Nigeria sends Deputy Governor Amos Utuama to investigate allegations against himself and alleged mistress in Barbados!

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A few days ago, we reported that 90 Nigerian students are alleging that Deputy Governor Amos Utuama and his mistress Donna St. Hill pocketed programme funding for the Delta Youth Trainees in Barbados, causing the students to be shifted from the nice Infinity Beach Hotel to an inland dump of a hotel with no running water and slops for food.

Now, just like you’d expect, the Nigerian government sent the subject of the allegations to Barbados to investigate himself!

No problem, folks! We can write the results of the investigation right now… everything be fine. just a misunderstanding. everything is A-okay.


That takes care of that!

Nigerian mission

A HIGH-LEVEL NIGERIAN GOVERNMENTAL TEAM is in Barbados on a fact-finding mission pertaining to the 87 Nigerian students here on a nine-month educational programme.

Deputy Governor of Delta State, Professor Amos Utuama, landed in Barbados last night, while Acting Nigerian High Commissioner to Trinidad, Ganiyu Adeyemi, his deputy Frank Nmadu and financial director, Paul Ataime, arrived on Saturday from Trinidad.

The acting high commissioner and his team met with all of the students at the Casa Grande Hotel in St Philip, where they are being housed, while they also held discussions with facilitator of the programme Donna St Hill, former administrator Sharon Brathwaite, who has been relieved of her duties, as well as Asha “Ram” Mirchandani, owner of the hotel. Reports indicate that the team also did a walk-through of the hotel, which has been a bone of contention with the students, and they were also on hand to examine the meals being served, among other things.

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4 responses to “Nigeria sends Deputy Governor Amos Utuama to investigate allegations against himself and alleged mistress in Barbados!

  1. Mary Marson

    Who the f..k cares ? They are killing off all the Christians over there and the situation is very tense but yet they have time and money to send someone re some minister’s lover. Who the F??K cares.

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  2. gentlejim

    Wow,he got a big nose !!!

  3. Why does we pore somuch of whiteys money in to are educational governance? Leadership!

  4. Anonymous

    Today’s Nation News quotes the Nigerian Utuama as saying they have no proof that any money is missing from the program’s funds, but that if , when they go to spend the money and it’s not there, only then will they know it’s missing and take whatever action if required.
    Sure sounds like a Nigerian Scam to me. How did Barbados get suckered into this ?
    Mrs Ram was fingered by Miss Brathwite (Nation news) as getting $100,000 US per month for nine months to put the unfortunate students up at Casa Grande .thats a lot of dosh!
    No wonder there was ” an incident” with her and the visiting Nigerians , and Police were called in .
    Now they want the students to sign an agreement that will in effect keep them at Casa Grande for the duration of the program. This is an outrageous attempt to silence their discontent and to justify the ” contract” that Mrs Ram is all edged to have entered into with the Nigerian Government’s representative.
    Come on Commissong, represent those unfortunate African brothers and sisters .