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Customer retention: a skill that Barbados and Barbadians should master

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Adrian Loveridge - tourism expert, hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge – tourism expert, hotel owner

While it may initially seem off-topic, I wonder if we could better apply the same concept to tourism. Out of the blue I took a call recently from our television network provider. A nice lady stated that as we had been customers for ten years that they were going to give us a month’s trial of a movie channel and a 20 per discount off our normally monthly subscription fee for the next six months. OK the amounts involved are not huge, but it was the thought of rewarding people for remaining loyal.

The exact opposite position has been imposed by one of the leading telecommunications companies recently, who plan to levy a fee for the ‘privilege’ of sending you a paper bill. After being virtually forced to accept, what at many times can only be described as atrocious service over a prolonged period, their idea of a ‘reward’ is to impose more spurious charges, rather that compensating users for what has clearly been the delivery of a sub-standard utility provision.

Which of these two options is more likely to retain brand loyalty?

I suspect most people would not hesitate to voice their opinion.   Continue reading


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