aunt’s estate. Instead, the crooked lawyer kept the money and made excuses to Mr. Griffiths.

Mr. Griffiths was forced to launch a lawsuit against the lawyer. Griffiths won and the court ordered the crooked lawyer to pay the money back and give an accounting within 28 days – but the lawyer failed to pay the money or provide an accounting.

Nothing unusual in Barbados where we seem to have hordes of crooked lawyers… except that this crooked lawyer is Member of Parliament and Speaker of the House Michael Carrington QC. Lawyer, Queen’s Counsel, MP, Speaker of the House… Oh Dear!

So the BLP Opposition has been walking out of Parliament because even in a house that is heavily populated with thieving lawyers, the elected politicians perceive that a lawyer who raids their trust account is not only crooked, but stupid to be so open about a theft.

Why hasn’t Michael Carrington paid the money as the court ordered?

That’s easy to guess – Carrington probably doesn’t have the money anymore. He stole it, and spent it on himself, probably intending to replace it in his trust account later or pay it back in pieces. Or, maybe wait for Mr. Griffiths to pass on and then keep the money forever. That’s not an unreasonable guess at Carrington’s motives as the victim is 78 years old, in ill health and confined to a wheelchair.

Michael Carrington is a crooked lawyer who stole a quarter million dollars from a vulnerable 78 year old man – and that means Carrington is not fit to be a Member of Parliament let alone Speaker of the House.

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26 responses to “Barbados Speaker of the House Michael Carrington is a crooked lawyer – stole $250,000 from client – disobeyed court order to pay it back

  1. Anonymous

    That contactor who cheated me, even though the contact was in writing will pay. I will not be going to court and have to wait a decade for the case to be called.

  2. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    For many Years and Day We have been calling the Lawyers of Barbados , Crook, Liars and Scumbags , Now the rest of you catching up,,, The Crooked House that the DLP / BLP build will soon fall,,Vote Better next time ,Vote the C.U.P,

  3. John

    I see the Prime Minister has thrown his support behind the Speaker!!


    Peace ! Yes ! they are many crooked people lawyers , doctors and also many chiefs. One the attoney at law subject, I know from first hand sources, of one lawyer who practices in the Strathclyde area. You could be a doubting Thomas if you wish. But, he gave a copy of deceased person’s will (Which was not yet registered in the courts) to someone who was not mentioned in the will for special favors. The case was taken to the Bar Association in Barbados for over a year and they did nothing about it. We ned to re-examine the word honarable. If carrington is crooked, should not be speaker of the house. Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2015 03:39:21 +0000 To:

  5. Bemused Bystander

    Why has this man

    (a) not been sent down for contempt of court;

    (b) not been charged with theft; and

    (c) not been struck off by the Barbados Bar Association?

    His continued presence as Speaker and as a free man say to the wider world that the rule of law counts for nothing in Barbados. May the Good Lord have mercy on our souls, for no one else will.

  6. How disgraceful. He ought to be behind bars!

  7. There are a few more beside Carrington who should be behind bars e.g Thompson, & Parris, but the P. M support them all, so what does that tell you what’s happening in B’dos. We are now termed as a Banana Republic, God help us.

  8. gentlejim

    @Just asking : How do you put a dead man behind bars?.The Lord will deal with him as He will deal with all the others.

  9. Anonymous

    Most of the barbadian Lawyers seem to have a streak of dishonesty running in their veins..I HAVE HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH ONE OF THEM.

  10. Barbdaos 2015 R.I.P.

    Add to this the Harlequin fiasco and more….Little wonder people don’t wanna invest in Barbados anymore…or with the rising crime rate, Boscobel toll gang and and on….even the tourist trade gonna fall down
    Will the last person to leave Bim please switch the lights off

  11. Mobert

    And the man has now said that those who are objecting to the Speaker are doing so out of *monstrous stupidity*!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you MAD, Sir?????????????????

    What is monstrously stupid is the things this so-called ‘government’ is doing.

    Cannot even pay to have sugar harvested but want to spend 200million plus to build a sugar processing plant??? I wonder WHY they are sooooooo keen to spend money on a contracccccccttttt…..

    Nuff said!!!

  12. gentle jim his wife inherited all the money plus, so let her pay the price.

  13. oink!

    This is no longer about the speaker of the house. It is about a Prime Minister and a government that continues to defend him beyond all that is reasonable.

    Mr. Prime Minister: you are tainting your party and your government.

  14. My Two cents

    I hold no brief for Carrington who has done a despicable act to that old man and should be punished. What the Prime Minister is saying is that Carrington’s infelicities was in his private capacity and not as Speaker. He has a point let the members of the House deal with Carrington by way of the committees set up to handle these things. You cant just tell him to resign and leave the House. He hasn’t broken any House laws. It doesn’t work that way here or in Westminster or Washington where there are more charlatans than the population of Barbados. We do agree Carrington is a scumbag and will get his just desserts sooner or later.

  15. PT

    I can’t believe there’s any dispute about whether the man should resign or not!

  16. I read the article in the paper this morning, & the contribution the ex P. M made. He was a man I , held in High esteem, after reading that, I think & feel he should resign from Parliament as well, with the Attorney General. He is being such a hypocrite, it pains me. This man is an old man, who needs his money to live on, Is this what Barbados has come to, no wonder others are thinking we have become a Banana Republic, no better than Venezuela.

  17. gentlejim

    @just asking : So what about all the “old ” people who have their pension money in CLICO who need
    their money to live on and the PM is defending his pal Leroy Parris ?

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  19. It was reported in a local Bajan newspaper on January 18 2015, that Barbados is among the least corrupt countries and ranked 17th out of 175 countries by Transparency International in 2014. According to their global corruption index released recently ,Barbados is the least corrupt country among the emerging economies and in the developing world. What a cruel joke ! Maybe they should check out Trinidad & Tobago …”de land of bobol”… where a no-nonsense Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, in demanding integrity, transparency, accountability and most of all, honesty in government, has thrown out members of her own government…Attorney General Anand Ramlogan,National Security Minister Gary Griffith,Emmanuel George and Embau Mohani .And Barbados is ranked No.1 among developing countries ? Hey nah ! Something wrong here ! Is joke dem making nah !

  20. Let’s stick to the erstwhile and long outstanding problem with the legal fraternity and the judiciary ! If I understand the President of the Barbados Bar Association correctly, he has placed blame for crooked lawyers continuing to practise/steal, primarily upon the present and previous governments and registrars. It would appear that complaining to the Bar Association is an exercise in futility, when it comes to seeking redress against any lawyer who steals his/her client’s money ! Since many of the victims are Barbadians living overseas, expatriates should think long and hard before deciding to invest in Barbados !

  21. orville carter

    Most lawyers in barbados are crooks and they will have to support each other.Respect ,shame and matters of conscience is certainly not part of their armory..

  22. BFP

    Reblogged this on Barbados Free Press and commented:

    Contrast the disbarring of lawyer Therold Fields with the “hands-off” protection given to Barbados Speaker of the House (and crooked lawyer) Michael Carrington.

    Fields went down for stealing deposits from a real estate client. Carrington stole a whole lot more but was allowed to pay it back and continue as one of the elites.

    That’s some penalty for a thief… if you don’t get caught, keep the money. If you do get caught, just pay it back and no worries!

    How corrupt is this rock? Just contrast what happens when an ordinary lawyer thief and an elite lawyer thief get caught.

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  24. Liam Massy

    As always the most the typical bajan can do is name and shame. No where else around the developed world would we see such a hate article exist defaming the character of a public figure. In exchange for this nonsense, our society is nonethewiser as we continue to ignore the serious issues plaguing our society such as gun violence, prostitution, lack of opportunity and underdevelopment in our schools and community. Literary rate gone to waste