Independence Day: Emera wants 100% of Barbados Light & Power

Four years after Emera Incorporated bought majority interest in Barbados Light and Power, we look back to our 2010 Independence Day article where we asked…

“Should we sell Barbados Light & Power to the Canadians?

Good for Barbados, or selling the family silver?”

All these years later… what do you think folks? Did we do the right thing selling BL&P to the Canadians?

Barbados Free Press

Should we sell Barbados Light & Power to the Canadians?

Good for Barbados, or selling the family silver?

by West Side Davie with Cliverton

Independence Day is a fitting time for Bajans to consider the difference between dreams and goals, and the difference between blind celebration and a grounded perspective on reality. For too long we have celebrated November 30th with much flag waving and remembrance of the heady days of the 1960’s – but little serious consideration given to where the good ship Barbados is sailing now and how the machinery is holding up.

We dance and sing about how we love the ship and what a good ship it is (and it is too!) – but I fear we’ve been putting off some needed maintenance and refitting because it’s easier and cheaper to slap on a coat of paint and say “It still looks good!”

Indeed, it could…

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13 responses to “Independence Day: Emera wants 100% of Barbados Light & Power

  1. Party Animal

    Having sold our Silver, Gold and our Souls, we have nothing left, no even the money we received from the above.

  2. And the costs of electricity going up for pensioners and people who have been made redundant. Soon our lamps and candles will have to come out of our cupboards. Petrol is below $80:00U. S. a barrel and dropping and every month our electric going up. Greed, greed, greed, and no remorse for poor caribbean people. I just hope Barbadians will not sell out the little that is left.

  3. D Oracle.

    One word to whup Emera: SOLAR. Everyone has access to it and can use it for everything.

  4. It’s the cost D Oracle, Pensioners & the elderly, people without jobs can’t afford SOLAR for the amt. they are charging. I know over time it will be a good investment, but when one is 70/80 years of age, it is a problem.

  5. Since just about everyone has a solar water heater why
    not get the Taiwanese to use Barbados as a test country
    and see if they can covert them into electricity panels for
    next to nothing. Pie-in-the-sky… betcha, but who knows
    it might work.

  6. Good Luck!

    Emera will run the company like a proper business.

    You can’t say that about anything government does

  7. Good Luck correction!

    The Good Luck will last just so long and if it is a successful businessl, watch for the handouts, graft and even takeovers.

    Not pretty and no respect for anything private whatsoever except maybe the Canadian Banks?

  8. When light & power was a Barbadian own company the hotpot in Brighton was keep in good condition, now it is own & run by a North American company the beach there is terrible. No one can walk all the way down to Batt’s Rock. When the tide is high all the sand are washed away, & usually they used a bob cat to replenish the sand along there, now no one can walk pass the hot pot on the beach. No consideration for people, wether tourists or locals, even the slabs of cement that covers the large pipes are exposed. All these people want is to rake off all the money from Bajans and do nothing for our environment. When are we going to learn to keep some of our business for Barbadians. It seem to me these foreign investors only want to take all of our interest away from us and our government are helping them, with nothing left for us, not even our beaches. Will somebody please do something about Brighton Beach especially along the HOT POT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. peter loveridge

    living in Nova Scotia, the home of Emera, we have a very jaundiced view of this company. Highest electricity costs in Canada, reliability is appalling, because they don’t maintain anything, every time there’s a little blow tens of thousands of people without power. CEO of the co., Clifford Huskilson ( he is from just down the road from here, we know him well) pays himself double what the CEO of Hydro-Quebec , the world’s largest electricity co, pays himself. I feel bad you are now at the mercy of the grasping bunch of parasites

  10. And now they want the whole of Barbados Light & Power and our Government allowing them to do that. What a life for Barbadians. GREED GREED & more GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I would hold out for swap of shares in the parent company in Canada.

  12. Canada needs to put some of their high power transmission lines underground. If the ice storm from several years ago taught Canada anything, those miles and miles and miles of lines need to be better protected.