Last Harlequin update by Serious Fraud Office was July 2014

Harlequin Fraud Office

Harlequin Property
25 July 2014

The SFO investigation into The Harlequin Group continues. We have had several reports from worried investors who have recently received information from other sources to suggest that our investigation is now closed. This is not the case.  Due to the complex nature of our investigations and the fact that several overseas jurisdictions are included within the scope of those investigations, it is inevitable that delays in the process of gathering information and evidence will be and have been encountered. It is not possible to issue any more detailed information at this time. Once we are able to issue a further update we will do so.

Many thanks to those who have been in touch to register their details with us at


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17 responses to “Last Harlequin update by Serious Fraud Office was July 2014

  1. Anonymous

    The investigation is still ongoing, there is just so much for them to look at. this is why it is taking so long

  2. Anonymous

    The Rip off Britain program just last week confirmed that the SFO had recently communicated with them that the SFO investigation was still ongoing.

  3. No smoke?

    I just wish they would arrest all the family.

  4. BBaywatch

    I think that it can be assumed that the Police investigation is also ongoing.

  5. Angela

    I think that it can be assumed that the HMRC investigation is also ongoing.

  6. Angela

    I think that it can be assumed that the FCSC and other bodies have set up a special department to investigate Harlequin is also ongoing!!

  7. Anonymous

    I think you can assume the SFO are like the rest of the plod here and are useless

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t think the SFO are useless, this is a very complex case, but I believe that it is coming near arrest and charge time.

  9. Anonymous

    So the bottom line is tax payer’s money is now being wasted on this mess now? When will Ames stop. He’s an absolute disaster.

  10. Anonymous

    I think we can assume that DA is still running a successful hotel which will benefit from the opening of the SVG airport.

  11. Anonymous

    You can assume all you want, I’ve not seen any financials from either of the hotels they’re running, so wouldn’t jump the gun and call them “successful”.

    Speculation created the mess; it won’t resolve it.

  12. Sid

    I don’t think for a minute that Ames can avoid being pulled up at some point in time, probably in the near future. I’m sure he and his legal team will justify everything thrown at them, but the bottom line is that you can’t cause so much distress to so many people over such a long period and not have to answer to the authorities. Nobody is that untouchable.

    The way I see it, the only way Ames can stay clear of prosecution is if he starts to deliver the goods….soon. If finance is a real option all he has to do is produce evidence that there is a real banker lined up and people will start to feel a bit better about things and the authorities might back of a bit. You can’t spout on about having finance lined up for almost 2 years and not produce a name. People aren’t stupid enough to keep buying the ‘the financier needs to remain anonymous’ line….not for 2 years! Especially as it may be the only thing that can keep Ames in the clear. Is it fair to say that if Ames won’t name the interested finance company(ies) at this stage in the game there obviously isn’t one/any?

    Enjoy the weekend everyone.

    Enjoy the fish, chips and wine Bob 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    Ames business was not about one partially built hotel but was about 7 resorts and 3 hotel refurbs, so to state that Ames is running a successful hotel is a rather anal comment to make.

  14. Ham shank

    Anyone who believes Ames will get finance is simple dumb, anyone who gives him any money is even dumber, can’t fix dumb.

  15. SFO

    I know for a fact the SFO look at BFP.

    So, get your finger out of your backsides and do something.

  16. Fortunately the SFO are not stupid so they know that 95% of the comments on here are bulls**t.

  17. Proceeds of crime.

    HMRC and the SFO have been made aware of the latest swerve.