Secret Duty Free Bribery in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St Vincent Banana Republic

Some animals ARE more equal than others

by Piotr “Petya” Byskovhoc

I worked for an American Corporation in the Soviet Union Russian city of  Moscow  ‘Москва’  during the late 1970’s.  I enjoyed my stay there but the people were diabolically racist towards black people. Muscovite men and women, typically imbued with neo-Nazi beliefs about Jews, blacks, and all other foreign racial groups of people and others, were also notoriously wicked, and the murder of such people on the streets of Moscow was common place.

Their society ran on the principal of reporting friends and neighbors to the authorities, the KGB,  when anyone did or spoke anything which was regarded anti Soviet or Anti Communist Party. It was a frightening system and fear was a useful tool to the Soviet authorities. It’s very much a system that has been introduced to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  Just looking at Bigger Biggs and Marcus De Freitus and numerous other groups and individuals shows what is happening.  

Selected  supporters of the Soviet Communist Party were rewarded with goodies which encouraged them to keep the party line.

Berioska shops and duty free shopping was one of the rewards. The other was duty and tax free cars, electronics and certain other imports. The pick of the better food, the better cuts of meat etc.

Beriozka was a twin chain of state-run retail stores in the Russian Soviet Socialist Republics that sold goods for hard foreign currency. Beriozkas sold goods that were generally unavailable in regular shops. In English-language advertisements and signs, the spelling was always “Beriozka” rather than the strictly accurate transliteration “Beryozka.”

One chain that was intended for Soviet citizens who received some income in hard currency. Those persons were top State Employees, overseas Soviet diplomats, diplomats of a certain grade that held diplomatic passports and identity cards, top performers of the Arts,  top police officers, even the judiciary and top Communist Party members, and of course foreigners with foreign exchange.  Some of those  Russians  were forced to sell their currency for ruble-denominated Vneshposyltorg cheques, while others never laid their hands on foreign currency, receiving their pay from Russian companies trading overseas, other receiving pay from Western sources in Vneshposyltorg checks via Soviet intermediaries. The cheques were to be used to purchase goods in the Vneshposyltorg Beriozkas.

The other Beriozka chain sold goods directly for foreign currency and for Vneshtorgbank series D checks. Soviet citizens (except for high-ranking officials) were not allowed to enter these stores as they were legally forbidden to be in possession of hard currency.  These shops were for the Russian elite, it was a reward for their undying support and continuing support of the party and Soviet system. It was a bribe to keep the top people in line and as  unquestioning supporters. It was not a right it was a  privilege that could be removed or withdrawn at any time.

Beriozka stores became obsolete in the early 1990s when conversion of rubles into hard currency was allowed. The stores were privatized and in the mid-1990s most were closed as uncompetitive. With the death and destruction of the Soviet system these stores were on longer required.

The Cubans have operated a similar system for years and still do today to a certain extent. The Cuban public suffer whilst those at  the top ride high on the hog, as they say.

In Cuba all the top jobs and positions went to white Cubans of Spanish extraction, whilst blacks had the crap jobs and in many instances no jobs at all.

The Unity Labour Party government follows its ideological ancestors

I recently discovered that The Unity Labour Party government  in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [SVG]  under  it’s  Marxist leadership have introduced this system into SVG without the Vincentian people being aware of such.  Duty free cars every four years and duty free goods on request are now the norm for a certain class or rank  of  Vincentian.

There are not enough of Portuguese extraction who support the regime to give all the leading jobs to, but there are plenty of blacks and whites who will sell their souls for a few shekels,  a few crumbs from the table.

People of a certain rank such as high ranking police officers, customs officers, ULP government officials,  government employed doctors,  certain holders of diplomatic passports, even some people who are online activists, Church people such as preachers and leaders, even some of the government supporters and such leaders in the Diaspora get it [without their groups and friends being aware].  Perhaps even certain members of our Judiciary. Not one of these people receive such as a right, it has been made a privilege which can be removed or suspended at any time.  Each recipient is taken aside and the secret is explained. It’s a well kept secret that carries with it a promise from the government hierarchy that if the secret is kept they will be free of future prosecution should it arise for any reason whatsoever.

We all have wondered why certain people have not been fully prosecuted to the endst word of the law, the endst degree,   why some have been prosecuted for lesser crimes than those that they commit.  Well the reason is that the secret must be protected, they go free or are charged with lesser crimes if they keep their mouths shut.  They may even get their  jobs back, even get  better job positions, promotion.  The important thing is to protect the ULP party, the ULP government leadership and secret of duty free bribery in our politics.  It also fools agencies such as Transparency International,  World Bank IMF,  and all those relevant agencies that should know the secret,  but do not.

Prior to every election in SVG,  heads of ministries, even heads of the police have a chat with their underlings, recommending they vote ULP. It’s important to the top people if they want to protect their duty free windfall.

In every society there are what some may describe as dissidents,  no secrets can be kept forever. Well we now know, we are operating under old Marxist Soviet Russian principals, and  the ULP has dissidents.

Some of you will remember when PM Gonsalves said recently “most half decent professionals can afford a new car every four years” Was that a warning to keep the secret? or just the silly mouth run off again?

It’s time to hook them out, it’s time to bury the ULP.

Piotr “Petya” Byskovhoc [as some called me]

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  1. What an absolutely brilliant post.
    ps…I am lost when it comes to Cyrillic but I do know that
    hoc is Russian for nose. Got that from a Shostakovich opera