Wycliffe Hall Oxford University looking for a portrait of Lodge School principal Harry Beaujon Gooding

Oxford Wycliffe Hall

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I am Clerk of Works at Wycliffe Hall, a theological college, part of Oxford University, England.

I am undertaking a project to have all our former principals portraits hung in our main foyer. I have been unable to locate any portrait of Harry Beaujon Gooding who I believe was a former principal at the Lodge School, Barbados.

I have been unable to contact the Lodge School, and would appreciate assistance.

Kind regards


Phil Chapman
Clerk of Works
Wycliffe Hall
52-54 Banbury Road
Tel: 01865 274219
E-mail: maintenance (AT) wycliffe.ox.ac.uk


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6 responses to “Wycliffe Hall Oxford University looking for a portrait of Lodge School principal Harry Beaujon Gooding

  1. Worcester College

    For someone who purports to work at Oxford, the grammar and style in that missive is truly dire.

  2. Worcester College

    Or, rather, are truly dire.

  3. tejay

    Phil, If you have tried calling the school you must remember that the UK is four hours ahead of Barbados’ time. Failing that, you should contact the Chief Archivist at the Dept. Of Archives who should have old records and photographs bearing in mind that it may cost you research fees.

  4. bookworm

    @ Worcester College
    There are many people working in Oxford,not all of them at the University in academic positions. Working in Oxford does not automatically endow you with a perfect grasp of grammar and letter writing style.
    Why you would assume that a Clerk of Works should have these skills is beyond me.
    Or did you just see the opportunity to have a cheap shot and to show off your superiority?

    I expect that he found your response to his request very helpful.

  5. Anonymous

    @Worcester College – thanks for your comments. However, I, achieved, what, I, wanted, from, my, email, thanks, to, the, help, of, the, brilliant, Barbadians!