Why weren’t charges laid in attack upon Barbados Immigration Officer?

walter maloney Barbados

We might be wrong here, folks. We HOPE that we are wrong.

BUT… we have two people telling us that a foreigner punched out a Bajan Immigration officer at the airport …. and that management backed away and laid no charges. The Immigration officer is still on sick leave but no charges were laid.


Yes. Exactly.

President of the National Union of Public Workers Walter Maloney confirmed much of the story at a symposium at Workplace Violence Awareness Day.

So what is the story? Let’s hear it!

above: Walter “lots of excuses” Maloney; President of the National Union of Public Punching Bags.

Go figure… Immigration officer attacked 


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9 responses to “Why weren’t charges laid in attack upon Barbados Immigration Officer?

  1. robert ross

    You ask why no charges were laid in a manner which suggests Vesuvius erupted but only then ask for the facts.

  2. Party Animal

    Talking about being quiet, what about the Big Up Bajan that was caught taking Two hundred and fifty Thousand US dollars ( CASH ) into New York Airport a few weeks ago. Not a word has been heard. Where is the Press.

  3. FearPlay

    If what you say is true PA, give us a name.

  4. scam scam and even mores scams...very clever ones though

    @ Party Animal “where is the press”… err more important “where is the cash” :-0)

  5. It’s not the first time this has happened, if one remember a case of money was confiscated at New York airport, and not a word was reported in Barbados. People are just trying to get their money from here, too much taxes? you think or money laundering. (LOL)

  6. D Oracle.

    Then there’s the Minister who got his suitcase of cash confiscated at Miami airport and hasn’t been allowed into the USA since.

  7. Fed-up Jamaican

    The police needs to arrest the BIG Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers who run the stripclubs in Barbados like ‘alias Jersey’ who runs Ace of Diamonds stripclub. He is a deportee from the US who spent 9 years incarcerated for drug trafficking and then sent back to Barbados where he has ‘silent’ partnered with a number of policemen in addition to Stephen alias Bopper from Rehab stripclub also a drug deportee and two main players locally both in collusion with a number of police.

    Jamaican girls come into Barbados as visitors and end up dancing and prostituting in their stripclubs. BREAKING THE LAWS OF BARBADOS AND IMMIGRATION status.

    A known fact but nothing is done by immigration or police as a lot of them who visit the clubs get ‘special favours’ from the girls and monetary kickbacks from the owners.

    This is much bigger crime than what this young man may have been alleged to have done on social media.

    ‘Jersey’ is known for verbally and physically mistreating the Jamaican girls, for example he tried to unfair one of the Jamaican girls in the last two weeks that was working at Igconito another local stripclub who then left and was stripping at his club Ace of Diamond, they got into a physical argument which he started, after which he called his police mates, this young lady was taken to the Airport and within 48hrs unceremoniously sent back to Jamaica even though she was not at fault.

    These guys also have a habit of bringing these young ladies into the island paying for their tickets and then tripling the cost to the girls whilst keeping their passports until money is repaid from stripping and prostituting in their clubs.

    This is human trafficking.

    Some of the girls from Jamaica are also used as drug couriers by these guys.

    The police know this so why you think nothing happens in terms of prosecutions and charges?

    These guys also work very close with Freddie Hill former owner of Rolex a defunct stripclub and who is a promoter of Jamaica Reggae artists on the island.

    Freddie Hill is also involved in the drug dealing and human trafficking and was a former roommate with Jersey.


  8. One thing I want to ask Maloney, why after all these years as an NUPW member, paying all my subs, still doing, now they are asking retirees to pay for Christmas Luncheon. Do they think we get extra money, pensioners are having such a hard time paying all the extra bills that are being implemented on us without any help from the unions. Look at the NCC workers, nothing is being done, nothing, all talk but no muscle, and I understand Mr. Clarke has gone on pre- retirement leave> If all that is happening now, with the present administration, was done in a BLP government one would see so much strikes that would haggle the mind. For sure I would not be paying for this luncheon, would say to the other retirees if you can’t afford it, let Mr. Maloney & others eat up, they can invite their DLP friends.

  9. bookworm

    An immigration officer was beaten at GA and nobody was arrested???????

    He is making it up.

    How do these idiots become leaders? Are Bajans that stupid?