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Barbados natural gas shortage, tourist cancellations, difficult to hide in the Internet age

barbados natural gas shortage

“Just after midday yesterday several restaurants on the South and West Coast complained that their natural gas supply was completely gone. A few others who got a reduced capacity said they were able to prepare some meals, but at a diminished capacity. “  Nation News

Increasing calls and cancellations concern Barbados hotels as gas woes continue

Barbados Free Press has learnt that tourism and restaurant industry workers are starting to talk about calls and cancellations of bookings from foreign tourists concerned about online reports of the natural gas shortage and ruined vacations in Barbados. “Things are getting worse, not better, and the cancellations are starting because we can’t guarantee we’ll have hot water and full menus” one person wrote to BFP.

In late December and early January the Daily Mail, Yahoo! News, X-Factor News and others reported the natural gas shortage on the West Coast, and that his holiness Simon Cowell was inconvenienced by not being able to have his favourite sheppard’s pie at the Lone Star Restaurant. With that bit of celebrity news, the story spread on the internet.

So it is no surprise after almost three months of shortages, that TripAdvisor Barbados forums are all abuzz with tourist tales and concerns about spoiled vacations because of the ongoing gas shortage.

The natural gas shortage should be no surprise either to the Barbados government – at least to a competent government that realises how critical it is to our tourism based economy that restaurants, hotels and resorts have gas to cook and for hot water and laundry. It’s pretty basic, don’t you think?

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