Battle of Broken Hill: 100 years since the first jihadist terror attack in Australia

Alma Cowie, Katrina Dawson (r): murdered in Australia by foreign jihadists 100 years apart

Alma Cowie, Katrina Dawson (r): murdered in Australia by Muslim jihadists 100 years apart

One hundred years ago, January 1, 2915, two Muslim immigrants to Australia launched jihad attacks on a Sunday excursion train, killing four and wounding several others before being killed by police, in what became known as the Battle of Broken Hill.

On December 15, 2014, a Muslim cleric took hostages at gunpoint in a Sydney Australia cafe and held up an ISIS terror flag in the window. Thanks to for the photos of the two victims one hundred years apart.

The list of murders to please Allah (P.BUH) between those two dates is impressive, and surely must be pleasing to the Muslim prophet who himself loved to behead, rape and enslave infidels – and instructed that his followers do the same.

The Holy Koran instructs all good Muslims to commit acts of violence to spread the religion and political system called Islam.

So that’s exactly what followers are doing.

Any questions?


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10 responses to “Battle of Broken Hill: 100 years since the first jihadist terror attack in Australia

  1. Party Animal

    The Muslim Terrorist is now in every Country, thanks to the Governments across the Globe, who have bowed down to them and not having the balls to tell them if you want to live here, you live by the rules of that Country, with the exception of Japan. Japan may become over run with immigrants.
    What happened to that good old saying, ” When in Rome do as the Romans do.” .

  2. Good work BFP!

    I see you know the difference in the convention ‘PBUH’ (Praise be upon him) and ‘P.BUH’ (PISS be upon him)

    Good work BFP!

  3. Mr Coco

    Islam is an existential threat to western liberal democracy. Its hilarious how the leftist elite media spins blatant vicious terrorist acts as lonewolf attacks or extremists or mentally ill criminals. Btw there is an sharia compliant community of these savage inbreds coming to a parish near you.

  4. The word is prophet…profit is what Dave Ames did at the
    expense of investors.

  5. The variousGovernment of Barbados, they have no balls, anything for a vote ! even going into a bank with their faces covered, let any of us locals do that you will see so many law enforcement coming at you, it will surely be dooms day. It won’t be long before the criminal element catch on.

  6. The Moore

    Dear editor,
    You really do know how to bear false witness. May I suggest you get out into the world more and confront your Demons because you’re doing no one any favours here. When you knowingly miss represent what is happening to the ill-informed it’s exposing you as a person with some sort of personality disorder. Be kind be truthful be honest even if it cost you, it’s called integrity.

    Please take a look at the link below.

  7. Jimmy Hoffa

    @The Moore. You do know that ben afleck is an airhead right? I am trying to determine which side of the argument you are on based on your comments and then a video of the poorly prepared airhead and his straw man argument

  8. Anonymous

    @just asking
    when ya go in banks ya does still c ppl with shades and hats on even doa it not allowed

  9. The Moore

    Jimmy Hoffa. I am on the side of informed intelligence and take exemption to the blatant stimulation of the primitive and lower functioning areas of the brain which on occasion Barbados Free Press indulge in.

    The author, novelist, playwright, essayist, broadcaster, scriptwriter, social commentator and man of letters, J. B. Priestly warned in his book English Journey:
    ‘Any country that allows itself to be dominated by the Nazis will not only have the Gestapo crawling everywhere, but will also find itself in the power of all of its own most unpleasant types – the very people who, for years, have been rotten with unsatisfied vanity, gnawing envy, and haunted by dreams of cruel power. Let the Nazis in, and you will find that the laziest loudmouth in the workshop has suddenly been given the power to kick you up and down the street, and that if you try to make any appeal, you have to do it to the one man in the district whose every word and look you’d always distrusted.’

    Becoming better informed and enlightened is difficult when fear and ignorance is being propagated. A more detailed explanation of my way of thinking can be found in The Chimp Paradox written by Prof Steve Peters.

    A more appropriate approach is to deal with the higher functioning parts of the brain and bring people together with respect. Such an approach can be found at the following link.

  10. BFP

    January 7, 2015: Paris, France

    Paris: Devout Muslims massacre 11 journalists and police officers, wound 20 others, at magazine that published Mohamed cartoons.

    Time to end Muslim immigration to the West.