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Barbados failing to keep official tourism websites current

“When the bulk of the tourism marketing budget is spent on directing people to particular websites and Facebook pages, those mediums should be in pristine condition and the potential visitor should not be met with links that simply do not work and/or outdated information.”

Adrian Loveridge - tourism expert, hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge – tourism expert, hotel owner

One thing the last few months have taught me, as if I really needed reminding, is that however much you change the structure of an organisation, if you cannot fundamentally improve the way things are done within it, then very little has been accomplished.

Implementation, or rather the lack of it in a timely manner stands out as one of the biggest single impediments to revitalising our tourism industry.

If we are ever going to ever recover lost market share then we urgently need to practice proactive rather than reactive strategies and ensure any programmes and policies are implemented sufficiently early enough to make a positive difference.

It should not and frankly, cannot, take weeks and sometimes months to ensure corrections to national websites are effected, if we stand any chance of playing catch-up with our competitors. All too frequently by the time the fundamental changes are made those, previously interested have turned off and probably chosen an alternative product or destination. Continue reading

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