Government corruption in St. Vincent – remembering the Ruben Morgan cocaine smuggling affair

SVG Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan

SVG Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan

Remember the case of the man Ruben Morgan, a relative of Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan? He was given a diplomatic passport in 2001. He was not a Vincentian diplomat, he did not work for the government, yet he was given a diplomatic passport.

In 2004, he was travelling to a family affair in the UK. Judith Jones-Morgan was travelling to the same family affair, but on a different flight. Ruben Morgan was caught at a London airport carrying one kilo of cocaine. Because he was travelling on an SVG diplomatic passport he was sent packing back to SVG. A kilo of cocaine in the UK usually earns you a ten to twenty year jail sentence. The man had a Canadian passport and a normal Vincentian passport, but he chose to travel on his SVG diplomatic passport. When he got back to SVG he was not charged here for anything. He went scot-free, no charges were brought.

That in mind and in my opinion was a blatant case of perverting the course of justice. Perhaps the people who arranged for, and gave him such a right to have a diplomatic passport should also have been charged.

These things are being done on a regular basis, why are the done? Because they know they can do it and no Vincentian will lift a finger or complain. They know that no other country is going to reprimand them. They know that, if they prosecute and lock up their supporters and those they identify as the ULP family, just about the whole ULP party membership, perhaps much of the judiciary will be in clink, in prison. They know that once they let those people off the crime, those people will owe their minds and souls to the party and its dirty leadership.

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5 responses to “Government corruption in St. Vincent – remembering the Ruben Morgan cocaine smuggling affair

  1. John Hanson 1781-1782

    No matter what going on in St Vincent Barbados is much worse , The PM is also one of the main crooks in St Vincent and Also the main Crook in Barbados now is also the Prime Minister,
    Crooks , liars and Scumbags from the top down,

    So study Barbados land fraud and leave other countries alone,

  2. Angela

    Birds of a feather….

  3. Party Animal

    Why do we the Electorate Vote for such people well knowing they are a bunch of Bastards.
    It is not what we fare for not Voting for them, most of the time we vote for them to see how much we can get out of them.
    We had a situation where three people from one household lost their jobs! Big story all over the news.
    Did they have any right with the jobs in the first place?

  4. Emailer

    John Hanson you eighteenth century jackass wake up this is the 21st century. This may be splitting hairs seeing that Barbados and St. Vincent are mere micro dots on the global map still you cant compare the Papa Doc style politics that passes for governance in St. Vincent my hometown to truly democratic Barbados. Even the opposition in Barbados never accuses Fruendel Stuart of corruption. Barbados obtains a near clean bill of health on the world’s corruption index all the other Caribbean countries fare much worse.

  5. D Oracle.

    We like we corruption so….