Dead sheep dumped by side of road: What a Shameful Mess!

Barbados environment dead sheep dumping

A dead sheep dumped in Pine Commercial close to Pine Hill Dairy at the side of the road. Yet, we live in a country that is reluctant to fine illegal dumpers. It is a sad state of affairs.

“I’m guessing a visitor/tourist did this, because No Proud, Industrious Bajan would do this, surely!”

… comment on Keep Barbados Beautiful facebook


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4 responses to “Dead sheep dumped by side of road: What a Shameful Mess!

  1. Party Animal

    Bajans ! You wonder why Chick – V is so prevalent on the Island ?
    Who cares ?

  2. but the authorities are the worst culprits. They may not dump, but they are just as bad. Yesterday I was on the board walk & had to see 4 tourists take off their shoes to walk through stinking muddy water at the end of the board walk onto the beach at Accra. The normal canal has been blocked for over a year, and with all the rain it made a different channel on to the beach, disgraceful. The Minister of Tourism & the P. M keep saying tourism is our business, & still can’t get it right. Even now walking on the beach & the board walk is full of weed & sand, how can they make such absurd statements, they should stop eating so much, and try and clean up Barbados.

  3. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES

    Dead sheep dumped by side of road: What a Shameful Mess!”

    DLP dead on the side of the Road what a BLP mess , its stinks no matter which way the wind blows.

  4. Spinelli

    This is truly a disgrace. Where I am they bury their dogs and cats (Pet Cemetary) Keep my country clean, make me proud. I met a doctor yesterday she said she went to Barbados twice and she loved it.Her next trip will be there. We may not be a rich, but cleanliness and integrity will get us there.