Barbados Tamarind Hotel dresses black man as monkey, making monkey sounds to entertain white tourists.

Barbados Tamarind Hotel Racism

“Tamarind Hotel Boxing Day cultural extravaganza”

submitted by West Side Davie

Dignity and a sense of history are concepts way beyond certain people at the Tamarind Hotel. And perhaps at the Nation Newspaper too – judging by their happy take on the monkey story.

Perhaps next year the Tamarind could add a “Who dat say who dat when I say who dat?” performance, and have all hotel staff address guests as “massa”. If the middle-aged white tourists could grab one of the young hotel staff anytime they felt like a quick boink with no resistance or repercussions that would pretty well complete the plantation experience that the Tamarind Hotel is obviously attempting to achieve.


This is how far we’ve come Bussa: wearing a monkey costume with tail, making monkey sounds and calling it Bajan culture.

Dear Jesus, please come soon.

Nothing more needs to be said. Headline says it all.

You should read the article at the Nation News, but you know how it is ’bout hey – if we don’t reprint the whole thing here, the Nation editors take it down and change history…

Monkey-mania at Tamarind

The Bajan Green Monkey can be a cheeky little fellow and yesterday his antics at the Tamarind Hotel cultural extravaganza endeared him to several visitors.

The pretend primate pranced and hopped around while getting up to mischief, like giving little Ellen McKay a little scare. 

However, he and the McKay family soon became good friends by the end of the evening.

Here, Natalia McKay and her children, Ellen McKay (right) and Maxim McKay, were delighted by the frolicking green monkey perching on the chair during the annual Boxing Day cultural extravaganza at the hotel. (LK)

(Picture by Xtra Vision Photography.)


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43 responses to “Barbados Tamarind Hotel dresses black man as monkey, making monkey sounds to entertain white tourists.

  1. A Soldier's Tale: Quote by Sgt Waters

    “You know the damage one ignorant Negro can do? We were in France in the first war; we’d won decorations. But the white boys had told all them French gals that we had tails. Then they found this ignorant colored soldier, paid him to tie a tail to his ass and run around half-naked, making monkey sounds. Put him on the big round table in the Cafe Napoleon, put a reed in his hand, crown on his head, blanket on his shoulders, and made him eat bananas in front of all them Frenchies. Oh, how the white boys danced that night… passed out leaflets with that boy’s picture on it. Called him Moonshine, King of the Monkeys. And when we slit his throat, you know that fool asked us what he had done wrong?”

    A quote from the movie A Soldier’s Tale, actor Adolph Caesar as Drill Sergeant Waters


    How can this be seen as insulting ? If anything it follows precisely the script written on Thursdays by the bunch of clowns that sets policy ,that a docile population abides by, that makes Barbados the laughing stock of the region. At least they pay us to laugh at us……We pay the clowns to do the same.

  3. Eyes on you

    This is no news it is a well known fact among other Caribbean nations that Barbadians are sellouts, no black person get respect there from the very blacks themselves, try going to a restaurant or bar or club and see how they treat a black person like second class.
    I went there a couple of times and it was sickening, we went to a Restaurant in an area called Bathsheba and I think the restaurant was called Bonita, as in fish. we ordered drinks and food at the same time, and was told to sit, after our third, drink we asked about the food and was told that we had to wait,we assumed that it was done from scratch and so we ordered another round of drinks, during this time a flurry of activity began in the kitchen and suddenly staff whom we had not seen in over an hour of being there started to run around like headless chickens, it turned out they were getting ready for a van load of Americans, when we asked about our food we were told quite literally by the owner’s wife ( black ) that we had to wait until the Americans are served and if there are anything left of the menu we could order- I nearly hit the floor, I requested my money back immediately ( yes they took advance payment for the food ) and told them what I think, the Americans were quite quiet as they heard everything.
    In the airport it is the same thing, the idiots with sniffer dogs only selected black people in the queue to the protest of everyone even the white folks said it was not normal.
    Barbados has a history of denigrating their own and articles like this only confirms that……

  4. The Spook Who sat by the door

    If you do not understand how the system of Racist/White supremacy functions, then everything you think you know will only confuse you.

    -Neely Fuller-

  5. Party Animal

    As said, you can bring the Monkey out of the Jungle, but you can’t bring the Jungle out of the Monkey

  6. FearPlay

    Big deal BFP. We put a monkey in a pin striped suit, send him to Parliament to rule over all of us jackasses, he never says a word and we follow blindly while the good ship sinks. If we are so immature as to take offense at a performer practicing his craft costumed as a monkey, then maybe we are not out of the woods yet.

    After your long slumber on current and critical issues, is this the best that you can do? If so, you better take your cue from you-know-who and remain silent.

  7. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Try to remember ,that different race of all people have their own Niggers , in every country on this Earth, The Owners of business have also to take all blame when coming to his niggers and workers on how they behave.

  8. Pre Turbed

    This is one loade of crap. No one forced anyone to put on a monkey suit. this is a troup of dramatists/gymnasts that offe the unique show to anyone who is willing toi hire them, This is how they earn, if not a living, certainly much needed money. Get the freakibng chip off the block for Cris’ sake.

  9. Mac10

    Having the “Green monkey” parade for visitors is as equally offensive as having a “Mother Sally” parade for visitors. Is this all Barbados is about? make the tourist happy regardless of the effect on National & personal pride & effect????

    As a white guy seeing this I am just embarrassed that the powers that be can’t see how offensive this is to local people.

  10. PT

    Thanks to bfp for using the words ‘dignity’ and ‘history’. If we thought about these two important words every day this place would be better off.

    My jaw dropped when I saw that photo. How embarrassing for each one of us.

  11. Scantily clad women showing breasts, buttocks and almost their vaginas, women on their knees with little boys being encouraged to “wuk up pun it”,Mother Sally with her enormous backside,”wukkin’ up and poochin’ back”,why not a grown man dressed up and acting like a green monkey while we make asses of ourselves! And this is tourism ? Is this what future generations should look forward to ? Is this not like prostituting ourselves ?

  12. Karl Watson

    The headline is misleading if not mischievous in insinuation. The Green Monkey character is a recent invention. It is part of an existing group who offer their services for entertainment. They saw a niche in the entertainment market and decided to take advantage of it and earn some income for themselves at the same time. They are available for hire to tourism outlets such as hotels or to local people..if for example you are having a children’s party. We are such a destructive people..always looking for the negative..always pulling down our own people’s efforts. The Mother Sally is another issue. As Barbados modernized and as tourism became our principal source of income, the folk significance of tuk band and players such as Mother Sally dwindled. The significance and retentions of tuk band that had survived until mid twentieth century gave way to an artificial creation designed for the tourist gaze. Mother Sally was always played by a masked man symbolically disguised as a woman/fertility. As village culture faded and young men no longer understood the meaning of Mother Sally, they refused to play the role. This was given over to women as caricature hence the grotesque bust line and back side. The whole thing ceased to be culture and became Hollywood.

  13. Jane

    I am a Bajan and have watched the Green Monkey performance. It is unique and excellent!
    There is absolutely nothing racist about the show…. but I guess anything can be made to be racist by those wanting it to be that way.

  14. Eyes on you

    Reading some of the idiotic comments here defending the indefensible is rather sobering! When will people realise that tourism is not about making yourself or country look like an arse but about exposing the culture to the world? What is so cultural about a guy painting himself green and acting a fool? Have you ever seen a white person take on the persona of some sort of bad past his culture might have had for the entertainment of visitors to his country? What if he dressed as a slave master, the KKK, Hitler, etc what would black people say or do? The fact remain that not all practices are deemed fit or right, and this moron and the hotel involved should feel ashamed!

  15. Montego Bay Man not Boy.

    Say what you want about Jamaica, but this never would have happened in Jamaica.

  16. Black man

    Bajan / Jamaican and growing up in the 70’s in Nebraska I was called a monkey by my white cruel classmates. I can’t think why a black man would wear a monkey suit in this time in history.

  17. Byron

    Bah, humbug! Were this the Democratic Republic of Korea both the monkey and the white tourists should have been, rightfully, arrested, detained and made to pay the State substantial fines – to ensure respect for one’s dignity and aid the national treasury! But, in a far more enlightened Barbadian democracy – a colour blind society except that the monkey is green (often the colour of money) – such dangerous aesthetics are par for the course, no?


  18. unbiased as ass

    Not sure what all the fuss is about. I did not see the original story but I am au fait with the Green Monkey performance and it is simply another character created by local gymnasts/performers to make a living from their craft. It has nothing to do with bastardizing blacks or perpetuating ideas surrounding slavery or racism. The Green Monkey is a staple of Barbadian society and i receiving his due. All this talk of ‘massa’ and entertaining the ‘white man’ is a roll of balderdash. If us blacks were interested in anything concerning local culture, we would know that the Green Monkey character has been around for a few years now. Go and learn wunna blasted culture and keep up to date with it instead of dragging it down. I out!!!!

  19. robert ross

    Pre Turbed, Karl Watson, Unbiased

    I quite agree with you. Frankly, this post is a nonsense. The green monkey, like the BLACK bird, is a Barbadian phenomenon. For Christ’s sake live with it. Good luck to the entrepreneur troupe.

  20. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Whites also dress in monkey suits. I guess them doing just as much damage as one ignorant negro. You people, who want to run ignorant insulting card because a black man entertaining in a monkey suit are pathetic and petty. Would it make a difference to you if he was in a white monkey suit?

  21. 2015

    This is one of the so called cultural acts one hate to see. The green monkey character always looks like its demeaning blacks no matter how well intentioned. It is an act that should be cut out. Barbados’ cultural acts like the ones seen at hotels need freshening up the mother Sally and Taitt doing the flips is tres boring. That’s where the real creativity comes in when people in the cultural industries can take what is now run of the mill to the next level. How about a non black playing the role of a black belly sheep? If they persist with the monkey act get a little white bajan boy to do it. The postings of John Hanson are sickening and debased he comes across as the apex of the racism that is still so strong and constant in home grown whites.

  22. Whitehill

    @ Eyes on you…
    Only a few hours ago I was talking to a European visitor of my experiences
    when out and about at certain restaurants and bars in Barbados, she thinks its all in my head.
    Its pathetic the attitude of locals working in many of these restaurants and bars towards other locals who dare to visit their places of work.
    On a few occasions what should’ve been a beautiful evening out, I returned home feeling so depressed and disgusted at these black people, women
    To think that for so many years whilst abroad I’d been an unofficial ambassador for these phucking schmucks.

  23. Tudor

    what an absolute set of crap!!! I agree with the comments of Karl & others with all thats going on in this country is this what BFP can put forward, maybe its time to shut it down as for weeks there have been no new postings and then this bunch of nonsense.

  24. No BOY here.

    A strong reaction from both perspectives. To me the green monkey thing is a vestige of an earlier age and attitudes. In the 40’s the top song was Chattanooga Choo Choo, which started “Pardon me, BOY, is that that Chattanooga Choo Choo” and had a line, “Leaving on track number nine, BOY you can give me a shine.”

    That was normal back in the 1940s.

    Today we still have people trying to say nothing wrong with pinning a tail on a black man and dressing him up as a monkey.

    Nobody going to dress me like that. No Sir.

    Nobody going to call me BOY neither. At least, nobody going to call me BOY and not suffer the full consequences.

    The BOY who pinned a tail on hisself needs to get some self-respect.

  25. I know this is old news but someone just sent me this – not quite sure why; except maybe because I was born in Barbados. No matter what the given reasons my be this is absolute tomfoolery and cannot be justified; yet it seems to me that only when Bajans do something dumb do we get all and sundry saying or at least implying that the nation is full of buffoons. We all know that Barbados is the only place on Earth where stupid people live. Maybe its also the only place where you stand a pretty good chance of being murdered! On no I forgot, that’s not the case at all; its just the only place where it seems that everyone is brave enough to generalize the whole population or without fear of response. I have to say that this type of sh**e doesn’t do us any favours though.

  26. So vex that my initial response is full of errors. Stupse!

  27. Anonymous

    I agree with everything all is saying but no I believe put a gun to his head nor wip him into doing it all it is he is ignorant to plus the management should to pay a very heavy fine for allowing it to ever to place but look at government crop over festival minster of sports and culture he allows it now there even allow lil children to do it so what shall we do to the parents for letting they children do these performances flood for thought people let’s start from the top where politicians will never ever allow there child or children act that part nor them there self at still its our sorry your culture

  28. Anonymous

    I agree with all that is being say OK but truth no one put a gun to his head nor whip him to do it management should be blame also but hear this people government minster of sports and culture let it happen for crop over but they child nor children act that part nor them self and parents allow they kids act those part also I’m blaming every one even Barbadians who stay with with cameras clap and laugh and embrace this behavior as our sorry your culture so food for thought once the head is bad the whole body will follow people

  29. Incorrect

    I can’t believe that there is a black man in existence today willing to dress as a monkey. But I am obviously incorrect.

  30. ragsb

    Barbados is sinking anyways…. so dont sink along with it…Wht a Mfkr country..lil rock

  31. josh

    FIFA and the FA fine football clubs in Europe when their supporters make monkey chants at black players and throw bananas at them. Most black and white people in Europe do not believe FIFA or the FA do enough to ‘kick’ racism out of football. So imagine what tourists think when they rock up to Barbados and a black man dons a monkey suit, eats bananas and sings to entertain white tourists – get real Barbados, this is not 1940, it’s ignorant behaviour for a country of purportedly well educated people. Those of you that think this is an acceptable form of entertainment when all it does it reinforce negative stereotypes and keep you, as blacks, at the bottom end of the pecking order in your own country need to get real and smell the roses. As for the black people dressing up as slaves to entertain people at George Washington House – no other Caribbean country would stoop that low to entertain a bunch of white tourists. i have travelled Africa and only witness authentic African dancing or other forms of entertainment – you all look foolish. With all the money white people that live and holiday in Barbados, why is the country virtually bankrupt? I would suggest that lack of respect has something to do with it. So instead of reinforcing that you are white people’s lackys, you should perhaps engender pride in your population. I am black, from Europe but not of Bajan descent, although I love the country, I have had to listen to white tourists (who white men wouldn’t want) talking about how much sex they can get from a Bajan man for £10 ($30 Bds) via Western Union every couple of months. I won’t even begin to tell you about the treatment I experienced from immigration travelling into Barbados on my British passport, I suspect no white tourist has had such an experience but wow who am I – clearly unimportant in money terms but perhaps more so in terms oneness?

  32. Benjamin

    They amazing thing is that they found a fool to do it. This shows how destroyed a people the Negro is; no pride and no honor for himself nor his ancestors.

  33. Manjak of My Lords Hill

    At the dawn of almost fifty years of our flag and anthem independence we have black Bajans who are willing to prostitute aspects of our rich Bajan culture for their pieces of silver.
    Sadly it appears that there is a constituency of Bajans who are willing to provide support to this tomfoolery and buffoonery.
    But when an intellectual/cultural patina is provided by Karl Watson who really should know better, a deep sense of depression envelopes and descends on thoughtful Bajans.
    The critics of this shameful spectacle of a black man dressed in a monkey suit cavorting for the delectation of white tourists at The Tarmarind Hotel
    on the west coast in their Xmas/Boxing Day Etravaganza is taken to task and upbraided, ‘we are a destructive people always looking for the negative, always pulling down our peoples efforts’.
    Context is almost always the prism whereby one has to evaluate and interpret situations as to what had been said or done Karl.
    If this entertainment group were performing at Belmont Primary School the Belle Gully to a class of black infants it would be a significantly different emotional, racial, cultural and fun experience would it not.
    The situation does not come charged with the rancid and demeaning history of the white /black experience and the racist language that accompanied it on this island. It is not that long ago in our history that a white Bajan plantation owner shot a black worker mistaking him for a monkey he said..
    Of recent the zenophobic, dictatorial and fascistic hell hole that is North Korea racially abused Barack Obama calling him ‘a monkey in a jungle’. This gross and vulgar insult was directed at the most powerful black man in the world.
    The so called post racial clap trap being peddled subsequent to the election of a black man to the presidency of the USA lay now in the ruins and ashes of the dead bodies of young black men assassinated by white US police officers in Ferguson/Missouri and New York.
    Overwhelmingly the commercial, industrial and financial industry in Barbados is owned, controlled and managed by whites and so is the land.. It is not incidental or by chance that such a situation exists… is very much about race, history and power. Who pocesses that power and how is it weilded and in whose interest.
    In microcosm the Green Monkey/Tamarind Hotel episode is about an institution (white power) buying black culture for cheap entertainment at Xmas and blacks prepared to participate and be bought.
    To believe that some ignorant, self hating clown dressed in a monkey suit and hopping around frightening young white children and no doubt being patted on the head and laughed at by parents is merely an innocent past time of fun and entertinment at the Tarmarind Hotel is to be deluded in the extreme. It attests to a wilful disregard, a contempt for and ignorance of African peoples history in the Americas.
    When a white man (Mac 10) can express embarrassment and offense at this shameful spectacle at the Tarmarind Hotel is says very much as to what depths we have become whores to tourism.

  34. Sad

    When will we see a Jew playing Gestapo or Hitler?

  35. Sad

    Russian Roulette is a game but deadly. The green monkey skit is a pathetic for entertainment to say the least.

  36. The Spook Who sat by the door

    If you do not understand how the system of Racism/White Supremacy functions, then everything you think you know will only confuse you.

    -Neely Fuller-

  37. Sheena

    The green monkey isn’t a new feature in Barbadian culture. It has been around for a while. Would it have been such a bother to you if the monkey was frolicking for the entertainment of locals? This article would suggest you have issues with race. Maybe you need to emancipate yourself from mental slavery. I don’t see how a frolicking monkey could equate to a massa way of life.

  38. Colonel Buggy

    This should put a smile on the North Koreans faces, if they ever pay us a visit.

  39. xfiles

    Caucasian are albinos from Central Asia who migrated into Europe.
    The proof is now available.
    There is plenty of evidence that the “white race” are just albinos who migrated into russian steppes and later on to europe because they could not survive in hot climate in India.Europe’s Albinos consequently embarked on programs to rewrite history and manufacture bogus artifacts and materials in support of their false rewritten history.

    They also did something that was probably completely new and unique for those times: they created the “Big Lie” that is a lie so big that the ignorant assume that it so absurd that it must be true. They made the claim that those defects that made a human “less than” were in fact superior human traits. Incredibly, they began to claim that White skin, which is indicative of a hum slkans inability to withstand the Suns radiation, was in fact a “good thing”, even a sign of advanced human evolution.

    Studies on white skin:


  40. bones

    White Teachers Suspended For Calling Black Pupils ‘Monkeys’
    Abuse allegely happened at 3 schools reserved for South African white students under apartheid
    06/08/2014 04:42 PM

    UNDER INVESTIGATION: Two white principals and a teacher who allegedly called black children monkeys

    TWO WHITE principals and a teacher in South Africa have been suspended after investigators found they routinely abused black children, an online report has said.

    South African education authorities said they suspended the teacher and principals amidst claims they subjected black pupils to racist and inhumane treatment, calling them derogatory terms such as monkeys and baboons.

    They also allegedly called the children ‘little b**ches and ‘k****r, a racial slur demeaning to black Africans. The term is banned by law in South Africa

  41. bones

    Belgian Newspaper Accused Of Racism For Picture Of Obama And Michelle As Apes
    A Belgian newspaper is under fire for an image it printed showing President Barack Obama and the First Lady as apes.

    The progressive newspaper De Morgen is being accused of racism for the image along with an article it published just prior to Obama’s visit to the Netherlands Monday morning.

    The image clearly depicts the couple as two apes– an editorial decision that has been slammed as “stale racist drivel.”

    Pic + more in link

  42. bookworm

    January 9, 2015 at 2:44 am
    Caucasian are albinos from Central Asia who migrated into Europe.
    The proof is now available.
    There is plenty of evidence that the “white race” are just albinos who migrated into russian steppes and later on to europe because they could not survive in hot climate in India.Europe’s Albinos consequently embarked on programs to rewrite history and manufacture bogus artifacts and materials in support of their false rewritten history.

    They also did something that was probably completely new and unique for those times: they created the “Big Lie” that is a lie so big that the ignorant assume that it so absurd that it must be true. They made the claim that those defects that made a human “less than” were in fact superior human traits. Incredibly, they began to claim that White skin, which is indicative of a hum slkans inability to withstand the Suns radiation, was in fact a “good thing”, even a sign of advanced human evolution.

    Studies on white skin:


    You really believe this shit? Really? If so you should book into Black Rock as soon as possible.

  43. DelusionalGenius

    I wish my supervisor would say to me, “Ok today you are going to dress like a monkey and entertain people in the most foolish and demeaning ways possible. Chop chop monkeyboy”