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Barbados government consultant goes bananas: says Tripadvisor “seriously rubbish”

Trip Advisor Barbados

Adrian Loveridge - tourism expert, hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge – tourism expert, hotel owner

I will be the first to admit that TripAdvisor is far from being the perfect medium and model for quality control, but it is a living, breathing reality that is accessed by over 315 million unique monthly visitors with the means to read a possible 200 million reviews and opinions – making it by far the world’s largest travel site.

So when a Government employed ‘tourism consultant’ who is at least partially funded by taxpayer’s monies, including the thousands actually employed in the sector, describes (and I use the words verbatim) “Tripadvisor is seriously rubbish – you get 5 bloggers saying how wonderful your property is while writing crap about a hotel next door”, should we be concerned?

Should we be concerned for someone who holds these views in such a potentially influential position, but perhaps more onerous, is willing and able to promulgate them into the public domain?

I cannot imagine that those managers, owners and operators of hotels, attractions, villas and other tourism most highly rated on Tripadvisor share his opinions.

I vividly remember when our small hotel reached the coveted #1 spot out of over one hundred hotels on Barbados and every single comment, with the exception of one, that drove us to this heady position was placed by guests who had personally experienced a stay with us.  Continue reading


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