Corrupt Barbados politicians prepare to expropriate widow’s land – probably for personal profits

Barbados Expropriation

How long must ordinary Bajans put up with corrupt politicians compulsorily acquiring private lands – to be converted into private profits for the political elites and their friends?

“Sobbing uncontrollably, his mother said she was afraid that her house and land would be taken away.” (Nation News)

Minister of Housing and Lands Denis Kellman harassing widow for her property for 18 years

Every Bajan has seen or heard about this before – sometimes involving family, friends or old Aunties. Mostly we keep our mouths shut.

We keep our mouths shut because we know how it is ’bout hey. We know that there is no place to go, and we have to spend the next 70 years on this little island, God willing. Better not to cross the powerful political and financial elites who can have all your family sacked from their jobs over a few months with a word here and there.

Yes, it’s that bad on any of these small islands, including Bim. The outside world over and away in the UK and the USA don’t know the truth about living here.

Denis Kellman has been after widow's land since 1996.

Denis Kellman has been after widow’s land since 1996 “for the public interest”

Politicians get into power and then they start hunting around for victims. Widows are always high on the hit list. Better if they are money poor and land rich with any adult children living over and away. Usually involves land that was once valuable in crops or far from the city but not worth too much these days unless… unless…

… unless the building permissions are changed by the government. Then scrub land becomes worth gold… but it never happens in the widow’s hands. Never. Never ever. Never.

So the government ‘compulsorily acquires’ the land for some “really important national purpose…” but maybe after the government owns the land for a few years, development doesn’t happen. Budget problems, ya see! So the government sells the land to private interests and sometimes for less than the purchase price.

When contacted, Kellman admitted that the land was earmarked for development purposes but refused to expand on that.”

Happens all the time… private lands seized by government for agricultural prices. Then the government flips the land to private interests for the same price, then the new owners sell it for thirty, forty or a hundred times the price paid the widow. But it is all engineered from the start. Happens all the time.

“My father bought this land in 1952, built this house in 1953 and he died in 1954 when I was only six years old, leaving this property for me and my mother…

Mr. Edwards said Minister of Housing and Lands Denis Kellman first approached him about the land in 1996.”

… from The Nation article Not Selling

Farmers are a second class of victim. Scrub land that used to be profitable, the farmer getting older and his children professionals or gone away with zero interest in agriculture. So the farmer applies for development permission. Once that permission comes through, his land is worth a fortune.

But it never comes through. He can wait 15 years but he’ll never get permission to develop his land. Then some ‘representatives for a consortium’ quietly approach him with an offer. 

Brokenhearted and broke, the farmer sells for a price that is a little above agricultural land – usually not even knowing who is really buying the land. Known and important intermediaries are the face of the deal – said to be people like David Shorey – but as soon as the papers are signed, a new holding company applies for development permission…

…and gets it – even though the farmer tried unsuccessfully for 15 years.

Blatant Theft

Government Minister's love nest on expropriated land. Barbados news media let it pass!

Government Minister Gline Clarke’s love nest on expropriated land. Barbados news media let it pass.

Then you have blatant theft – just like when former Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke built a house upon land expropriated from another widow for “Public Housing”. Once the privately-owned land was seized by the government, the building lot then somehow passed from public ownership and into private hands again – through a magical process that is common with the Bajan political elites.

And government never paid for the land. Lots of promises… but no payment. I mean HELL!!! … if the Government of Barbados expropriates your land, you should at least be paid for it!

“Take ’em to court!” you say. Sure. At the time the Chief Justice was a former Cabinet Minister and Attorney General who approved the expropriation! Good luck in court… sucker! This is Barbados – where the Auditor General says Government stole land and profits from the people of Barbados and nobody does anything about it.

So this is the way it is on this rock. HELL… this is a place where the Barbados Government expropriates land from one business owner – gives it to competitor!

Today another widow, Marjorie Edwards, sobs because she is nobody and powerful entities are coming after her lands.

May God damn those crooks to hell.



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14 responses to “Corrupt Barbados politicians prepare to expropriate widow’s land – probably for personal profits

  1. John Hanson 1781-1782



  2. Party Animal

    I wonder how they would feel if it was done to their Family.

  3. MoneyBrain

    How they would feel????????????

    These Pols DONT HAVE FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!! This is EXACTLY what decent peeps DONT COMPREHEND!


  4. Anonymous

    I am sorry that at her age, the lady has to bear this emotional abuse. Many of us bear emotional abuse in the public service – not only those folk like this lady.

    In the public Service, if you appear to someone as having “great potential” they usually say that to you but when they put their pens to paper, should you see what they write about you – words that will cause you to remain at your present level until you leave and find employment in keeping with your experience, skills and qualifications, or you wait for retirement.

    A consultant from England once told me that the first thing Barbadians do to persons who appear to be a threat to them is to destroy their character. My character was destroyed by friends of one who was misled and who made himself my enemy (He was fed untruthful words that I, to this day, had never spoken to anyone). He decreed that wherever I go to work the boss and I would come wrong; that I would never have money and that I would never have a man.

    When I pause to reflect on my life over the past eighteen years, it would appear that I am still bearing the effects of his decrees. He is a Priest. In addition, his friends sit in high positions within the Civil Service and word has reached me that “nobody aint want [me]” in their department.

    In my present position, as I said above, I suffer much emotional abuse from my head of department. Since I have no money I am stuck and I am unable to make extra money because my health is a challenge because of environmental factors in the place where I have been assigned since 2002.

  5. D Oracle.

    Kelly is a short fcuking thief.

  6. Dompey

    Come now, this is part and parcel of the game we called politics, so don’t act as though this is your first rodeo.

  7. Dompey

    How easily we forget that the late Tom Adams and his crew drove the utmost parts of Barbados in their top of the line Mercedes, and at the expense of the poor Barbadian taxpayers. So let’s stop kidding ourselves as well as burying our heads in the sand to this obvious reality.

  8. Montego Bay Man not Boy.

    Same in Jamaica. The rich and powerful use the system to prey on the ordinary peoples.

  9. Anonymous

    Isn’t there an independent non-governmental body of citizens who monitor and report on such activities? If there isn’t one then create one!

    Don’t elect politicians and let them steal and get away with it?

    There must be some accountability. Hold your politicians accountable for their actions.

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  11. BFP

    Reblogged this on Barbados Free Press and commented:

    Afra Raymond’s article on how corrupt politicians misuse their power to profit from public land, made us remember this story from last year.

    Can anyone update this story?

  12. The old one

    “Today another widow, Marjorie Edwards, sobs because she is nobody and powerful entities are coming after her lands.

    May God damn those crooks to hell.”

    I back that 100%, and I’ll be waiting for them when they arrive in hell.

  13. Jackie Griffith-Chase

    This stinks & is so unfair! Something has to be done now as it just goes on and on and on. Sad!

  14. Marvin Bareback

    Looking forward to seeing the integrity legislation passed, but let’s be honest, it would be the height of hypocrisy if they didn’t make it retroactive for the last ten years……